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;Anti DP assist chain research
===Anti DP assist chain research===
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;Reading Meter Values
===Reading Meter Values===
* https://github.com/taylorsussex/SG-Meter-Probe
* https://github.com/taylorsussex/SG-Meter-Probe
* Meter display info: https://twitter.com/MikeZSez/status/1133214296056270849?s=19
;SG Cheat Table
===SG Cheat Table===
* https://drive.google.com/file/d/1R_DFk8Ehbs-iC3qmX3hFL5orK5QRdyIQ/view?usp=sharing
* https://drive.google.com/file/d/1R_DFk8Ehbs-iC3qmX3hFL5orK5QRdyIQ/view?usp=sharing
;Misc situations explained
===Rare situations===
* https://twitter.com/MikeZSez/status/1021337588529971200
* https://twitter.com/MikeZSez/status/1021337588529971200
* https://twitter.com/sggllt/status/1023686550704541696
* https://twitter.com/sggllt/status/1023686550704541696
* Meter display: https://twitter.com/MikeZSez/status/1133214296056270849?s=19
* https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/164092922390773762/600109679552495616/2019-07-14_15-49-49.mp4

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Skullgirls main page

Frame Skip

Frame skip is a fighting game engine programming technique which allows the developer to speed up the game easily. It works by skipping drawing a frame at a certain interval. In Skullgirls there is 5 frames of frame skip, meaning every 5th frame will not appear on screen. In previous versions, the interval was longer, meaning the game was slower than in the current version. Inputs for these skipped frames are still read by the game engine and frame skip cannot skip in a way that makes a 1f input timing impossible for the player.


Dash distance / time comparisons

Move Stats

Fastest Moves

Super moves inflict hitstop when the super flash occurs, which means the opponent is frozen during some or all of the post flash startup. Super moves startup are listed considering inflicted hitstop.

Source and full document for supers: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1rqieBOi1nZ_XaUBVYG2p3DcIhZENcB6S9PUHL8QWAho/edit#gid=523859675

Keep in mind Skullgirls does not include the first frame of active in the startup

Effective startup Character Move Air/Ground Notes
2f Big Band SSJ (Level 1) Ground
2f Big Band Level 5 Ground
3f Filia Fenrir (Level 1) Ground
3f Squigly Level 5 Ground
3f Painwheel Buer Thresher (Level 1) Air
4f Filia Gregor (Level 1) Ground
4f Cerebella Diamond Drop Ground
4f Cerebella Ultimate Showstopper (Level 1 360 super) Ground
4f Parasoul Egret Charge (Level 1) Ground Projectile super, which starts from the side of the screen behind Parasoul, so there's almost always travel time involved
4f Ms. Fortune Cat Scratch Fever (Level 1) Ground
4f Valentine EKG Flatliner (Level 1) Ground
4f Double Level 3 Ground
4f Double Level 5 Ground
4f Big Band Level 3 Ground
4f Fukua Level 3 Ground
4f Beowulf Wulfmania (Level 3 360 super) Ground
4f Valentine EKG Flatliner (Level 1) Air
4f Double Level 5 Air
5f Filia s.LP Ground
5f Ms. Fortune s.LP Ground
5f Ms. Fortune Level 3 Ground
5f Valentine Checkmate Incision (Level 1) Ground
5f Squigly Daisy Pusher (Level 1) Ground
5f Fukua Drill of My Dreams (Level 1) Ground
5f Fukua Level 5 Ground
5f Ms. Fortune Feral Edge (Level 1) Air
5f Ms. Fortune Level 3 Air
5f Fukua Drill of My Dreams (Level 1) Air
6f Filia c.LP Ground
6f Cerebella s.LP Ground
6f Cerebella c.LP Ground
6f Cerebella Dynamo Ground
6f Peacock s.LP Ground
6f Peacock c.LP Ground
6f Ms. Fortune cLP Ground
6f Painwheel Death Crawl Ground
6f Valentine s.LP Ground
6f Valentine c.LP Ground
6f Double s.LP Ground
6f Double Car (no side switch) Ground
6f Squigly s.LP Ground
6f Big Band s.LP Ground
6f Big Band c.LP Ground
6f Eliza s.LP Ground
6f Fukua s.LP Ground
6f Fukua c.LP Ground
6f Beowulf c.LP Ground
6f Beowulf Arm Ground
6f Robo-Fortune s.LP Ground
6f Robo-Fortune c.LP Ground
6f Cerebella j.LP Air
6f Ms. Fortune j.LP Air
6f Double j.LP Air
6f Valentine Checkmate Incision (Level 1) Air

