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{{SGMoveListRow | qcb + p (hold) | Shadow of Impending Doom | Head's up! | Level 1: 850<br/>Level 2: 1400<br/>Level 3: 2100 | proj }}
{{SGMoveListRow | qcb + p (hold) | Shadow of Impending Doom | Head's up! | Level 1: 850<br/>Level 2: 1400<br/>Level 3: 2100 | proj }}
{{SGMoveListRow | qcf + lk | George's Day Out | | 550 | proj }}
{{SGMoveListRow | qcf + lk | George's Day Out | | 550 | proj }}
{{SGMoveListRow | qcf + mk | Boxcar George | | 600 | proj }}
{{SGMoveListRow | qcf + mk | Boxcar George | | 650 | proj }}
{{SGMoveListRow | qcf + hk | George at the Air Show | | 550 | proj }}
{{SGMoveListRow | qcf + hk | George at the Air Show | | 550 | proj }}
{{SGMoveListRow | qcb + k | The Hole Idea | Hocus poke you! | N/A | startupinv }}
{{SGMoveListRow | qcb + k | The Hole Idea | Hocus poke you! | N/A | startupinv }}

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Peacock: Murder-Go-Round

Voiced by: Sarah Williams
Age: 13
Birthday: November 13
Bloodtype: B
Height: 4' 6
Weight: 94 lbs. / Varies
Measurements: 18A-17-20
Likes: Cartoons, TV Show “Annie: Girl of the Stars,” Movies, Violence, Junk food, Fast Cars, Explosives, Cigars, Being in charge
Dislikes: Weaklings, Bureaucracy, Authority figures, People, The Skull Heart, Nerds, Salad, Chopsticks


SG Peacock icon.png
Once a war orphan slave named Patricia, Peacock’s body was gruesomely mutilated by slave traders that captured her. She was rescued by Dr. Avian’s Anti-Skullgirls Labs, and rebuilt with a reality-defying arsenal of biomechanical weaponry: the Argus System augmented her body, and the Avery Unit gave her access to unprecedented weaponry.

Alas, they couldn’t do anything for her mind: Peacock’s damaged psyche and abiding love of cartoons shaped her new “toys” into a terrifying gang of cronies, who she has no qualms using to paint the town red... with blood. Terrifying as she is, she may be the kingdom’s best bet against the Skullgirl.[1]

In a nutshell
Peacock has the moves, the toys, and the mean streak to play a perfect zoning game. All three George projectiles can appear on screen at the same time to stick her opponent into frusturating lockdown from any range. Her teleport has the versatility to take her right to her opponent's face for a suprise close range attack or ruin the opponents fun by taking her out of a corner. At full screen distance her gun shots confirm that any of her combos can end with an aganozing look into the eyes of Argus. Peacock's ideal range depends on the matchup, but with a strong Ensemble to back her up she'll always find a way to fill the screen with garbage.


Basic Systems

Walk: Slow
Jump: Double jump
Dash or Run: Peacock has a forward run with brief start up and average speed. Her backward dash is slow, covers a long distance, and leaves her in the air for the last few frames.
Air Dash: Peacock has slow, 2 way (forward and backward) air dashes. Both have a brief start ups like her forward run. Peacock cannot double jump after her forward air dash, and holding the forward direction as she lands will start a run as she hits the ground.
Weight: 5 Buttons: lp --- lk --- mp --- mk --- hp OR hk
Standing: 6 Buttons: Lp.png ---.png Lk.png ---.png Mp.png ---.png Mk.png ---.png Hp.png ---.png Hk.png
Crouching: 5 Buttons: Lp.png ---.png Lk.png ---.png Mp.png ---.png Mk.png ---.png Hp.png OR Hk.png

