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Ground Chain: Punch to Kick (any)
Normal Jump Chain: Zig Zag 1 Rules with NJ limits
Super Jump Chain: Zig Zag 1
Tech hit type: Escape/Safe Fall
Weight Class: Feather

Moves List

Normal Moves

Notes: Recovery on most of Storm's light/medium normals is very fast. Storm's ground dash has frames of invincibility.

Floating Descent (float) - Hold up while descending during a normal or super jump. Speed of normal attacks is increased while floating.

Air Dash - Direction + 3p or 3k (no direction = straight dash). An air dash in normal jump mode will give you a full chain, but doesn't extend the one special per jump limit.

Special Moves

Typhoon: QCF + P (ground/air)
A quick starting, controllable projectile with a bit of recovery.

Lightning Attack: Same Strength P+K+direction (if no direction, goes straight. ground/air)
2 hits (if in range) + can go into one other Lightning Attack. Storm can combo a ground to ground throw after this.

Wind Barrier Stand QCF + Kick (after being knocked down)
Said to give you some invulnerability on wakeup, research is needed.


Flight: QCB + 3P (ground/air, "spin up" has some invincibility frames)
You can block while flying, and have a fill zig-zag chain. Lightning Attack will cause you to land (unless the fall is cancelled by something), as will a downward air dash with an attack. You can attack while on the ground, but once you try to move, you'll be flying again.

Wind Push/Pull (ground/air)
QCF + 3K: pushes opponent away from you
QCB + 3K: pulls opponent towards you
Both have uses in combos, although push would be used in the corner (typically). During the push/pull, you are vulnerable to attack, hence pull should be used with caution unless it's in a combo.

Super Attacks

Lightning Storm: QCF + 2P (ground/air)
Has frames of invincibility on startup like all supers, but they run out before the super starts, so you could end up getting smacked out of it if not careful. HP Throw -> super works on most (light-middle) characters to combo into it. Storm can combo a ground to ground throw after this.

If you dash as the last sparks are flying off the screen (causing them to reappear), they will guardbreak airborne opponents.

Hail Storm: QCF + Start (ground only)
Some invincibility during the spinup(?), but it's still over a second until the super actually comes out. Does alot of chip and can be mashed for more, should it actually hit, it may leave the opponent frozen. If it actually hits, you and your opponent need to have a talk.

The Basics

Storm can SJ and dash up to the top of the screen and stay up there with:
-Lighting Attack (once or twice), Typhoon, repeat.
Varying the direction, strength, timing and amount should keep you from getting whacked so long as you don't get predictable. Great way to build meter. Mix it up with Wind Push (costs meter) to really keep them off you.

- If you're on a stage where the floor breaks, you can easily stay up and out of reach of certain opponents.

- When Storm is dizzy, you may note she stands up into a few frames of her regular stance. From here (and any point in her dizzy) she can Lightning Attack. Because it's not invincible it's not exactly a "get out of jail free" card.

Advanced Strategy

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