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Move Analysis

Normal Moves


  • s.LP - I don't use it really, just seems like a normal LP to me.
  • s.MP - This is a decent normal, mainly because it gives frame advantage. It doesn't have too many hit frames but, even if you mess the meaty up, you still have enough frame advantage to link cr.LK xx HP slash, meaty or not.
  • s.HP - Stabs high with both weapons, good damage. Whiffs vs. most the cast, very helpful to zone characters that can't duck it. Use that shit vs. Gief and Sagat, good to hit fireballs too.
  • s.LK - Gay ass looking kick to the shin, can walk up and repeatedly do these, but not too much if they have meter. Seems to give some frame advantage.
  • s.MK - Straight kick that beats alot of shit, good poke, decent range, cancellable too. Best whiff punisher, s.MK xx HP slash. It is also his best meaty simply because it has a lot of hit frames, and if you mess up, you are safe. If hit super meaty, you can link a c.FP into combo finisher of choice. I would do qcf+LP, cause if you mess up you are safe. Other than that c.LK xx qcf+HP is your best bet.
  • s.HK - Decent poke, good range, but slow. You gonna get that ass CC'd if you whiff. Kick straight out while moving forward slightly. It's a meaty, but you get pushed too far away to link anything.


  • cr.LP - Eh, don't use this much, cr.LK is better just because it hits low.
  • cr.MP - A wierd attack. I've had alot of luck using this as a distance AA vs characters. Either that or everytime I used it they didn't attack.
  • cr.HP - Uppercuts. Decent AA, but not the greatest, will get beat by early jump-ins or Chun (whore)
  • cr.LK - Little kick to the foot, OK range. This is what I use to combo after a meaty.
  • cr.MK - Slow, can't cancel. Decent meaty because it hits low, but all you can get off is c.LK xx HP slash. The link is so so, you have to be sorta precise
  • cr.HK - Used wrong, this move will get you killed. Straight up free CC, sweep, etc. if not used right. This move is safe when use as anti-air, though a lot of times it gets blocked, but you are safe. Goes under fireballs, which is its best use. Use with caution, is a good move though.


  • j.LP - This has good vertical range, but I haven't had much use for it, doesn't seem to have good priority either.
  • j.MP - Same as j.LP but with more damage.
  • j.HP - Slashes downward with both weapons. I love this move, good air-to-air, good to hit fireballers. I would love to see the hitbox on this thing. Jump back HP is dope.
  • j.LK - I use this a bit, good vertical range and priority. I just don't use too much because people like to mash throw. BUT as a CROSSUP, it's awesome.
  • j.MK - I believe same as j.LK, I don't use it.
  • j.HK - Dropkick bitches. Good air-to-air and god priority, overall a good move, but had the same problem as Gief, if you use it to punish a fireball, you might get hit in the head with it.

Command Normals

Normal Throws

f+hp - He tosses you way up and away, follow up with HP slash to get close if not teched.

f+hk - He tosses you low. You can juggle with any level super, but stick to level 1. You miss a lot of hits at higher levels and it's a waste of meter. Good to kill off a mofo. Level 1 juggle for two hits, all on some (Bison)

Alpha Counters

qcd+P - It's basically his qcf+MK. Use only vs. jump-ins and fireballs, good AC.

qcd+K - His sweep, good for ground moves.

Special Moves

qcf + LP slash - Used right, this bitch is annoying. No one can duck it and is safe on block at any distance.

Ok, this move is dope. Combos from s.MK or cr.HP. Completely safe. Hell, do point blank and block, they can't CC you. When distanced right, you can sweep. If they fireball, do it again, jump up, etc., play with their head. I've done this move like 5 times in a row because I had people scared to hit me. Once they get hesitant, you can even go for a grab super (if in range), which is only escapable by DP/CC since this game allows you to grab jumps.

qcf + mp slash - Use when you believe someone will jump. It's risky though, because most characters can crouch this shit. I have not ever been punished when this was blocked, even though they tried. Characters who can't duck this have a very hard time (Gief, Sagat) because it will catch their jump. Used right you can lock them down. Use this instead of qcf+LP if they can't duck it. NOTE: If done too close it can be punished by CC, but it is safe 99% of the time.

qcf + hp slash - This move is good in far combo because it knocks down. Always follow up with sweep, in case they safe roll. Beware: if blocked, free CC or combo.

360 + P grab - Yay, I love this move. Cancels and grabs form at any range in corner. Midscreen, point blank, xx 360 will grab.

360 + kick RUGBURN!!! - This is what you want to combo into, because it hurts. A lot. Crazy priority, will grab any limb, even Sim's from fullscreen. Also grabs yoga flames. Combos only off a cr.HP midscreen, s.MK in the corner will work. This is his CC ender. If blocked, you are fucked.

j.HP, c.HP CC 360+HK is the only combo you should be doing if the opponent is dizzy.

DP + K Counter - Also known as the move you use to get kicked in the face. Don't use it. Just don't.

qcd + HK safe roll - Good to use time from time, can be thrown. 3 hits and safe on block.

