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  • Whenever the opponent is standing (during pressure or a reset) midscreen your options are:
    • 2LK - Standard low.
    • Throw
    • IAD jLK 214LK - Main head-on IAD overhead (use IAD jLK jMP when headless). Works point blank and from close-to-mid range. Easily pushblocked.
    • IAD jLK jHP (fastfall) 2LK - This is a fast, long range IAD overhead into low that is hard to pushblock and combos. This is a difficult link however.
    • IAD jLP jLK - Double overhead. Only works point blank.
    • IAD jLP 214LK - Crossup overhead.
  • 623LK~K jMP jMK(1) jHK (fastfall) and 623LK~K jLP jLK jMP are your main midscreen resets. These allow for left/right/air throw and (for the latter) burst bait jump back jLK and LP will beat non-invincible air reversals. These do not work vs Big Band, Double or Beowulf.
  • 2HP jMP jMK ADC jLP jMP is your left/right/airthrow reset against Double and Beowulf.
  • 2HP 623LK~K jLP jMP is your left/right/airthrow reset against Big Band.
  • 2MK 5HP 623LK~K will cross over your opponent and you can do jLK ADC jLK for a cross-up or AD backwards jLK for same side.
  • 623LK~K air throw is a simple, easy reset. You may be too low to the ground to convert with adc j.hp, in this case use instead.
  • Headbutt after an OTG puts the opponent high enough so that Fortune can dash under and get a cross-up. Universal except for Big Band, Double and Beowulf.
  • When headless, you can make the earlier L Fiber resets safer by doing dash + Headbutt. This allows you to block air supers while still getting left/rights.

Burst Baits

  • 623LK~K jLP jLK jMP jump back !jLK. Universal midscreen. In the corner use 2HK(1) 623LK~K jLP jLK jMP jump back jLP jMP for a two hit burst bait.
  • 2HP/5HK IAD !jMP. This can be mixed up with an airthrow and even if they don't burst you'll get a left/right mixup as they fall.
  • 623LK~K jLK jHP 214MK jump back !jLK. Grounded burst bait. Universal though vs thinner characters you need to neutral jump midscreen.
  • 623LK~K jLK jHK !2LK. A gimmick reset that will work more often then it should. Use sparingly when the opponent has forgotten about it.
  •  !5LP 214P. You can use pretty much anything to trigger the burst, if the 214P is done at the right time the burst should whiff, doesn't have to be 5LP.
  • 2HP/5HK IAD !jHK. If you saved OTG in your combo this will give you an untechable knockdown if they don't burst.
  • 2HP/5HK !2149HK. If you saved OTG in your combo this will give a sliding knockdown if they don't burst.
  • [sandwich combo] Headbutt !2LK.


After H El Gato in the air and Cat Scratch Fever you get a sliding knockdown with plenty of time to run up and setup a mix-up on your opponent. Here some stuff you can do:

  • Dash up, block+assist/empty jump+assist - Old but Gold, can't go wrong with a bait in this game.
  • Dash up, j.hp/grab - Cheesy low/high/throw mix-up.
  • Dash up, jump over and call assist - Pretty easy to see but can be made effective by mixing it up with the next one.
  • Dash up, jump over and call assist, air dash back - Fake cross-up.
  • Dash up, jump over, jumping normal (optional), air dash back j.hp/ - Same but without assists.
  • Dash up, on the head, jump, jump jump grab - Depends on the position of the head but it's basically a reversal-proof version of the second one.


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