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* Walk Speed Comparison (fastest to slowest): Filia = Ms. Fortune = Painwheel = Peacock > Valentine > Parasoul > Cerebella
* Walk Speed Comparison (fastest to slowest): Filia = Ms. Fortune = Painwheel = Peacock > Valentine > Parasoul > Cerebella
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| style="font-size:8pt; text-align: center" | Cerebella makes up for her slow walk speed with high damage when she gets close.
==Dash and Run==
==Dash and Run==

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Holding either the forward (→) or back (←) directions will walk the character in the appropriate direction. Most players prefer to use faster methods of getting a character across the screen. Appreciating a detailed walk animation takes time.

  • Walk Speed Comparison (fastest to slowest): Filia = Ms. Fortune = Painwheel = Peacock > Valentine > Parasoul > Cerebella
SG CEwalk.png
Cerebella makes up for her slow walk speed with high damage when she gets close.

Dash and Run

All characters can dash or run forward by either double tapping the forward direction (→→) or pressing PP. ←← or ← + PP will dash backwards. For characters with a run, holding the appropriate direction after either input will continue the run. All characters can interrupt their ground dash or run by blocking, jumping, or preforming any attack. Characters with runs will immediately end their run and crouch with any down direction input during the run. Dashes cannot end early with a crouch, making dashes significantly more vulnerable to low attacks than runs. When ending a dash or a run in an attack, the character keeps some momentum and may slide a short distance while preforming the move.

  • Forward Dash Distance Comparison (longest to shortest): Cerebella > Filia > Painwheel > Parasoul
  • Backward Dash Distance Comparison (longest to shortest): Ms. Fortune (max) > Peacock > Cerebella > Parasoul > Valentine > Ms. Fortune (min) = Filia
  • Dash Duration (longest to shortest): Ms. Fortune (max) > Peacock > Cerebella > Valentine = Painwheel > Ms. Fortune (min) = Parasoul = Filia
  • Run Speed Comparison (fastest to slowest): Valentine (forward) > Ms. Fortune (forward) > Peacock (forward) > Filia (forward)


Any up direction (↖ or ↑ or ↗) jumps in that direction. When already in the air, characters with a double jump will preform it with any jump command. Holding an upward direction at the end of any other action will not cause a double jump. Most ground normal and all air normal moves cannot be cancelled with a jump.

Jumping has a few frames of start up before the character actually leaves the ground. The character will remain standing if hit during their jump start up. Both jump start up and double jump start up are invulnerable to throws. All characters have equal jump start up and jump heights.

Super Jump

All characters can super jump, a longer, higher, and faster moving jump, by tapping any down direction before any up direction (↓ then ↑). Assists cannot be called during a super jump, but everything else works the same as a normal jump. Launchers, the only jump cancelable normal moves, can be canceled into a super jump in any upward direction by holding up during the attack or tapping any upward direction after it hits.

SG FIairdash.png
With the shortest IAD lockout, Filia can air dash lower
to the ground than any other character.

Air Dash

During a jump, either dash command will preform an air dash. Not all characters have an air dash, but those that do can use the air dash once per jump. Possible air dash directions and the minimum height for an air dash are specific to the individual character. All forward and backward air dashes cover approximately the same distance at the same speed. Air dashes can be interrupted by attacks only. Blocking or double jumping cannot interrupt an air dash.

Instant Air Dash

Characters with an air dash can instant air dash as both an offensive tool and a way to increase overall mobility. Instant air dashes are preformed by either double taping an angled jump then the horizontal direction (↗ then →) or by jumping then immediately hiting PP (↗ then PP). Both will result air dashes as low to the ground as possible. All characters with an air dash also have a character specific minimum height to air dash, or a period of IAD lockout between jumping and the start of their dash. The lockout period effectively gives different air dash characters different minimum heights for their IADs. The shortest lockout, resulting in the fastest possible IADs, is 5f.

  • IAD lockouts (longest to shortest): Peacock (8f) = Valentine > Ms. Fortune (6f) = > Filia (5f)