Super Moves

qcf x 2 + P - Combos at all levels from any cancellable normal. Not the greatest super but I do combo off of a crossup c.FP xx super because it gets all hits. Safe if blocked, but comboed from a distance isn't too wise cause the last hit usually misses. Lvl 3 sodom does a jumping stab at the end, which can be ducked then punished.

720 + P - His grab super. Best bet is j.HP then super, or s.MK then super, but it's escapable by CC/DP. This connects from max range mk or lp scrape, vs gief you can start the match with it. Not consistent tho, sometimes they can just jump. Wierd.

The Basics

MEATIES!!!!! is his best simply because it has alot of hit frames, and if you mess up, you are safe. If hit super meaty, you can link a c.fp into combo finisher of choice, I would do qcf+lp, cause if you mess up you are safe. Other than that xx qcf+hp is your best bet. is a decent meaty cause it hits low, but all you can get off is xx hp slash, but the link is so so, have to be sorta precise. doesnt have too many hit frames, but if you mess the meaty up, you still have enough frame advantage to link xx hp slash, meaty or not.

meaty qcf+p, cc setup, safe if blocked or hit, cant combo after, but beats wake up cc blowout attemps. is a meaty but you get pushed to far away to link anything, if you even could. But it is a meaty.

360 powerbomb set ups



  1. Meaty s.MK, c.LK xx 360+LP
  • s.LK, s.MK xx 360+LP (gotta CC/DP)
  • walking s.LKs, cancel into 360+LP
  • jump up, j.HP xx 360+LP


  1. Any tick into 360, qcf+HP to get close, grab on wake-up with 360+LP
  2. Any tick into 360, qcf+HP to get close, s.MK xx qcf+LP

You can mix it up however you want, just make sure they don't see the grab coming. Also if meaty s.MK hits, link cr.LK xx qcf+HP.

Lp Scrape

This is his best move, with good priority. The move sets up his ac and supers perfectly. There are alot of things he can do after this is hit or blocked.

1. Wait to see it they jump, then mp scrape AA

2. Slide if expecting a firebal

3. 720 grab super, make sure they have no meter cause this can be ccd

4. Scrape super to punish jumpers for 2-3 hits juggle, and safe on block

5. another lp scrape

6. jump in fp

7. Block then Alpha couter anything they do

Advanced Strategy

          • Knock'em down, keep'em down*****

Thats the rule of thumb, Sodom has a hard time getting to people, so when you got them down keep'em there. Sodom is good vs a cornered opponent. Several thing you can do after a knockdown:

-meaty attack into 360 tick (stated above in 360 section)


-jump up, do nothing, throw

-go for a meaty combo ex., xx hp slash

-jump up come down with fp, tick into super/360

-jump up, come down with hp, 360+lp

-walking lks into hp throw

-meaty, xx 360+lp

-walking lks, xx 360+lp

-meaty, walk up throw

-block if you think they will cc

You will stay in the corner after a 360 ticks, then mix up again with the above options.

-walking lks, xx qcf+lp which leads toooooooo:

1. Another qcf+lp

2. If you have opponent hesitant to attack 360/720 (if in distance)

3. qcf+mp if you think they will jump, (knocks down, refer to knockdowns)

4. jump in fp

5. Super if the chip/trade will kill them

6. c.rh if in c.rh sweet spot

7. do nothing to bait cc, AC


Anytime you get a opening you want to use hp scrape to get the knockdown and keep up pressure, for big opening use 360+k. xx any scrape

c.fp xx any scrape

c.fp xx 360+hk xx hp scrape

meaty, c.fp xx any scrape

meaty, c.fp xx 360+hk

meaty, xx hp scrape, xx hp scrape xx super scrape

c.fp xx super scrape xx super scrape

Custom Combos

Unfortunately, his good cc is if they are standing, so blow out ccs are great. Crouching opponents suck. gotta be precise.

  • Standing

Lvl 1 xx qcf++mp x2, c.hp xx 360+hk

This cc does about 45%, which is awesome for a lvl one. Higher lvls just add more qcf+mps, end with c.hp xx 360+hk for max damage. I think lvl 3 you can get 7 slashes.

  • Crouching, qcf+lp, qcf+lp, 360+hk

Actually i been messing around a bit and for most cases you can just qcf+lp, end with 360+hk. No c.hp though, you will be too far. You CAN combo into his 360+p grab, but it does less than the combos above.

.....but at higher levels (depending on distance) you get pushed away, so you have to trip and juggle with hp slash, which sucks, or you can mash random shit, then 360+hk to end. I usually have them standing, so idk lol.

  • AA CC

activate, c.hp, then start juggling with qcf+mp or hp.

Ive had limited success with s.lp into mp scrapes

I'll add more as time goes on, this is just basic shit.

  • Taunt CC

End any CC with qcf+hp, and then hit taunt.

Ex. lvl 1 activate xxqcf+hp xx taunt __________________












M. Bison (dictator)






Sodom (self)


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