Fastest Overheads

Keep in mind Skullgirls does not include the first frame of active in the startup, as well as the presence of frame skip

Character Move Time Timing details Notes
Parasoul j2MK 11f 4f jump startup, 7f j2MK Needs an assist or well-placed tear to convert. 12f total if done with a down charge ready; you need 1f of jump to not get [2]8MK
Beowulf 66jLP 14f 6f dash, 8f jLP
Squigly dj IOH jLP 15f 4f jump startup, 4f of double jump, 7f jLP Difficult. Explanation here
Big Band IOH jMK 15f 4f jump startup, 11f jMK Need to spend meter or chain into j.HK to combo
Robo-Fortune dj IOH jLP 15f 4f jump startup, 4f of double jump, 7f jLP Difficult. Explanation here
Ms. Fortune dj IOH jLK 16f 4f jump startup, 4f of double jump, 8f jLK Difficult. Explanation here
Filia IAD jLK 17f 4f jump startup, 5f IAD lockout, 1f of airdash, 7f jLK
Cerebella j2MP 17f 4f jump startup, 11+2f j2MP This move gains 2f of startup if done instantly
Peacock dj IOH jLK 18f 4f jump startup, 4f of double jump, 10f jLK Difficult. Explanation here
Valentine 446 jLP 18f 10f backdash, 1f airdash, 7f jLP
Big Band L Giant Step 18f
Cerebella jHP 19f 4f jump startup, 15f jHP
Ms. Fortune IAD jLK (head on) 19f 4f jump startup, 6f IAD lockout, 1f of airdash, 8f jLK
Parasoul 6LP 20f
Painwheel fly 3jLP 20f 12f of fly, 8f jLP
Eliza IAD jLK 20f 4f jump startup, 8f IAD lockout, 1f airdash, 7f jLK
Peacock IAD jLP 21f 4f jump startup, 8f IAD lockout, 1f of airdash, 8f jLP
Ms. Fortune IAD jLK (headless) 21f 4f jump startup, 8f IAD lockout, 1f of airdash, 8f jLK
Parasoul 4HK 22f
Squigly 6HP 22f
Peacock IAD jLK 23f 4f jump startup, 8f IAD lockout, 1f of airdash, 10f jLK
Eliza jHP 23f 4f jump startup, 19f jHP
Double 2149MK (TK barrel) 24f 4f jump startup, 1f of jump, 12f barrel, 7f/6f/5f/2f before it hits crouching Double/Cerebella/Eliza/Big Band from a super jump Unsafe without an assist to cover. Potential to shave off 2f by using a normal jump but doing that from a crouch blocking or idle state is difficult
Valentine 446 jHP 29f 10f backdash, 1f airdash, 18f jHP
Eliza 236MK 30f Time is before it hits crouching Double (shortest croucher)
Valentine IAD jHP 31f 4f jump startup, 8f IAD lockout, 1f airdash, 18f jHP
Fukua Point blank H Clone 33f
Cerebella 5HK (2nd hit) 38f
Painwheel 2[HP] 40f
Beowulf 5[MP] 44f

List of Post-Flash Blockable Supers

Some supers inflict more hitstop than the length of the post flash startup, causing the move to be unblockable if you weren't blocking before the flash. The majority of the supers of the game are post flash unblockable. This is a list of all the ones that CAN be blocked post flash. Remember that possessing any amount of undizzy will remove all inflicted hitstop from your level 1 or level 2 supers.

