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Robo-Fortune main page


Robo-Fortune's goals

  • Use her amazing mobility and beams to keep opponents away
  • Build heads during zoning for later use

Robo Fortune has amazing mobility, strong zoning, amazing assists and very strong assist punishes but has lackluster offense and the worst defense in the game. She excels at running away from the opponent and frustrating them to no end

The key to Robo-Fortune's gameplan is her j.HK and her beam special moves. Robo-Fortune can steer herself in any directions she wants during her which is great for putting herself in the perfect place to zone the opponent out. Robo-Fortune's beams allow her to snipe the opponent anytime they try to stop you from moving around.

Robo-Fortune's neutral is very strong and is especially great if you are good at reading what the opponent wants to do.

  • Beams allow Robo to attack from fullscreen and force the opponent to think carefully about their movement. By Tiger kneeing beams, you get to do the air version of beams incredibly low to the ground which is strong since air beams will hit at the same angles as ground beams, but with better frame data.
  • c.MK breaks armor and functions as sweeps that can be combo off afterward. By spacing the move well you can make it plus and use it a strong poke if you don't want to zone at the moment.
  • j.HP puts a projectile on the screen, stops Robo's forward momentum, and move Robo backwards which makes this a good tool to use in neutral when combined with beams.
  • j.HK can be used to steer Robo to the upward corner where no one can catch her. Abuse this to constantly stay out of the opponent's range. You can also use it to fly over the opponents head and end up on the other side if they ever commit to hard to a ground approach
  • If you ever fight a jump happy opponent don't be afraid to use Robo's forward dash. Her dash is so fast that she will reach the other side of the screen by the time the opponent lands, which puts them back to square one.
  • Robo's Catastrophe Canon supers are unblockable if the opponent was not blocking before the superflash occurred which makes this great as a hard callout against predictable movement as well as reckless assist calls. Just make sure you're able to dhc into another character to stay safe if it goes wrong.

Even though Robo isn't at her strongest when close to the opponent she's still a threat you should take seriously.

  • Robo's s.LP, c.LK, and s.MP are all great for stagger pressure and baiting pushblocks
  • Robo's air normals are the only air normals in the game that are jump cancelable, which lets her escape or get back in easier if the opponent pushblocks her attacks. She can also easily bait pusblocks since she can jump if she thinks the opponent is going pushblock and cause an easily punished backdash to come out instead.
  • j.MP is a fast normal that hits on both sides which makes it great for cross-ups. The fact that it is multi-hit and jump cancelable also makes it great at pushblock baiting.
  • j.LP and j.MK work great as jump-ins and are also Robo's main normals for her instant double jump mix-ups if your execution is good enough for it.
  • When used offensively, j.HK is still a pretty good normal. It's similar to j.MP since it is a multi hit normal that hits on both sides but lacks the overhead property that j.MP has. The main reason to use j.HK over j.MP is for certain mixups. j.HK's steering can be used to create ambiguous cross-ups.

Robo-Fortune's Headrone special moves are unique special moves that need a resource (Robo-Fortune's heads) to be performed. Robo-Fortune summons heads with her c.HK and the heads will float around her until she does a Headrone special move. These special moves are versatile and powerful and help Robo in all parts of her gameplan.

  • In neutral, all of her headrones work great as additional projectiles that the opponent has to avoid during her zoning.
  • Offensively the Headrones all serve a similar function of making the opponent scared to press a button.
  • Defensively the Headrones are great since they don't stop once they've been activated (The eyes on the heads flash), even if Robo gets hit they still do their thing (Mine goes away only if Robo is in hitsun when the move is done placing itself in the ground) which makes them great at stopping the opponent's offense in their tracks and can save Robo's life.


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