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Another product of the Anti-Skullgirl Labs, Ileum is a faceless, finely textured meat humanoid. Her disfigured body was infused with the synthetic parasite Salamander Shell, turning her flesh into something resembling an inside-out digestive system. The name "Ileum" actually refers to the last portion of the small intestine. [1] She doesn't quite fit in with Dr. Avian's cyborgs, but she still calls Lab 8 home and offers positive adult supervision to all of the orphaned children standing in the background whenever she can.

Illeum's original concept art labeled her as "Corkscrew", describing the drills grafted to her metallic skeleton. These appendages appear from her body as she stretches her limbs across the screen, suggesting she fights keep away like Dhalsim or Axl Low. Her attacks can also employ the digestive enzymes secreted by her body, attempting to dissolve an opponent as she wraps around them. If Ileum makes it as a DLC character her animations are sure to be completely disgusting and wildly contrast with her gentle, almost motherly personality.[2]