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Ms. Fortune: Purrfect Treasure

Voiced by: Kimlinh Tran
Age: 20
Birthday: November 24
Bloodtype: B
Height: 5'8”
Weight: 127 lbs.
Measurements: 32B-23-34
Likes: Making friends, Sunlit naps, Volleyball, Bowling, Golf, Parkour, Subjecting others to terrible puns, Yu-wan's resturant, Dim Sum, The Fishbone Gang, Robbing from rich, Giving to poor, Potato chips
Dislikes: The Medici Mafia, Black Dahlia, Sushi, Cops, Bullies, Marsupials, Loud noises, Lemonade

Ms. Fortune

SG MsFortune icon.png
A feline feral, Nadia Fortune is the last surviving member of the Fishbone Gang, a notorious band of otherwise Dagonian thieves. Their last mission ended in tragedy: a failed attempt to steal the mysterious Life Gem from Lorenzo Medici resulted in their grisly deaths. Before meeting her own doom, Ms. Fortune swallowed the Life Gem and managed to digest it. The Gem’s power permeated her entire body, making it truly undying... even after being cut into several pieces.

Now hiding in the shadows of Little Innsmouth, Ms. Fortune plots to avenge her fallen comrades.[1]

In a nutshell
Nadia doesn't let her misfortunes slow her down. Her HP button attacks give her a versatile ground poke, a perfect air dash cross up attack, and she doesn't even mind if she's gets decapitated on counter hit. The head is a constant, hard to hit threat while the body attacks with a mind of its own. Trapping the opponent between Ms. Fortune's pieces can lead to obnoxious block strings, ambiguous cross ups, or even the dreaded "sandwich" combo. Maybe she never needed a head to begin with? Ms. Fortune plays best as part of a team, happily tagging out when her head gets in trouble and offering a point character a few unique tricks with her headless Ensemble and tag in tactics.


Basic Systems

Walk: Average
Jump: Double jump
Dash or Run: Fast forward run, average speed backward run.
Air Dash: Average speed 2 way (forward and backward) air dash.
Weight: 5 Buttons: lp --- lk --- mp --- mk --- hp OR hk
Standing: 5 Buttons: Lp.png ---.png Lk.png ---.png Mp.png ---.png Mk.png ---.png Hp.png OR Hk.png
Crouching: 6 Buttons: Lp.png ---.png Lk.png ---.png Mp.png ---.png Mk.png ---.png Hp.png ---.png Hk.png

Move List


Command Name / Quote Properties (glossary)
Lp.png Neko Punsh
Chains Twice
Head On
115 x4, 400
Head On
Ear Pierce
Lk.png Fishbone Flop
Mk.png One Two Punisher
Cat tail!
300, 400
Hk.png Limber Up
975 Launch.png
D.png + Lp.png Toy Touch
Chains Twice
D.png + Mp.png Hand In Hand
D.png + Hp.png High Brow
Head games?
950 Launch.png
D.png + Lk.png Knees and Toes
325 Low.png
D.png + Mk.png Nail Clipper
D.png + Hk.png Kitten Spin
Tail and nails!
350, 850 Low.png Sweep.png
(air) Lp.png Claws for Alarm
(air) Mp.png Claws for Concern
Claws out!
Head On
(air) Hp.png
X-scrape Claws
Cross my heart!
(air) Lk.png Shock and Paw
(air) Mk.png Footloose
Stitch up!
300, 400
(air) Hk.png Flying Screen Door
Spinning drop!
950 Knockdown.png (vs air)

Command Normals

Command Name / Quote Properties (glossary)
Hand Shake
B.png or F.png + Hp.png
675 Knockdown.png

Normal Throws

Command Name / Quote Properties (glossary)
Lp.png + Lk.png Clawstrophopia
Let's have a ball!
0, 100x5
(air) Lp.png + Lk.png Cat Ceiling
0, 1000 Airthrow.png