Source and full document: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1rqieBOi1nZ_XaUBVYG2p3DcIhZENcB6S9PUHL8QWAho/edit#gid=523859675

Character Move Notes
Filia Gregor (air version)
Peacock Argus
Parasoul Sniper
Parasoul Bikes In most situations, it is blockable since the bikes come from the side of the screen, but on paper it could potentially be post flash unblockable
Parasoul Level 3
Ms. Fortune Feral Edge
Valentine Scalpels (air version)
Valentine Level 3 Can't input any moves, and can only switch to block post flash if not dashing
Double Car (reverse sides) Can't input any moves, and can only switch to block post flash if not dashing. Same side version is blockable if there's enough travel time
Squigly SBO
Squigly Sing -> SBO Can't input any moves, and can only switch to block post flash if not dashing.
Squigly Daisy Pusher Post flash unblockable with charged sing
Beowulf Arm Can't input any moves, and can only switch to block post flash if not dashing.
Fukua Fireball Super
Fukua BFF Can't input any moves, and can only switch to block post flash if not dashing.
Robo-Fortune Magnet

Low Profile Moves

  • c.lk 1f
  • c.lp 1f slight
  • c.mp 1f
  • c.mp 6f
  • c.mk 6f
  • c.lp 6f slight
  • c.lp 1f
  • c.lk 1f slight,6f
  • c.mp 12f
  • c.lk 3f
  • c.lp 1f slight
  • c.hk 12f
  • c.lp 5f
  • c.mp 1f slight 3f
  • c.mk 4f
  • c.hp 7f
  • c.lk 1f slight 7f
  • c.lp 1f
  • c.mp 1f
  • c.hp 1f
  • c.lp 1f
  • c.lk 1f
  • c.mk 1f
  • c.mp 1f slight
  • c.hk 1f slight
  • c.hp 4f
  • c.lk 1f (lean back) 3f
  • c.mp 1f lean back
  • c.lp 1f slight
  • c.mp 1f slight
  • c.hp 7f
  • c.lp 5f slight
  • c.mp 1f huge
  • c.mk 4f
  • c.hp 7f
  • c.lk 1f slight lean back
  • c.hk 5f lean back
  • qcf+lk 7f
  • qcf+throw 5f
  • chairless c.hp 1f lean back
  • c.lk 1f slight 5f
  • c.mk 5f
  • qcf+lk 1f big
  • c.lk 1f slight lean back
  • c.mk 4f slight

High Profile (Low Crush) Moves

  • hk 8f
  • c.hp 4f slight 7f
  • lp 1f slight
  • lk 1f back
  • hp 1f back 5f
  • lk 1f back
  • lk 1f slight 3f 4f
  • mp 5f back
  • mk 4f back
  • c.mk 3f
  • fly 2f slight 3f slight
  • lk 1f back
  • hk 3f slight 6f
  • c.mp 1f slight back
  • qcf+p 10f
  • lk 1f slight 8f back
  • c.lk 2f
  • hk 7f
  • c.hk 5f slight back
  • lk 2f back
  • mp 5f back
  • mk 5f back
  • c.mk 3f slight back
  • hp 3f back
  • qcb+p 4f back
  • c.mp 3f back 6f
  • c.hk 7f
  • lk 2f back
  • mp 1f slight back 3f
  • qcf+p 3f back
  • lk 1f back
  • hk 6f
  • mk 6f slight 13f
  • lk 5f back

Damage Stats

Damage to Kill

The following tables are how much damage is needed in a 1.0 damage ratio to do a certain percentage of health

 % of Health Bar vs Solo vs Duo vs Trio
100% 31775 17825 13712
90% 28597 16042 12340
80% 25420 14260 10970
70% 22242 12477 9598
60% 19065 10695 8227
50% 15887 8912 6856
40% 12710 7130 5485
30% 9532 5347 4113
20% 6355 3565 2743
10% 3177 1782 1371

 % of Health Bar vs Solo vs Duo vs Trio
100% 24443 15500 11924
90% 21998 13950 10731
80% 19554 12400 9539
70% 17110 10850 8347
60% 14666 9300 7154
50% 12221 7750 5962
40% 9777 6200 4770
30% 7333 4650 3577
20% 5026 3100 2385
10% 2444 1550 1193

