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Ground Chain: Kick to Punch (any)
Normal Jump Chain: Kick to Punch (any)
Super Jump Chain: Zig Zag 2
Tech hit type: Escape/Safe Fall (teleport, can vary where she appears, see Teleport X-Special for more info)
Weight Class: Feather

Moves List

Normal Moves

s.MK - a straight vertical launcher that lacks stun (they recover in the air quickly). While it can be used for air combos on some characters, a better use is to setup Grapple resets.

Special Moves

Fast Fall: QCB + HP (air only, doesn't build meter)
Cancels your upward motion and cancel normal moves with a quick pose, then you fall back to the ground quickly. When done in normal jump mode, you regain your actions.

6 Hand Grapple: down, up + punch (ground only, but delaying the punch can give you some height with it, unblockable throw)
Grabs the opponent when they're above you, essential for reset traps.
Mash punch to keep your hands open longer.

Dancing Swords (Call): HCB + 2P (ground/air)
Calls a ring of 6 swords around you, press punch to throw one. Strength of punch determines the speed the sword moves.
Swords will fire off in the same order regardless of which way you're facing, starting bottom-left then clockwise.
Mashing c.LP won't cause swords to rapid-fire shoot unless you're in speedup or super mode. But you can do c.LP, s.LP. (or c.LP, stand, c.LP).
When super-jumping, a quick stronger punch chain will throw out 3 swords quickly.

Sword Tosses (after call): (no meter) forms a circle of swords with however many are left in your ring
QCF + LP: Down (air only)
QCF + MP: Forward (ground/air)
QCF + HP: Up(ground/air)


Sword Tosses (after call): (meter required) uses however many swords are left in your ring, all are ground/air
Stronger buttons use more meter.
QCF + LK: Swords go down-forward, straight out, and up-forward
QCF + MK: Swords spiral out in an expanding ring
QCF + HK: Swords go out in all directions and attempt to "seek/follow" the opponent

Switch: QCB + LP (air/ground)
After a small startup dance, you switch positions with the opponent. If they have an attack coming out (like Sentinel's drones are near him), you could end up switching right into the attack.

Teleport: QCB + MP, + attack for position (air/ground)
Much like Pyron's teleports in Night Warriors, the attack button layout corresponds to where you'll appear. Default is MP, right above the opponent. Your teleport is vulnerable at the end, much like Dhalsim's teleports in verson1/2 XvSF. This move is also your tech hit, and as the tech hit, still has the vulnerability.

Power Up Dances: QCB + Kicks (air/ground)
Dances can be "stacked", in that you can do one power up, then another.
QCB + LK: Power up, vitality down (seemingly)
QCB + MK: Ground Speed up, normal jump speed and height greatly reduced
QCB + HK: Invisibility. When used alone, you can still build meter.

Super Attacks

Metamorphosis: QCF + 2P (air/ground, unblockable)
Starts with an instant attack (blockable), then you must grab the opponent with punch (unblockable). Since it counts as a throw, you cannot grab the opponent in hitstun, they must be in their fall reel.
The grab will miss if all throws are used up in the combo/juggle, however if you do the super first, you can still do 2 throws afterwards; or do throw, super, throw.
Because of it's instant hit regions on startup, it makes a great guard cancel, as well as being able to stuff attacks due to super startup invincibility.
When in super mode, you can still call dancing swords/do normal sword tosses, and can throw single swords quickly by mashing LP. You don't build any meter in super mode, and Spiral's super damage isn't scaled in a combo.

The Basics

s.HP has a long recovery, even if it hits, so always cancel it with something.

Throw/Grapple Trapping

The grapple is restricted to the "two throws per combo/juggle" limit EXCEPT if the opponent is trying to attack as they come down. This means if they're trying to hit you out as they fall (weight allowing), you'll catch them in the grapple if their attack doesn't hit. If they do nothing however, they'll land harmlessly right next to you.

In the Corner:
Throw towards the corner, then hit the opponent upwards so the grapple WON'T combo. Example:
If throw, (falling) j.LK, j.HK \/ Grapple all combos, stick a c.HK or s.MK in there, or whatever's needed.

Advanced Strategy

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