Special Moves

Command Name / Quote Properties (glossary)
Qcf.png + P.png (x3) Cat Scratch
Lp.png 450, 500, 775
Mp.png 575, 650, 775
Hp.png 700, 750, 900
Knockdown.png (3rd hit)
Cat Scratch, then
Qcf.png + K.png
Cat Slide
Wreck-a your shins!
450 Low.png Knockdown.png
Cat Sctatch, then
Qcb.png + K.png
El Gato
Wreck-a your face!
1100 High.png Groundbounce.png
Dp.png + K.png Fiber Upper
Lk.png 850
Mk.png 550 x2
Hk.png 450 x2, 550
Default Ensemble Choice (MK)
Fiber Upper, then
Nyantair Launcher
Qcb.png + K.png El Gato
Cat's claw!
Lk.png 900
Mk.png 1000
Hk.png 1100
Aironly.png Knockdown.png (vs air) Groundbounce.png (HK only vs ground) Slide.png (HK only vs air)
Head On
Qcb.png + P.png
Cat Strike
Rolling start!
750, 800 Default Ensemble Choice
Startupinv.png (to all, then hits only) Stagger.png Proj.png
Head On
Qcb.png + P.png
Cat Spike
750, 550 Aironly.png Proj.png Groundbounce.png
Dp.png + Hp.png
Feline Allergies
950 Startupinv.png
Qcb.png + Hp.png
120 x8 Cptr.png
Qcb.png + Lp.png or Mp.png (hold)
Cat Call
Here body, body...
N/A Default Ensemble Choice

Team Moves

Command Name / Quote Properties (glossary)
Mp.png + Mk.png OR
Hp.png + Hk.png
Alley Cat Oop
Nya-o it's my turn!
500 Tag In: A unique Head Move that hits as a Proj.png while Ms. Fortune enters from the side of the screen.
Qcf.png + Mp.png + Mk.png OR
Qcf.png + Hp.png + Hk.png
All in the wrist.
0 Outtake


Command Name / Quote Properties (glossary)
Head On
Qcf.png + P.png + P.png
Cat Scratch Fever
Fur-serker Purr-rage!
350 x10, 1900 Uses 1 level of Dramatic Tension.
Startupinv.png Slide.png
Qcf.png + P.png + P.png
Just Claws
You go, girl!
350 x10, 300, 120 x17, 1400 Uses 1 level of Dramatic Tension.
Qcb.png + K.png + K.png Feral Edge
I'll take a stab at it!
150 x3, 550, 850, 1700 Uses 1 level of Dramatic Tension.
Aironly.png Knockdown.png
Qcb.png + P.png + P.png The 5th of Dismember
Remember, remember...
300, 3750 Uses 3 levels of Dramatic Tension.
Throwonhit.png Startupinv.png Knockdown.png


(Does a head bounce attack count as a projectile?)

Signature Techniques

  • With her Head On, Ms. Fortune has access to come of her most powerful attacks. j.HP stands out as her easiest move to use during an IAD to hit as a cross up. Cat Spike and Cat Strike both detach Fortune's head, causing a lengthy stun animation for the opponent on hit. She can't use her HP button normals, throw her head with either special move, or use her HP Cat Scratch without a Head On. If Ms. Fortune gets interrupted with a counter hit while preforming any of these moves she will drop her head without an attack. Ms. Fortune players need a strategy to control her when she's headless, even if the strategy ends in a Cat Call to regain her HP button normals.
  • While Headless, Ms. Fortune's head has its own set of 4 moves all using the HP button. The body remains under player control and does everything else, allowing the player to command the head as long as the body is not preforming a Blockbuster, in block stun, or in any sort of hit stun. Simultaneous attacks from the head and body, especially when the opponent becomes trapped between the two, lead to combos Ms. Fortune could never do in one piece. The head has a cooldown after it attacks, as shown by the resting animation. When the body tags out, Ms. Fortune's head will remain on screen watching the fight.
  • Ms. Fortune can attack her own head to bounce it forward without dealing damage to herself. While spinning the head can bounce off the opponent, hitting for 575 damage. The opponent can attack Ms. Fortune's head as long as the body remains the point character. The head takes 50% of normal damage and can't block, but is small enough to avoid most attacks. Damage dealt to the head will drain Ms. Fortune down to 1 point of life but not deal fatal damage to the body.

Ensemble Selection

  • Nyantiair (→↓↘ + K): A useful Startupinv.png anti-air Ensemble. LK and HK button versions of this move work just as well as the Default Ensemble Choice MK version. Ms. Fortune cannot include the jump follow up in a custom action.
  • One Two Punisher (s.MK): As a custom Ensemble a carefully timed s.MK can keep an opponent on the ground in hit or block stun longer than any of Ms. Fortune's other normals.
  • Cat Strike/Cat Call (↓↙← + P): Ms. Fortune preforms a Cat Strike if she has her Head On. The two hit move has significant Startupinv.png , block stun, and has a good chance of actually hitting for a Stagger.png when called at close range. If Ms. Fortune is Headless, the same Ensemble gets a Cat Call and holds it until the head returns to the body. Ms. Fortune has this pair of attacks as a Default Ensemble Choice, and all strength (↓↙← + P) commands give the same attacks as in a custom action. Other overlapping commands can give a variable Ensemble for the Head On and the Headless Ms. Fortune:
Custom Ensemble Command Ensemble with Head On Ensemble when Headless
Hp.png Ear Pierce:
(headless) Hp.png
B.png OR F.png + Hp.png Ear Pierce:
(headless) Hp.png
D.png + Hp.png High Brow:
D.png + Hp.png
(headless) Hp.png
Qcf.png + Hp.png Cat Scratch:
Qcf.png + Hp.png x1
Cat Scratch:
Qcf.png + Hp.png x1
Dp.png + Hp.png High Brow:
D.png + Hp.png
(headless) Hp.png
Qcb.png + P.png Cat Strike:
Qcb.png + Hp.png
Cat Call:
Qcb.png + Lp.png OR Mp.png (hold)