 % of Health Bar vs Solo vs Duo vs Trio
100% 15500 12294 10690
90% 13950 11064 9621
80% 12400 9835 8552
70% 10850 8605 7483
60% 9300 7376 6414
50% 7750 6147 5345
40% 6200 4918 4276
30% 4650 3688 3207
20% 3100 2459 2138
10% 1550 1229 1069

Super Damage Comparisons

At maximum scaling, undizzy doesn't affect non-DHC super damage, so there's no "point, full scaling, >240 ud" column.

All grab super DHCs were tested using Peacock L Bang to stagger, then Lenny into DHC.

Level 1 Supers

Scalpels usually hits 6 times. 8 hit DHC values are calculated.

*Argus damage is dependent on RNG and enemy hurtbox, testing was done with all bullets hitting (maximum damage).

**Catheads is a level 2, but it's here anyway since it's a 1 bar DHC. Assumes 49 hits, which is close to optimal if not optimal throw mashing. DHC tested after Sniper Shot for the restand.

Character Super point, counterhit, <240 ud point, raw, <240 ud point, full scaling, <240 ud DHC, full scaling, <240 ud DHC, full scaling, >240 ud DHC over 240ud penalty
Big Band SSJ (taunt) 5394 5094 2060 3255 2355 -28%
Painwheel Death Crawl (Hatred Install) 3000 2900 2340 2442 2340 -5%
Double Catheads** 3173 3073 1960 2381 2058 -14%
Cerebella 360 4800 4800 1222 3360 1845 -45%
Robo-Fortune Cannon 3320 3182 1650 2229 1785 -20%
Filia Fenrir 3481 3281 950 2114 1700 -20%
Peacock Argus* 3385 3235 1530 2206 1678 -24%
Eliza LoS 3200 3200 1200 2240 1550 -31%
Ms. Fortune CSF (head-on) 3362 3187 1222 1962 1394 -29%
Ms. Fortune CSF (headless) 3228 3053 1182 1922 1354 -30%
Valentine EKG 2813 2675 1168 1747 1303 -25%
Painwheel Death Crawl 2477 2367 1144 1651 1251 -24%
Big Band SSJ 4112 3812 992 2186 1241 -43%
Fukua Drill 3187 3012 1060 1800 1232 -32%
Cerebella Dynamo 3011 2861 1057 1676 1205 -28%
Double Car 3105 2855 991 1649 1086 -34%
Robo-Fortune Magnetic Trap 2750 2750 1000 1925 1058 -45%
Parasoul Bikes 2206 2016 1026 1221 1026 -16%
Valentine Scalpels (8 hits) 3106 2881 720 1733 943 -46%
Fukua Fireball 3075 2625 540 1599 878 -45%
Beowulf Arm 3375 2250 618 1575 866 -45%
Beowulf Airwulf 1250 1250 343 875 481 -45%
Filia Gregor 2651 2501 721 1411 862 -39%
Fukua BFF 2600 2500 672 1548 851 -45%
Squigly Daisy Pusher 2500 2500 650 1531 841 -45%
Cerebella 360 Horns 1900 1900 590 1510 828 -45%
Valentine Scalpels (6 hits) 2613 2388 540 1387 763 -45%
Parasoul Sniper Shot 2625 1750 481 1225 673 -45%
Double Monster 1500 1500 412 1050 577 -45%
Squigly SBO 1928 1740 375 1019 560 -45%

Level 1 Air Supers

No DHC values, since you can't DHC into an air super.

