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Double Snap

An assist character will not fly off screen like a point character when hit by a snapback, only travel to the edge of the screen and leave after falling to the ground. If a point character and an assist get hit by the same snapback at the same time and reach the corner within 10f (approximately half a screen), the point character will get forced off the screen and leave the assist character behind. A new character cannot take the point until all other teammates are off screen. Trapping the assist character turns a snapback into a devastating double snap, where the enemy point character can continue to combo the helpless assist as long as it never hits the ground. IPS does not protect assists. A double snap often results in a highly repetitive combo, monosyllabic shouting from any spectators, a dead character, and the unfortunate defending player picking up the pieces of a broken team.

While the assist character is trapped on screen after a double snap:

  • The recently snapped point character regenerates health at a higher than normal rate.
  • The defending team slowly auto-generates additional meter.
  • All other meter gain is disabled during the double snap.
  • The timer stops until the helpless assist character is killed or leaves the screen after touching the ground.

Land Cancel

Burst Untechable Knockdown

Double Jump Instant Overhead

Hitstop Drop

Dead Body Combos

In certain situations, an attacking character will KO an enemy point character in a combo and still be in position to continue the combo on the lifeless corpse. In addition to adding insult to injury, a Dead Body Combo prevents the next character on the enemy team from taking point for its duration. If IPS triggers from this combo, the helpless character becomes invulnerable and falls to the ground. If the body touches the ground for any reason, it will fade into the background as usual and the combo will end. Hitting a dead corpse gives full meter to the defending team and nothing to the attacking team. Despite the disadvantages, players that can pull off a Dead Body Combo can use tactic to carry the body to a corner. This creates a significant positional advantage over the opponent's next character as it enters from the side of the screen.

Hitting the dead body with a snap will remove the corpse from the match, denying Valentine the ability to revive them.

Midscreen Assist Kill

In certain situations, an attacking character will KO an enemy point character while also comboing their assist who still has life remaining. If this happens, a combo can be performed on that assist while it is on the field, where their state is similar to that when being combo'd by a double snap, allowing an infinite combo to kill the assist. If this combo ends up going past the dead body of the opponents point character, then the attacking character will auto correct to face the other side, making these combos trickier than their double snap counterparts.

  • It's only possible when the next upcoming character is on the field; if the assist was the 3rd character in order, then the 2nd character of the opponents team will come in like normal.
  • When comboing assist characters midscreen, the corners of the current screen edges are treated like corners, allowing several wallbounce tools to be used quite effectively (Parasoul sHK, Peacock MP Bang).
  • Several mechanics that are normally only available once per combo (i.e, Big Band soundstun, Filia Hairball cancel) do not apply, allowing them to be used repeatedly.

Suki Cancel

Using the ability to super jump after a launcher on hit, it's useful to attack an assist with a launcher, then immediately super jump cancel and block. Hitting the assist counts as a hit, even if the point character also blocks the attack. This causes the extended lockout period on the assist in a safer way than just hitting it with an attack and not cancelling it.

Loading Screen Team Order Switching

Holding tag will switch the point character with the 2nd or 3rd character indicated by the tag input. Holding both tag inputs will swap the 2nd and 3rd character

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