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[[Category:Street Fighter 2: Hyper Fighting]]
[[Category:Street Fighter 2: Hyper Fighting]]

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http://img105.imageshack.us/img105/1876/blanka6pc4.gif http://img105.imageshack.us/img105/6531/sfblankano1.gif

One day long ago, a young boy named Jimmy was aboard a plane, along with some government officials, on his way to visit his uncle. Unfortunately these officials were the targets of an assaination attempt by the Shadoloo, and the plane was crashed into the Brazilian Jungle. However Jimmy survived the crash, and began to live amongst the animals in the jungle. One day, he unwittingly hitched a ride on a poacher's car. Curious and excited, Blanka began to venture into the outside world. It was probably during this time that he met Dan as well as Dan's 'student', Sakura, before he went back to the jungle. He later resurfaced again to compete in the World Warrior tounament, where his mother happened to be a spectator. There is a tearful reunion as mother and son were finally reunited. Blanka probably now lives a happy (ad)normal life with his mother.

Moves List

Normal Moves

Special Moves

Electric Shock: rapidly tap the jab or strong punch buttons.

Horizontal Ball: Hold Back for at least 1 second, then Forward + Punch (Hold at 4 for at least 1 second, then 6 + Punch)

Vertical Ball: Hold Down for at least 1 second, then Up + Kick (Hold at 2 for at least 1 second, then 8 + Kick)

The Basics

Advanced Strategy


Vs. Balrog (boxer):

Vs. Blanka (self):

Vs. Chun-Li:

Vs. Dhalsim:

Vs. E. Honda:

Vs. Guile:

Vs. Ken:

Vs. M. Bison (dictator):

Vs. Ryu:

Vs. Sagat:

Vs. Vega (claw):

Vs. Zangief:

Stay grounded and just within reach of a crouching fierce punch.