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Moves List

Normal Moves


Yoga Smash

  • LP+LK

Yoga Throw

  • Back + LP+LK

Command Moves

Yoga Shock

  • MP+MK

Drill Heading

  • (In Air)Down + HP

Drill Kick

  • (In Air)Down + Kick

Yoga Teleport

  • Forward, Down, Down-Forward + All three Punches or all three Kicks
    • To teleport backward: Back, Down, Down-Back + All three Punches or all three Kicks

Special Moves

Yoga Fire

  • Quarter Circle Forward + Punch

Yoga Flame

  • Quarter Circle Back + Punch

Yoga Blast

  • Quarter Circle Back + Kick

Yoga Catch

  • Quarter Circle Forward + Kick

Yoga Contact

  • (When Yoga Catch connects)Kick

Yoga Fake

  • (When Yoga Catch connects)Quarter Circle Forward + All three Kicks

Super Move

Yoga Drill Kick

  • (In Air)Double Quarter Circle Forward + Kick
    • Can control arc of attack by pressing Up or Down

Yoga Legend

  • Double Quarter Circle Back + Kick

Meteor Combo

Yoga Inferno

  • Double Quarter Circle Forward + All three Punches

The Basics

Advanced Strategy