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Normal Moves

All characters have a set of 18 normal moves. Each button represents a distinct normal move for standing, crouching, and jumping normal states. Normal moves can chain cancel in combos, making many of them useful only in a sequence of attacks instead of on their own. Although normal moves usually represent a punch, kick, or an otherwise less complex action than other attacks, some of them have unexpected properties that make them more important than more advanced techniques.

Command Normals

Normal Throws

All characters have a normal throw and air throw with LP+LK. Normal throws will miss aerial opponents and normal air throws miss opponents on the ground. A back throw (← + LP+LK) switches sides with the opponent. All normal throws are unblockable, but have start up, active, and recovery frames on whiff like any other move. On hit, a throw starts animation that cannot be interrupted by any other characters or attacks on screen. Both characters in the animation are invincible, even if it is an assist character throwing a point character. Throws deal 100% recoverable damage and are subject to the same damage scaling and meter gain per hit as any other move. Recovery after normal throws, or the animation after the hits, cancels into special and super moves.

All normal throws will miss opponents while they are in hit stun or block stun, meaning combos into a throw are not possible under most circumstances. Opponents in a stagger or crumple stun can be hit with a throw as a combo. Characters are vulnerable to throws on the first frame after hit stun or block stun. There are no additional frames of throw invulnerability, but holding up will avoid ground to ground throws that hit on the first frame after the stun.

A typical throw has a 5f start up, but some characters are slower. A normal throw's 8f tech window starts 2f before the throw hits and ends 6f after it hits. If two characters to start 5f normal throws 1f apart, the faster character's throw will land with the slower character's LP+LK command outside of the window to tech. If a character has a slower throw, throwing on the same frame or slightly before can lose to an opponent's faster throw. If throws connect on the exact same frame, one randomly chosen throw will succeed. For any of these cases, a throw that lands as counter hit against another throw does not prevent a throw tech for the defending player. The tech will require a separate LP+LK input.

It is possible to cancel the start up frames of normal move into a throw, but only LP and LK. The popular kara throw technique, as seen in other 2D fighters with a 2 button normal throw command, is possible but considerably more restricted than in older games. Throws cannot cancel the active or recovery frames of any move.

Special Moves

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Special moves that are also throws usually have a LP+LK in their command. Most cannot be broken, but if they can it's also with LP+LK. Many command throws can be blocked (Throw On Hit) and you can even combo into some of them. If two special or super throws connect on the same frame, one randomly chosen throw will succeed.