Move Details

  • Facepalm (s.MP): With her Head On, Ms. Fortune's multi-hit drill attack causes the most stun with its last hit. Canceling in middle of this move can break a chain combo.
  • Ear Pierce (s.HP): This long range stab requires Ms. Fortune's Head On. It can combo into Cat Scratch from max range.
  • Fishbone Flop (s.LK): A quick Low.png attack that can easily bounce Ms. Fortune's head at the opponent.
  • One Two Punisher (s.MK): This multi hit attack keeps opponents in place with a long hit or block stun, making it a strong normal with or without her head. It will easily chain into s.HP or s.HK from the body or combo into an attack from the head.
  • Limber Up (s.HK): A Launch.png that works with our without Ms. Fortunes head and a generally reliable move to end a ground chain.
  • Hand In Hand (c.MP): Hits front and behind Ms. Fortune, reaching low to the ground and lowering her hit box. This attack easily chains into s.HK.
  • High Brow (c.HP): A Launch.png with Ms. Fortune's Head On. The short horizontal range on this attack makes it a less effective launcher than s.HK.
  • Knees and Toes (c.LK): A quick Launch.png kick, ideal for bouncing the head at an opponent.
  • X-scrape Claws (j.HP): Ms. Fortune needs to keep her Head On to use this powerful attack. Its large hit box works well in an IAD and can easily hit the opponent as a cross up.
  • Footloose (j.MK): Preforming this 2 hit air normal gives Ms. Fortune a slight upward boost in her jump.
  • Flying Screen Door (j.HK): This kick covers a large area on top of Ms. Fortune before it hits in front of her. A hit from any of its active frames will Knockdown.png airbone opponents, sending them straight down.
  • Headbutt (headless HP): A jab from Ms. Fortunes disembodied head. The Headless attack does not interrupt if body blocks, but will stop if the body is hit. The head recovery animation after Headbutt is shorter than all other head attacks.
  • Zoom! (headless ← or → + HP): A dashing attack from Ms. Fortune's disembodied head. This Headless move can quickly re-position the head, trip opponents forward with a Knockdown.png on hit, or sneak in an OTG hit. If the body blocks or takes a hit during start up or active frames of this move Zoom! will end immediately.
  • Cat Scratch (↓↘→ + P) x3: Ms. Fortune reaches forward for an attacks that can chain into itself. She can swipe up with 3 times with additional Cat Scratch inputs, ending in a Knockdown.png in the third hit. (↓↘→ + K) gives a Low.png second or third hit, and (↓↙← + K) gives a High.png alternate attack that will not combo. Both variants always Knockdown.png .
  • Nyantiair (→↓↘ + K): Ms. Fortune's handstand kick always has Startupinv.png , gaining hits and reaching higher with increasing button strength. On whiff or hit tapping K again during active frames will end the move with a follow up command jump. This leaves Ms. Fortune to recover in in the air, free to preform any action she could from a normal jump. Ms. Fortune can start an air chain on hit, double jump or air dash to reset the opponent, or intentionally whiff Nyantiair as a means of transportation. The jump follow up will not work when Nyantiair gets blocked.
  • El Gato (air ↓↙← + K): All versions of this attack Knockdown.png vs air. The HK version will cause a Groundbounce.png vs ground and a Slide.png vs air. El Gato does not require the opponent to block high.
  • Cat Strike (↓↙← + HP): The ground Head On Proj.png has significant Startupinv.png , can hit for a Stagger.png , and detaches Ms. Fortune's head.
  • Cat Spike (air ↓↙← + HP): The air Head On Proj.png , similar to the ground version, has lengthy a Startupinv.png and will Groundbounce.png the opponent for a long stun in exchange for losing Ms. Fortune's head.
  • Feline Allergies (→↓↘ + HP): The head gets Startupinv.png during this attack, not the Headless body. The head will not stop the sneeze if body blocks or gets hit.
  • OMNOMNOMNOM (↓↙← + HP): A Headless attack which appears as command throw from the head, but actually holds the opponent in place for a unique Cptr.png stun. The body can hit the opponent out of the head's biting animation.
  • Cat Call (↓↙← + LP or MP): The head comes back and re-attaches to body as P is held. Both the head and body are completely vulnerable during this move, giving Ms. Fortune a bit of a challenge if she wants her head back.
  • Alley Cat Oop (TAG): Ms. Fortune tags in head first with a projectile attack, catching and reattaching her head as it bounces off the opponent. There is no attack from the body when tagging in Headless, but commands for head attacks will work as soon as the body appears on screen.
  • Cat-apult (↓↘→ + TAG): If Ms. Fortune hits her own head with this move, the head becomes a fast moving projectile that can hit multiple times and is still an Outtake.
  • Cat Scratch Fever (↓↘→ + PP): The Head On version of this Blockbuster has some Startupinv.png and will combo after any Cat Scratch, swiping several times before ending with a headbutt for a Slide.png stun.
  • Just Claws (↓↘→ + PP): The Headless version of this Blockbuster ends with a multi-hit claw drill. The many low damage hits sending into the air behind Ms. Fortune for a normal Knockdown.png .
  • Feral Edge (air ↓↙← + KK): Ms. Fotune dives to the ground with 1f of Startupinv.png , hitting multiple times as she does down. If the initial dive hits, Ms. Fortune will preform a wide arcing tail swipe as she reaches the ground, causing a Knockdown.png as she recovers. Feral Edge, as an Aironly.png Blockbuster, will not work as a Blockbuster Sequel.
  • The 5th of Dismember (↓↙← + PP): This Blockbuster hits as Ms. Fortune's limbs fly off screen. On successful hit they will take the opponent back to the head, dealing damage in the explosion. Ms. Fortunes head and body pieces have Startupinv.png and remain completely invulnerable until she re-assembles after the explosion. The Blockbuster will always bring Ms. Fortune back to the heads location, even if the body starts the move Headless.