Move List


Command Name / Quote Properties (glossary)
Lp.png Poke!
Chains Twice
Mp.png Pie Splat
Hp.png Screwball Cannonball
Default Ensemble Choice
Lk.png Pop Eye
Eye got sole!
Mk.png Springboard Panic
Bored to death!
600 Launch.png
Hk.png Kick the Football, Peacock
Laces out!
1100 Knockdown.png
D.png + Lp.png Stuff n' Puff
Chains Twice
D.png + Mp.png Eyes of Tomorrow
D.png + Hp.png Red Hot Buckshot
Hats off to ya!
950 Low.png
D.png + Lk.png Curb Your Shoe
Here we go!
D.png + Mk.png Ant Wasted
550 Low.png
D.png + Hk.png Banjo Trouble
Bass in your face!
1100 Low.png Sweep.png
(air) Lp.png Hammer for the Worms
Test your strength!
(air) Mp.png The Bear Trap of Sevelle
(air) Hp.png Robo with a Shotgun
Stick em up!
(air) Lk.png How to Handle a Chainsaw
225 x3
(air) Mk.png Nice Booby Trap
Down here!
500 Proj.png
(air) Hk.png Buzzin Buzzard
My little friend.
450 x2
Strk.png (1st hit)
Proj.png (2-3rd hit)

Normal Throws

Command Name / Quote Properties (glossary)
Lp.png + Lk.png Burlap Beatdown
150 x5,
(air) Lp.png + Lk.png Big Ball of Violence
200 x5 Airthrow.png

Special Moves

Command Name / Quote Properties (glossary)
Qcf.png + Lp.png Bang!
700 Startupinv.png (to hits only)
Qcf.png + Mp.png BANG!
700 Default Ensemble Choice
Startupinv.png (to throws only)
Qcf.png + Hp.png Bang Bang Bang!
350 x3 Proj.png
Qcb.png + P.png (hold) Shadow of Impending Doom
Head's up!
Level 1: 850
Level 2: 1400
Level 3: 2100
Qcf.png + Lk.png George's Day Out
550 Proj.png
Qcf.png + Mk.png Boxcar George
650 Proj.png
Qcf.png + Hk.png George at the Air Show
550 Proj.png
Qcb.png + K.png The Hole Idea
Hocus poke you!
N/A Startupinv.png
The Hole Idea, then:
Fire in the Hole!
550 Startupinv.png

Team Moves

Command Name / Quote Properties (glossary)
Mp.png + Mk.png OR
Hp.png + Hk.png
Pop Goes the Weasel
Move over, dingbat!
500 Tag In: A unique attack that appears from the bottom of the screen.
Qcf.png + Mp.png + Mk.png OR
Qcf.png + Hp.png + Hk.png
Who’s on Second?
You're outta here!
0 Outtake


Command Name / Quote Properties (glossary)
Qcf.png + P.png + P.png Argus Agony
The Eyes of Argus!
300 x5,
280 x30
Uses 1 level of Dramatic Tension.
Qcf.png + K.png + K.png Lonesome Lenny
Fall down go boom!
3000 Uses 1 level of Dramatic Tension.
Burlap Beatdown, then:
Qcb.png + P.png + P.png
All together now!
100 x10,
150x 14,
50 x7,
Uses 3 levels of Dramatic Tension.


Signature Techniques

  • Peacock's wide array of normal, special and Blockbuster Proj.png attacks let her fight with a highly effective zoning strategy. Peacock can send multiple projectiles at an opponent, forcing them to dodge or endure lengthy block stuns from full screen. Peacock's teleport, The Hole Idea, lets her escape should she get bit uncomfortable at close range. At her best Peacock only needs a single successful projectile to hit confirm into Argus Agony, an extremely quick, full screen beam.
  • Whenever the opponent blocks a special move Proj.png , Peacock slowly drains their life with unavoidable chip damage. If the defending player must block a George bomb or falling item, why not add on 3 extra hits of chip with Bang Bang Bang!? The damage adds up surprisingly quickly, and can give Peacock a lot of Dramatic Tension if the opponent keeps blocking at full screen.
  • As a solo character Peacock can struggle without a close range Ensemble for defense. Her general strategy makes her a better anchor character for a team. Coming out later in the round lets teammates stock up Dramatic Tension for her, giving Peacock plenty of ammunition for hit confirms into Argus Agony. A Blockbuster Sequel into Argus Agony will, rather conveniently, send the opponent to full screen distance for Peacock to immediately begin her ranged attacks as she tags in. Peacock often wastes a lot of time while she's running away and trying to deal damage from full screen, allowing her to win rounds by intentional time out more often than other characters.