Character Super counterhit raw full scaling
Big Band Tympany 2825 2687 1185
Big Band Tympany (taunt) 4145 4007 2475
Eliza Nekhbet 3000 3000 1000
Ms. Fortune Superjump Feral Edge (8 hits) 3021 2896 997
Ms. Fortune TK Feral Edge (4 hits) 3262 3137 797
Painwheel Thresher 2000 2000 780
Painwheel Thresher (Hatred Install) 3050 3050 1356
Filia Air Gregor 2050 1925 543
Valentine Scalpels (6 hits) 2613 2388 540
Valentine Scalpels (8 hits) 3106 2881 720
Fukua Air Blown Kiss 3075 2625 540
Fukua TK Drill (6 hits) 1680 1542 355
Fukua Superjump Drill (18 hits) 2685 2547 1015

Level 3 Supers

Since level 3s have a minimum scaling of 0.45, point/fullscaling damage is often equal to dhc/fullscaling/>240ud damage.

*Corner Band level 3 full scaled point testing was done after H A-Train (a realistic combo ender), which pulls you out of the corner a little. Damage would probably be lower with most other corner combo enders. DHC testing is done right up against the corner. Band level 3 damage is a bit inconsistent in general.

**Para level 3 damage is a little inconsistent, so your own testing may differ slightly.

Character Super point, counterhit, <240 ud point, raw, <240 ud point, full scaling, <240 ud DHC, full scaling, <240 ud DHC, full scaling, >240ud DHC over 240 ud penalty
Big Band SUtB (Midscreen on Band) 7248 6973 5355 5590 5306 -5%
Big Band SUtB (Midscreen on Eliza) 6660 6287 4767 5149 4963 -4%
Big Band SUtB (Midscreen on Filia) 5974 5797 4228 4561 4228 -7%
Painwheel Buer Overdrive (Hatred Install) 6154 5154 3893 4207 3893 -8%
Robo-Fortune Cannon Gamma 4456 4361 3825 3924 3825 -3%
Double Nightmare Legion 5024 5024 3690 3963 3690 -7%
Parasoul Inferno Brigade** 4067 4007 3726 3679 3672 0%
Big Band SUtB (Corner on Filia)* 4741 4417 2997 3526 3242 -8%
Big Band SUtB (Corner on Eliza)* 4741 4466 3242 3526 3242 -8%
Big Band SUtB (Corner on Band)* 4741 4466 3242 3477 3193 -8%
Eliza Khepri Sun 4426 4236 3172 3367 3172 -6%
Peacock Goodfellows 6225 6225 2785 3408 2785 -18%
Valentine DOA 5000 5000 2750 3500 2750 -21%
Beowulf Moonsault 6031 5656 2699 3229 2699 -16%
Painwheel Buer Overdrive 5096 4096 2598 3146 2598 -17%
Squigly Inferno of Leviathan 4662 4324 2424 2774 2424 -13%
Cerebella Diamonds AF 5200 5200 2340 3395 2340 -31%
Ms. Fortune 5th of Dismember 5000 5000 2250 3500 2250 -36%
Fukua Twice Shy 4900 4900 2205 3430 2205 -36%
Filia Trichobezoar 7125 4750 2137 3325 2137 -36%

Level 5 Supers

Since level 5s have a minimum scaling of 0.55 (except Fukua level 5 for some reason), point/fullscaling damage is often equal to dhc/fullscaling/>240ud damage.

*Double level 5 tested by mashing all 6 buttons against Big Band. Each test was done 10 or so times and then the best one was chosen, so these are close to ideal values. Damage will be lower on smaller characters.

Character Super point, counterhit, <240 ud point, raw, <240 ud point, full scaling, <240 ud DHC, full scaling, <240 ud DHC, full scaling, >240ud DHC over 240 ud penalty
Double Megalith Array (explode)* 9624 8844 8080 8432 8080 -4%
Big Band Satchmo Deathblow 7892 7692 6875 6960 6875 -1%
Double Megalith Array (no explode)* 8895 8091 6843 7195 6843 -5%
Robo-Fortune Cannon Omega 7108 7008 6600 6642 6600 -1%
Squigly Rage of the Dragon 7777 7777 5000 5443 5000 -8%
Valentine Revive 6750 4500 2475 3150 2475 -21%
Fukua Head over Heels 3000 3000 825 1837 1010 -45%

Damage/Undizzy Ratios

The following tables show the ratio between the damage done at maximum scaling and the amount of undizzy spent for the different moves in Skullgirls. This can be a useful heuristic for finding valuable moves when finding damaging combos. A simplified approach to combo crafting may have two phases:

  • At the beginning of the combo do high damaging hits before scaling kicks in.
  • Once damage scaling is significant, use the rest of the undizzy available as efficiently as possible.

