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Fukua main page



The TL;DR of fukua setups is to combo into M shadow, cancel into L or H shadow, hit them with a move that doesn't knock down, and then threaten the mixups. Go low while shadow threatens high, grab while shadow threatens low, jump over them and block while shadow makes contact threatening the cross up while not risking anything, etc.

Her setups are very flexible, but setups using shadows to confirm off of them will scale the combo. General rule of thumb would be the safer setups bring less reward but risk far less.

Fukua Resets

Fukua Shadow setups

undizzy efficient setup into 2mp>air left right throw, setup concept works on everyone not band

air left right on band

less consistent but safer left right on band

Forced land cancel setup, catches mashes and layers with airthrow off the 2mp instead

Simple anti armored reversal setup

fukua basic burst bait compilation

Niche OS between TK fireball and command grab

Full combo punish concept vs beo arm super that gets under you

setup to sandwhich them between you and a held clone

Midscreen incoming concept

Midscreen assist kill+ salvage route for when you cross over the body


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