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  • fastfall is your friend. (video)
  • Launch, j.lp,, hit), is a great fastfall setup that can lead into a bunch of different situations making it very hard to block (Fiber Upper,,, works the same way).
  • IAD, j.lp, L El Gato will cross-up an opponent right in front of you.
  • L Fiber Upper, air dash, j.hp, is an easy cross-up, but not too hard to react to.
  • Forward jump,, delay, air dash back, j.hp/k is a pretty good fake cross-up.
  • L Fiber Upper, wait a bit, grab. You may be too low to the ground to convert with adc j.hp, in this case use instead.
  • makes Fortune take a step forward so it's a really good move to use for faster cross-unders and double cross-unders.
  • L Fiber Upper, j.lp, fastfall can lead into a bunch of options but it also puts the opponent within the range of a low air grab that's hard to see coming and easy to convert off.
  • You can cancel with an air dash and grab the opponent, this is very strong because launch, hit), air dash, grab can be faked with, hit), air dash, which is a burst bait that works everywhere on everyone.
  • Headbutt after an OTG puts the opponent high enough so that Fortune can dash under and get a cross-up on most characters.
  • Feline Allergies can also make for very easy cross-unders just by running under the opponent.
  • Corner xx H El Gato (doesn't combo), Zoom! is a crazy OS"ish" reset that becomes a conversion if the H El Gato hits and a cross-up if it doesn't.
  • If you do hit), L Cat Scratch with the head in the corner you're at +8 and the opponent gets airborne for a little bit so he can't mash ground reversals and you get a free low/high/throw mixup.
  • Also worth mentiong that when headless just doing a random El Gato in the middle of a chain will catch an opponent downbacking.

Burst Baits

  • [full combo or combo with] launch, air dash, (or H Fiber, air dash,
  • [combo without] launch,, hit), air dash, (mentioned under resets).
  • [combo with] land from a restand combo, jump back
  • [full combo or combo with] H Fiber Upper, air dash, (air dash back in the corner).
  • [full combo or combo with] OMNOMNOM, max range
  • [combo with s.lp] s.lp, Cat Strike (you can use pretty much anything to trigger the burst, if the Cat Strike is done at the right time the burst should whiff, doesn't really have to be s.lp).
  • [combo with] L Fiber Upper,,, wait a bit, OTG
  • [combo with] Cat Slide, max range OTG
  • [combo with] launch, j.lp,,, adc,, (2 hit bait).
  • [combo with El Gato] launch, TK H El Gato (TK back if you're in the corner).
  • [full undizzy combo] launch,, air dash back (doesn't work if they burst right away).


After H El Gato in the air and Cat Scratch Fever you get a sliding knockdown with plenty of time to run up and setup a mix-up on your opponent. Here some stuff you can do:

  • Dash up, block+assist/empty jump+assist - Old but Gold, can't go wrong with a bait in this game.
  • Dash up, j.hp/grab - Cheesy low/high/throw mix-up.
  • Dash up, jump over and call assist - Pretty easy to see but can be made effective by mixing it up with the next one.
  • Dash up, jump over and call assist, air dash back - Fake cross-up.
  • Dash up, jump over, jumping normal (optional), air dash back j.hp/ - Same but without assists.
  • Dash up, on the head, jump, jump jump grab - Depends on the position of the head but it's basically a reversal-proof version of the second one.


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