These tables help with identifying valuable moves for the latter phase i.e. for later in a combo or off of a scaled starter.

Some examples of its use:

  • Double's j.HK has a ratio of 12, the highest off of all their normals. So, focusing on using a lot of j.HK can help when creating damaging routes for this character.
  • Fukua's j.HK however has a ratio of 3.33, meaning that it is very inefficient in terms of the undizzy spent using this move. Because of this, for the most damaging Fukua routes, j.HK should generally be used as little as possible.
  • Cerebella's Battle Butt has a ratio of 19.25, a very valuable move. However, in many circumstances she is unable to continue comboing after this move. So using Battle Butt with an assist that lets her combo after may be a good way to squeeze more damage out of combos.

In general many of the most efficient moves that characters have are either difficult to combo into or out of, or require some kind of resource. Because of this, it may not always work out that using efficient moves is the best possible route, as using these moves can add constraints on what other moves are able to appear in the combo, but it is an idea worth considering for combo crafting.


Character Stats

Walk Speed

  • Very Fast: Beowulf
  • Fast: Filia, Peacock, Ms. Fortune, Painwheel, Big Band, Fukua
  • Medium: Parasoul, Valentine
  • Slow: Cerebella, Double, Eliza, Robo-Fortune
  • Very Slow: Squigly

Dash Length

  • Forward Dash Length: Eliza > Cerebella > Filia > Painwheel > Parasoul = Double > Beowulf
  • Backward Dash Length: Squigly = Double > Eliza > Ms. Fortune = Robo-Fortune > Peacock > Cerebella > Big Band > Painwheel > Parasoul > Valentine > Filia > Beowulf
  • Run Speed: Robo-Fortune > Valentine > Ms. Fortune = Squigly > Filia = Peacock = Big Band = Fukua

Throw Ranges

Click for full size

SG throws small.png

Big Band's throw range is significantly larger than the rest of the cast. Filia and Fukua have the same throw range which is a bit small. Everyone else has a slightly different throw range.

Character Width Notes
Big Band 270px
Eliza 214px
Cerebella 212px 92px forward movement + 120px throw range
Beowulf 208px 21px forward movement + 187px throw range
Peacock 195px
Squigly 190px
Double 171px
Painwheel 168px 50px forward movement + 118px throw range
Robo-Fortune 152px
Parasoul 144px 31px forward movement + 113px throw range
Ms. Fortune 128px
Valentine 126px
Filia 102px
Fukua 102px

Measurements are from the the right end of the character's collision box to the right end of the throw hitbox, with the resolution set to 720p (1280x720). Cerebella, Parasoul, Painwheel, and Beowulf move forward from their idle stance during their throw animation.

Air Throw Ranges

Click for full size

SG airthrows small.png

Eliza and Beowulf have notably large air throw ranges. Filia and Fukua have the same air throw range which is notably short. Everyone else has a slightly different throw range, except for Ms. Fortune, Double and Robo-Fortune which are each the same. Parasoul's throw is deceptively big, since her sprite visual is quite a bit behind the attack box. Aside from being very tall, it's not actually much different from other air throws when compared to the collision box.

Character Width Height
Eliza 222px 276px
Beowulf 197px 284px
Big Band 159px 381px
Squigly 158px 379px
Painwheel 143px 282px
Valentine 136px 292px
Ms. Fortune 131px 276px
Double 131px 276px
Robo-Fortune 131px 276px
Parasoul 122px 380px
Peacock 119px 204px
Cerebella 101px 256px
Filia 57px 266px
Fukua 57px 266px

Measurements for the width are from the the right end of the character's collision box to the right end of the throw hitbox. Measurements for the height are from the center of the character's reference point to the top of the hitbox. For each, the resolution set to 720p (1280x720).