Ensemble Selection

  • Screwball Cannonball (s.HP): This versatile Default Ensemble Choice may be Peacock's best. At long range, this attack acts as a Proj.png Ensemble. At shorter ranges this 2 hit, high block stun move can trap the opponent for the point character.
  • BANG! (↓↘→ + MP): When called during a combo, this Default Ensemble Choice can Wallbounce.png the opponent and start a combo for the point character.
  • Bang Bang Bang! (↓↘→ + HP): Limited to only one button press for her custom action, Peacock can only shoot a single Proj.png with this attack as an custom Ensemble.
  • George (↓↘→ + K): All 3 versions of George work as a Proj.png custom Ensemble. LK George walks slow and can stay on the screen for a unusually long amount of time after Peacock leaves. The fast MK version allows the point character to charge in behind projectile backup. The HK plane's short reach from the side of the screen makes it less attractive as a projectile Ensemble, but it is one of Peacock's few anti air Ensemble choices. The best George Ensemble may depend on Peacock's team or the preferences of the player.
  • Shadow of Impending Doom (↓↙← + P): Although Peacock cannot charge this move for a custom action, dropping a level 1 item gives Peacock an unconventional anti-air Ensemble choice.

Move Details

  • Poke! (s.LP): Peacock delivers a one finger jab. The attack Chains Twice like most s.LPs and is Peacock's fastest attack up close.
  • Screwball Cannonball (s.HP): Peacock pulls out a cannon, hitting once at close range before launching the cannonball Proj.png as the second hit. Although it always has the same effects, the cannonball appears as one of 3 randomly chosen objects:
  • Baseball
  • Bowling ball
  • Bullet Bill (Super Mario)
  • Kick the Football, Peacock (s.HK): Peacock preforms clumsy kick, ending in a vulnerable recovery animation as she picks herself up from the ground. This attack always causes Knockdown.png for the opponent after sending them nearly full screen. The long, floaty hitstun works well for combos in the corner.
  • Red Hot Buckshot (c.HP): Avery shoots a shotgun blast out of Peacock's hat. Because of her 6 button chains for crouching normals, Peacock can cancel her c.HP when most characters cannot. c.HP chains into s.HK or c.HK, which is useful for chaining c.MK > c.HP > c.HK for 3 Low.png hits in a row.
  • Ant Wasted (c.MK): Peacock attempts to burn an ant with a magnifying glass. This move can be canceled during its start up to save the ant, then kill multiple ants in the same c.MK.
  • Robo with a Shotgun (j.HP): Peacock shoots a shotgun, causes Peacock to fly backwards from the recoil from the shotgun. Air dash canceling stops the backward momentum.
  • Nice Booby Trap (j.MK): Peacock bites at the opponents ankles with an unusual mid attack from the air. Peacock's jaws count as a Proj.png as they appear from the ground.
  • Buzzin Buzzard (j.HK): Peacock launches Avery from her hat for the first, close range, Strk.png hit. Avery acts as a 2 hit Proj.png as he falls.
  • Burlap Beatdown (LP+LK): Peacock's normal Throw.png is slower and longer range than the average LP+LK from the rest of the cast. When Peacock manages to throw she can make it count by using her Goodfellas Blockbuster, or using the Slide.png to combo into a Bang Bang Bang! or Argus Agony.
  • Bang! (↓↘→ + LP): Peacock shoots flag out of her revolver, her fastest ↓↘→ + P attack. This move is most useful as a reversal if Peacock wants to take a guess and rely on its

Startupinv.png to hits.

