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Sodom. An American born kabuki fighter who has been obsessed with Japanese Culture since he was a child. Sodom considers himself Japanese to the core, even his his real lineage disriputes it. Attempting to make a name for himself he joins the Mad Gear Gang and starts shooting up the ranks. He eventually meets his match in a guy fighter of ninja decent called Guy and is ultimately beaten.

Moves List

Normal Moves

Special Moves

Jigoku Scrape

QCF + P Sodom will slide forward, swinging his jitte/katana.

the strength of the punch button used determines the angle of the attack

jab - slide forward swinging weapon at head height strong - uppercut with weapon under the chin fierce - strong overhead swing (knocks down)

Butsumetsu Buster

360 + P - Sodom lunges forward, grabs the opponent, jumps up, then slams them to the ground.

the strength of the punch button the height and damage.

Daikyou Burning

360 + K - Sodom runs forward, both weapons held in front of him. If he makes contact he will pin the opponent with the weapons, dragging them on the ground. After awhile they will catch fire, at which point Sodom releases them.

Shirraha Catch

 f, d, df + K - When the opponent jump attacks you or tries an overhead,

this will catch them and throw them in the air for damage.

Tengu Walking

There are 2 Versions of the Tengu Walking.

Version 1: When knocked over or after an air block, b, db, d + K - Sodom runs forward on the ground doing a handstand with his weapons, striking three times.

2 Version 2: d, df, f + K - This is done as you are getting up. It hits more times, is faster, and does more damage than the other version.

Yagura Reverse

b, d, db + K

Basically a standing Tengu Walking

Kouten Okiagari

When knocked over, f, df, d + P - Sodom rolls up into a ball, rolling away from his attacker.

Super Combos

The Basics

Advanced Strategy



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