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Skullgirls main page

Right click on Skullgirls in the Steam library -> Properties -> Set Launch Options

  • -enablereplays
    • With this enabled, each match you play will save a replay which can be viewed under Extras -> Replay Theater in the main menu.
    • Navigating replays - left/right moves selection by 1. Up/down moves selection by 25. LP/LK/MP starts a replay, MK/select exits.
    • Viewing replays - LP toggles hitboxes, MP toggles attack data, LK toggles input display (P1 is bottom/left, P2 is top/right), and MK toggles slow motion. Start pauses just like in game.
    • Very useful program for recording replays in succession Automatic Replay Viewer

  • -debugkeys
  • -disablelighting
  • -ignorefocus

  • -ctrlshiftdrag
  • -defaultkeys
  • -extrasupershadows
  • -nomenuwrap
  • -noonlineconfirm
  • -showonlinebars

  • -useclipboard
  • -useclipboardsound

  • -ascendhigher

  • -fs
  • -fw
  • -res [w]x[h]
  • -sc [x].[y]

  • -c [filename]
  • -log (beta only)
  • -vjoyfix

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