Advanced Tactics

What would Carl do? Combo until they can't Stand it anymore!

Frame Data

Command Damage Meter Guard Start Up Active Recovery Hit Stop Hit Stun On Hit Block Stun On Block
s.LP 250 2.5% Med.png 5 2 12 7 17 4 15 2
s.MP 115 x4, 400 2.3% x5 Med.png 14 20 22 1 x4, 9 16 x4, 22 -7 14 x4, 18 -11
s.HP 1000 10.0% Med.png 16 4 23 12 26 0 14 -12
s.LK 350 2.5% Med.png 10 2 19 7 17 -3 15 -5
s.MK 300, 400 3.8% x2 Med.png 13 2, (8), 3 22 5, 9 18, 23 -1 16, 18 -6
s.HK 975 10.0% Med.png 15 2 33 12 29 -5 18 -16
c.LP 250 2.5% Med.png 6 2 13 7 17 3 15 1
250 2.5% Med.png 7 2 13 7 17 3 15 1
c.MP 425 7.5% Med.png 11 3 24 9 21 -5 15 -11
c.HP 950 10.0% Med.png 17 3 31 10 29 -4 18 -15
c.LK 325 2.5% Low.png 6 2 11 7 16 4 12 0
c.MK 450 7.5% Low.png 11 3 20 9 23 1 16 -6
c.HK 350, 850 5.0% x2 Low.png 12 3, (10), 3 25 9, 11 13, 14 Sweep.png 13, 14 -13
j.LP 250 2.5% High.png 6 3 16 7 19 1 15 -3
j.MP 400 7.5% High.png 13 3 15 9 22 5 17 0
j.HP 900 10.0% High.png 14 2 18 11 23 4 19 0
j.LK 300 2.5% High.png 8 2 11 7 20 8 15 3
j.MK 300, 400 3.8% x2 High.png 10 3, (13), 3 12 6, 10 17, 22 8 17, 22 8
j.HK 950 10.0% High.png 15 5 13 12 23 6,
Knockdown.png (vs air)
19 -15
(headless) MP 600 7.5% Med.png 9 3 19 9 25 4 19 -2
(headless) HP 800 4.5% Med.png 13 22 7 9 22 N/A 17 N/A
(headless) ←/→+HP 700 7.5% Med.png 22 20 10 10 22 Knockdown.png 22 N/A
LP+LK 0, 100x5, 300 0, 3.6% x5, 0 Throw.png 7 3 29 N/A N/A Knockdown.png N/A N/A
(air) LP+LK 0, 1000 0, 15.0% Throw.png 7 3 19 N/A N/A Knockdown.png N/A N/A

Colors and Costumes

Pretty pictures here.