Crouch Hitstun / Blockstun / Blocking Hurtboxes

Click for full size

SG crouching small.png

Big Band is significantly taller than the rest of the cast. The majority of the cast are the exact same height. The rest are only a bit taller, except for Double who is a tiny bit shorter. Beowulf's tallest point of is hurtbox is only at the very front.

Character Height Notes
Big Band 362px Shrinks by 4px when in stun
Eliza 263px Hurtboxes are slightly changed when in hit/block stun, height is still the same (picture)
Beowulf 253px
Cerebella 235px
Parasoul 220px
Filia 218px
Peacock 218px
Ms. Fortune 218px
Painwheel 218px
Valentine 218px
Squigly 218px
Fukua 218px
Robo-Fortune 218px
Double 212px Even shorter towards the front

Measurements are the height of the hurtbox from the center of the character's reference point to the top of the hurtbox, with the resolution set to 720p (1280x720).

Standing Hitstun / Blockstun Hurtboxes

Click for full size

SG standing small.png

Stand blocking hurtboxes while not in blockstun vary with the animation. Painwheel's tallest point of her hurtbox is only at her back.

Character Height
Double 456px
Big Band 444px
Eliza 412px
Parasoul 357px
Ms. Fortune 346px
Beowulf 340px
Robo-Fortune 333px
Squigly 328px
Robo-Fortune 131px
Filia 304px
Fukua 304px
Peacock 298px
Valentine 285px
Cerebella 263px
Painwheel 262px

Measurements are the height of the hurtbox from the center of the character's reference point to the top of the hurtbox, with the resolution set to 720p (1280x720).

Air Blockstun Hurtboxes

Click for full size

SG jumping small.png

Jump blocking hurtboxes while not in blockstun vary with the animation.

Character Height
Big Band 457px
Painwheel 334px
Beowulf 316px
Squigly 290px
Eliza 286px
Peacock 277px
Parasoul 273px
Filia 244px
Fukua 244px
Valentine 235px
Double 215px
Ms. Fortune 206px
Robo-Fortune 206px

Measurements are the height of the hurtbox from the lowest point of the hurtbox to the highest part of the hurtbox, with the resolution set to 720p (1280x720).

Air Hitstun Hurtboxes

Click for full size

SG jumpinghurtbox small.png

Filia and Fukua have a different hurtbox on the first frame of getting hit. These hurtboxes are just from regular air hitstun, not any kind of knockdown or wall bounce

Character Height
Big Band 457px
Parasoul 443px
Cerebella 379px
Eliza 357px
Painwheel 351px
Beowulf 345px
Ms. Fortune 327px
Robo-Fortune 327px
Valentine 316px
Peacock 310px
Filia 302px
Squigly 302px
Fukua 302px
Double 293px

Measurements are the height of the hurtbox from the lowest point of the hurtbox to the highest part of the hurtbox, with the resolution set to 720p (1280x720).

First Airborne Frame Hurtboxes

As seen below, some character's hurtboxes during the first frame of their jump don't have many hurtboxes near the ground compared to others.

Click for full size

SG firstjump1 small.png

SG firstjump2 small.png

SG firstjump3 small.png

SG firstjump4 small.png

SG firstjump5 small.png

Wakeup Time

Character Hard Knockdown Forward Tech Backwards Tech Crumple Sliding KD (relative to PS)
Filia / Fukua 28 39 41 32 5
Cerebella 34 34 35 32 4
Peacock 34 40 40 32 10
Parasoul 34 41 40 40 0
Ms. Fortune 31 37 37 32 6
Painwheel 34 40 40 32 6
Valentine 35 37 37 32 6
Double 36 39 41 33 7
Squigly 31 39 40 32 6
Big Band 35 39 40 36 3
Eliza 34 39 40 32 4
Beowulf 34 39 40 34 4
Robo-Fortune 31 37 37 32 4

Assist Tag Out Times

The amount of time for each character's tag out animation to play before becoming invulnerable and exiting the screen, with some rules:

