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Valentine goals are to apply pressure, and bait the opponent into doing something risky using important moves like j.MP and Dead Cross. Like most characters in skullgirls, once you get the hit you want to start your setplay. A very common setup is to knock your opponent down and load a vial, you still have time to mix up your opponent on wake up.


On offense valentine has great air movement and run speed. with your air movement you can easily get above most opponents apply pressure with important moves like j.MP and Dead Cross. With her run speed you can catch your opponent up backing with or run jump air grab. With her run speed you can also cancel out your opponents pushblock momentum and setup a frame trap.


You can stop most air to airs with j.HK. Using your air movement you can be high up in the air while it's difficult for your enemy to hit you.


How to beat this character
  • Disjointed Air to Airs like, Fukua's j.LP and Squilgy's j.LK, will make Valentine think twice while trying to approach from the air. At a mid and close range Vals air normals would most likely lose at these distances because the startup is to long or the opponent is above you and Valentines j.LP will whiff.
  • Vertical reversals such as, Parasoul's Naplam Pillar and Fila's H Updo, can shutdown any air or ground approach Valentine has to offer. Compared to horizontal reversals such as, Fukua's H drill, these have a greater chance of shuting down Vals air approach options (which most Vals would prefer to be in the air). Although these reversals are quite risky for the point character to do, it might be worth it to stop Valentine's offensive pressure.
  • Fullscreen air projectiles such as, R.Fortune's air H.beam and Peacocks S.O.I.D, aren't great counters to Valetine's approach but, can make valentine stop zoning you with H Dead Cross from fullscreen. This forces Val to make a move with more commitment like air H Bypass or switch to a ground game from fullscreen.

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