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Moves List

Normal Moves

Special Moves

Patriot Circle: QCF+Punch (repeat 3X) [X Z V]

-Rolento slides forward while spinning his rod in front of him for
 multiple hits. Repeating the motion a second and third time will perform
 two more rod-spinning attacks. The stronger the Punch button used, the
 faster and farther Rolento slides.

Stinger: F,D,DF+Kick (any button) [X Z V]

-Rolento leaps straight up with several knives in his hand. Pressing any
 button during the leap will make him spin and toss a knife at an angle
 downward. The strength of the attack determines the angle of the knife:
             Light Attack: almost straight down
            Medium Attack: 45º diagonal angle
              Hard Attack: a more horizental angle

Mekong Delta Attack: LP+HK or LK+HP (then Punch) [X Z V]

-Rolento does a backflip with the 3P press. The moment he touches the ground,
 pressing a Punch button will make him roll quickly along the ground as an
 attack. The stronger the Punch button used, the farther and faster the roll.

Mekong Delta Air Raid: QCB+Punch (Punch) [X Z V]

-Rolento rolls backward along the ground. The stronger the Punch button used,
 the farther and faster he rolls. Pressing a Punch button during the roll
 will make Rolento quickly launch himself forward with his rod and strike
 downward with it in the air.

Mekong Delta Escape: QCB+Kick (any button) [X Z V]

-Rolento quickly leaps back and pushes off the side of the screen, then
 drops down. He can perform any Air Attack during his drop.

Super Combos

Take No Prisoner: QCF,QCF+Punch [X Z]

-Rolento tugs a wire that rises along the ground in front of him. If it hits
 his opponent, Rolento will leap to the middle of the screen, and string the
 wire over a hook held by one of his soldiers, then yank the wire up to hang
 the opponent.
    Level 1: 1 Hit       Level 2: 1 Hit        Level 3: 1 Hit

Minesweeper: QCB,QCB+Punch [Z]

-Rolento rolls backward along the ground scattering grenades that explode in
 order, always knocking the opponent into the next explosion.
    Level 1: 2 Hits      Level 2: 3 Hits       Level 3: 4 Hits

Steel Rain: QCF,QCF+Kick [Z]

-Rolento tosses a bunch of knives into his rod, then swings high and tossing
 the knives to rain down on the opponent.
    Level 1: 3 Hits      Level 2: 6 Hits       Level 3: 7 Hits

The Basics

Which Ism?

ANYONE, he is other of the versatile ones


Your Super Combos are used for mind games and reversals


Patriot Circle V Blockstrings are great.


You are able to High Jump automatically.

Advanced Strategy



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