  • BANG! (↓↘→ + MP): Peacock shoots a randomly chosen sword from her revolver, causing Wallbounce.png on hit. Peacock my want to utilize this in a combo near the corner. With Startupinv.png to throws, it requires Peacock to make a rather narrow guess to use the attack as a reversal. The move always has the same properties, but appears as one of several random swords:
  • Squall Leonhart's Gunblade (FFVIII)
  • Cloud Strife's Buster Sword (FFVII)
  • Jin Saotome's Blodia Punch (MvC)
  • Ash Williams's chainsaw arm (Evil Dead)
  • Sol Badguy's Fuuenken Sword (Guilty Gear)
  • Bang Bang Bang! (↓↘→ + HP x3): Peacocks shoots up to 3 Proj.png bullets, appearing as the same randomly chosen objects from s.HP. The second and third shot can be delayed by timing the additional HP presses, even to the point where they where they no longer combo. This attack causes a lengthy hit stun or block stun, pushing the opponent back and making hit confirms to Argus Agony extremely easy.
  • Shadow of Impending Doom (↓↙← + hold P): A randomly chosen Proj.png item that drops from the top of the screen. The LP version falls at set distance directly in front of Peacock and the MP version falls at nearly full screen distance. The HP version will always fall on the opponent and the Shadow of Impending Doom will track them as they move across the screen. Holding the P button delays the projectile, charging it as shown by the growing shadow around the opponent. The move will cancel if Peacock is hit, but continue to charge if Peacock blocks. Level 1 and level 2 projectiles have the same amount of damage and hit stun for all possible falling items. The different HP versions can have multiple hits, above average damage, and other unique effects.
Level 1 Item Drops:
  • Potted plant
  • Sand bag
  • Old boot
  • Tea cup (with a face)
  • Fish
  • Bowling ball
  • "Jippo" bottle
Level 2 Item Drops:
  • Loaded safe
  • Tommy 10-Tons
  • Andy Anvil
  • TV with the girl from The Ring as played by Filia
  • TV with a Japanese emoticon face (゚∀゚)
  • TV with Avery
  • Ball and chain
  • Oil drum with a chicken inside (Final Fight)
  • ゆっくりしていってね (Take it Easy!) Ms. Fortune head
Level 3 Item Drops:
  • Feta Fridge (Requiem for a Dream)
  • Elephant
  • Grand piano
  • Easter Island head (Gradius)
  • Hsien-Ko's Tenrai Ha (Darkstalkers): Multiple hits, different damage
  • *EXTREMELY RARE* Dio Brando's Road Roller Da! (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure): On hit starts an animation while everything else on screen is frozen in time, multiple hits, different damage
  • George's Day Out (↓↘→ + LK): Peacock pulls out a George bomb, who hits as a Proj.png as he appears and during his leisurely walk across the screen. George will walk under conventional projectiles and will not explode or disappear if Peacock gets hit.
  • Boxcar George (↓↘→ + MK): Peacock calls a George bomb in go kart, hitting as a Proj.png and always appearing from the side of the screen. Like the slower LK George, this stays low to the ground, avoids other projectiles, and doesn't disappear when Peacock gets hit.
  • George at the Air Show (↓↘→ + HK): Peacock calls a George bomb in plane, appearing from the side of the screen and crashing to the ground in a half screen length arc. As always George hits as a Proj.png and won't disappear when Peacock gets hit. Unlike the LK and MK bombs this George will explode on his own. HK George is one of the only projectiles Peacock has to protect her against airborne opponents.
  • The Hole Idea (↓↙← + K): Peacocks teleports and goes nowhere with LK, directly in front of the opponent with MK, and directly behind the opponent with HK. The Startupinv.png lets Peacock use the move to escape bad situations up close or even surprise the opponent by getting closer.
  • Fire in the Hole! (↓↙← + K then P): Peacock fakes teleport, staying in place with Startupinv.png and putting Proj.png a bomb at the opponent's feet. Holding the P button during The Hole Idea ensures the fake will trigger with no timing requirement for the punch button. Unfortunately, this also makes it impossible to teleport while holding a button for Shadow of Impending Doom.
  • Argus Agony (↓↘→ + PP): Peacock's hat and arms transforms into a laser array, shooting a 6 hit initial beam and ~30 smaller, single hit Proj.png blasts. The smaller hits will not all connect in most situations. As a beam, the laser's attack box covers the entire length of the screen as soon as it becomes active. It can hit multiple defending characters and nullify all oncoming projectiles nearly instantly. Peacock can center most of her offense on landing this powerful Blockbuster, pushing the opponent to full screen as it hits, and using the distance to get as many other projectiles going as possible. Although the Blockbuster has Startupinv.png , it many not be the best idea to use this move at point blank as a reversal. Argus Agony is not safe on block.
  • Lonesome Lenny (↓↘→ + KK): Peacock plants a massive Lenny bomb. Lenny has 4800 HP that acts as a timer, counting down at 1 HP per frame and ending with a massive, single hit explosion that damages opponents, Peacock, and Peacock's teammates. Both teams can hit Lenny, pushing him across the screen and damaging him, effectively shortening his fuse. Creative use of Lenny in a Blockbuster Sequel can lead to combos that last long enough to guarantee the opponent gets stuck in the explosion. Some players find Lenny combos lightly less impressive if they involve friendly fire. Do the ends truly justify the means?
  • Goodfellas (LP+LK then + ↓↙← + PP): Peacock's level 3 Blockbuster causes large, scaling free damage from a normal Throw.png . The throw "requirement" makes this move impossible to use as a Blockbuster Sequel. A throw then a more complex combo may be more efficient damage for the tension, but many players find the stylish animation a more entertaining way to end a round.