  • If the assist was performing a crouching normal, they will stand up before playing their tag out animation. Effectively giving them increased recovery.
  • If the assist was hit, after recovering, they will leave on the first possible frame with full invulnerability and no tag out animation.
Character Time
Beowulf 60f
Big Band 58f
Cerebella 36f
Double 40f
Eliza 48f
Filia 33f
Fukua 33f
Ms. Fortune 60f
Painwheel 38f
Parasoul 57f
Peacock 64f
Robo-Fortune 60f
Squigly 30f
Valentine 44f


Input Priority

  • In general, the game engine gives lowest priority to normal moves and highest to supers (normals < command normals < 2 button commands < specials < supers).

SOCD (Simultaneous Opposite Cardinal Directions)

  • Direction inputs are a +1 or -1 value to the game engine. Using a keyboard or a non-default controller to hit two opposite directions at the same time (← + → or ↓ + ↑) will give a 0, or a neutral input.

Button Inputs

  • The game engine cannot read multiple inputs from the same button from the same frame, even after reassigning controller buttons or using a macro. Holding a button down effectively locks that button input.
  • When the game engine reads multiple button inputs on the same frame, it registers the command with the highest priority to the game engine.
  • For normal moves, button strength determines priority (LP > LK > MP > MK > HP > HK). For example, pressing LK and HK in the same frame will perform a LK.
  • 2 button commands have priority over a single button command. For example, HK and calling an assist with MP+HK will only call the assist. HK and MK+HP will perform the normal move and call the assist on the same frame. Calling an assist has higher priority than other 2 button commands. LP+LK+MP will register the assist (LK+MP) over the throw (LP+LK) and dash commands (LP+MP).

Input Buffers

  • "The game will buffer dash motions entered immediately after a superjump and perform the dash when the character reaches their minimum airdash height."
  • "The game registers inputs during superflash and passes them to the characters, but the characters will use them to change state only when not frozen. In other words, you can do D,DF,F during the superflash, but you have to hit P after it's over or you won't get a fireball. There's no superflash buffering like in BB or MvC3, it's more like MvC2 or XSF."

Misc Motion Logic

  • The game engine reads special and super move motions with distinct individual directions read for at least 1f.
  • Button inputs for a special or super move read in a 4f window, starting at the last required direction for the motion.
  • The game engine registers sequential directions within 4f for a special or super motion. The slowest allowable QCF + P takes 12f.
  • The game engine registers non-sequential directions, or a sequence that require crossing through neutral, within 8f for a special or super motion. The slowest allowable DP + P takes 16f. The slowest allowable 360 + P takes 28f.


General Bugs

Character Specific Bugs

  • Buer vs assists bug: https://youtu.be/gNjWLgSCvU8
  • If Painwheel tags in while under Hatred Install, then the timer will still expire during a combo and the install will run out midcombo. However, if Painwheel DHC's in instead, then the timer retains the normal property and the install will only run out after a combo is over.
  • The frame data for the recovery of Painwheel's tag is not shown in the training mode attack data.
  • Double air throw bug (Possibly Painwheel related): https://twitter.com/CRYSTALPRlSON/status/1117945486718095360
  • Solo Squigly vs non-solo opponents will not have the fireball from level 3 disappear after being snapped. Beowulf's snapback from his grab stance can sometimes eliminate this fireball but it is not consistent.

Robo-Fortune Timer Scam

This glitch is banned in tournament play!

When a character is hit by a snap, they are put into a special knockback state that won't end until they touch a wall and leave the screen. It's possible to use Robo-Fortune's magnet super to setup a situation where that doesn't happen, leaving them in snapback state indefinitely and halting the game. This can cause a timer scam situation where the initiating player has a life lead and lets the timer run out while the game cannot progress. There are many ways to set this up, below are a few examples:


Anti DP assist chain research


"heres some data from researching anti assist chains over the last couple of days
col = first attack
row = attack chained into
red highlight = hits 3f assist vulnerability window
yellow highlight = stuffs l beat extend
just did the first hits of everyones ground normals"

Reading Meter Values

SG Cheat Table

Rare situations

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