Advanced Tactics

Follow these easy steps: Fill screen with garbage, ???, win.

Frame Data

Command Damage Meter Guard Start Up Active Recovery Hit Stop Hit Stun On Hit Block Stun On Block
s.LP 300 2.5% Med.png 6 2 14 7 19 4 15 0
s.MP 500 7.5% Med.png 15 3 32 (29 on miss) 9 22 -12 17 -17
s.HP 700, 500 10.0% x2 Med.png 15 2, (17), - 25 11, 14 (8 on block) 33, 16 5 12 -5
s.HP (proj only) 500 10.0% Med.png 27 - 25 14 (8 on block) 16 N/A 12 N/A
s.LK 400 2.5% Med.png 12 2 13 8 20 6 15 1
s.MK 600 7.5% Med.png 16 3 25 11 31 4 14 -13
s.HK 1100 10.0% Med.png 19 3 33 12 25 Knockdown.png 18 -17
c.LP 300 2.5% Med.png 6 3 13 7 22 7 18 3
300 2.5% Med.png 14 3 12 7 19 5 19 5
c.MP 525 7.5% Med.png 12 3 15 9 19 2 14 -3
c.HP 950 10.0% Low.png 16 3 22 10 25 1 14 -10
c.LK 350 2.5% Med.png 7 5 13 7 18 1 18 1
c.MK 550 7.5% Low.png 16 3 21 4 19 -4 14 -9
c.HK 1100 10.0% Low.png 17 18 34 10 15 Sweep.png 15 -36
j.LP 300 2.5% High.png 9 2 19 7 17 -3 17 -3
j.MP 525 7.5% High.png 11 7 21 10 28 1 18 -9
j.HP 1200 7.5% High.png 14 2 27 8 28 0 18 -10
j.LK 225 x3 2.0% x3 High.png 10 8 22 8 x3 17 x3 -10 17 x3 -10
j.MK 500 7.5% Med.png 23 3 33 9 19 -5 14 -12
j.HK 900, 450 x2 10.0% High.png 13 2 35 11 22 -14 22 -14
j.HK (Avery) 450 x2 7.5% x2 Med.png 8 6, 6… N/A 5 x2 19 x2 N/A 14 x2 N/A
LP+LK 150 x5, 400 2.0% x5, 5.0% Throw.png 9 5 34 N/A N/A Slide.png N/A N/A
(air) LP+LK 200 x5 1.4% x5 Throw.png 7 3 18 N/A N/A Knockdown.png N/A N/A

Colors and Costumes

Pretty pictures here