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  • EX - EX special move
  • FADC - Focus Attack, Dash Cancel



Dashing is performed by tapping the stick forward twice or backward twice. Backward dash has limited invincibility frames, even if backdashing in the corner. Forward dash speed, backward dash speed, and the invincibility/airborne frames for backdashing vary by character:

Character Forward Dash Distance Backdash Distance Invincible Grounded Airborne
Abel 16 1.4 25 0.8 1~8 19~25 9~18
Akuma 18 1.0 25 0.9 1~8 9,19~25 10~18
Blanka 21 1.5 26 1.2 1~8 20~26 9~19
Boxer 18 1.3 24 1.2 1~8 18~24 9~17
C. Viper 19 1.3 27 1.2 1~8 18~27 9~17
Chun 15 1.1 22 1.3 1~8 19~22 9~18
Claw 20 1.3 22 1.2 1~8 9,20~22 10~19
Dhalsim 32 1.8 29 1.5 1~8 9,19~29 10~18
Dictator 17 1.2 25 1.0 1~8 18~24 9~17
El Fuerte 16 1.1 19 0.8 1~7 13~19 8~12
Guile 19 1.3 26 1.0 1~8 20~26 9~19
Honda 19 0.8 27 0.9 1~8 9,19~27 10~18
Ken 18 1.1 27 0.8 1~8 9~27 -
Rufus 20 1.2 27 1.0 1~8 9,26~27 10~25
Ryu 18 1.1 27 0.8 1~8 9,19~27 10~18
Sagat 18 1.1 29 1.0 1~8 24~29 9~23
Zangief 26 0.9 26 0.8 1~8 17~26 9~16
Sakura 18 1.0 26 1.0 1~8 9,19~26 10~18
Dan 21 1.5 26 1.3 1~8 9~26 -
Rose 21 1.7 22 1.2 1~8 19~22 9~18
Gen 19 1.5 27 1.4 1~8 9,24~27 10~23
Cammy 18 1.4 22 0.9 1~6 18~22 7~17
Feilong 17 1.1 26 0.7 1~8 9,22~26 10~21
Gouken 16 1.1 25 0.8 1~8 9,16~25 10~15
Seth 18 1.3 25 1.3 1~8 9,16~25 10~15

Because Level 1 Focus Attacks have the same stun regardless of hit, guard, or character, dash duration also determines how much disadvantage you have after Dash Canceling a Focus Attack.

However the game engine will adjust the duration of the dash frames depending the move it was canceled from.

If the dash (back or forward) was canceled from a Focus Attack (Lvl 1 or 2), the game will subtract 1 frame from the character's dash. In other words, it reduces the recovery of the dash.

For instance, with Chun-Li:

normal foward dash: 15 frames

block (and hit) stun on lvl 1 FA: 15 frames

forward dash after a canceled lvl 1 focus attack: 14 frames

15 - 14 = +1

Therefore, Chun is at +1 frame advantage after dashing in on a blocked level 1 focus. For the same reason Abel and Fuerte neutral, Dictator -1, everyone else increasing disadvantage (which can all be simply calculated using the numbers in the table above).

Chun-Li example but with lvl 2 Focus:

normal foward dash: 15 frames

block stun on lvl 2 FA: 21 frames

forward dash after a canceled lvl 2 focus attack: 14 frames

21 - 14 = +7

Therefore, Chun is at +7 frame advantage after dashing in on a blocked level 2 focus. For the same reason Abel and Fuerte +6, Dictator +5, everyone else, less advantage (which can all be simply calculated using the numbers in the table above).

On the other hand, when you are FADC off a normal or special move, the game engine will ADD 3 frames of recovery to the dash (ie you recover slower) credit: yeb.


Reversals are special moves done with "reversal" timing, meaning they are performed on the first frame possible after leaving a non-neutral state.

Reversals are marked in Street Fighter 4 with "Reversal" message that pops up on the performing character's side of the screen.

Most physically hitting, non-fireball special attacks gain Armor-Break effect (e.g. Reversal Tiger Uppercut, Shoryuken, Buffalo Headbutt).

Quick Recovery

Press down on the stick, or any two buttons, in order to get up faster when knocked down.

Quick Recovery is not possible after being downed by a throw, sweep, super, or ultra. Other exceptions possible.


Note - All data taken from Console release (Training mode)

Character Vitality Stun
Ryu 1000 1000
Ken 1000 1000
Chun 900 1050
Honda 1100 1100
Blanka 1050 950
Gief 1200 1200
Guile 1000 900
Dhal. 900 900
Boxer 1100 1000
Claw 1000 900
Sagat 1100 1100
Dict. 1000 950
Viper 900 950
Abel 1100 1050
Fuerte 900 1000
Rufus 1150 950
Gouki 850 850
Cammy 950 950
Fei Long 1000 1050
Rose 950 1000
Dan 1000 1000
Gen 900 900
Sakura 950 1000
Gouken 1000 1000
Seth 700 750

Counter Hit


Throws are performed by tilting the stick forward or neutral or backward, then pressing LP + LK. Normal throws hit on the third and fourth frame, making them some of the fastest normal moves in the game. Throws will connect against a guarding opponent, or during the startup of an opponent's attack. Throws will not connect against an airborne or knocked down opponent, against an opponent who is still in guard or hit stun following an attack or if they hit at the same time as an opponent's attack. Some characters have command throws that involve different joystick motions and have different properties.

Normal throws can be escaped by pressing LP + LK within 10 frames of the opponent starting to throw (within 7 frames of the throw hitting). Command throws cannot be escaped, but jumping can avoid them, as can properly timed or invincible attacks. Joystick motions during a throw escape don't matter, so you can for instance hold down/back on the stick and press LP + LK. This will result in an escape if the opponent tried to throw, and a crouching attack if they did something else.

Normal Attacks

"Normal" attacks are specifically those moves that aren't "special moves".

Normal attacks cost no gauge to perform.

Normal attacks are generally just a button, or a single direction in combination with a button.

Grounded Normal Attacks

Any normal attack performed on the ground.

E.g. Light Punch(Jab), Hard Punch (Fierce)

Most characters have one or more unique normal attacks performed by a direction + a button. Often an overhead, examples are El Fuerte F+MK and Sagat F+HP

Jumping Normal Attacks

Any normal attack performed in the air.

All characters have some jumping attacks that can only be performed jumping directionally, and others that can only be performed jumping straight up (neutral jump).

Linked Attacks

Link attacks, are attacks that combo in succession without any form of cancelling. Link combos are possible when frame advantage from a leading move matches or exceeds that of the move to be linked.

A common example of a link combo is Ryu c.LP, c.HP. Ryu must wait for his c.LP to finish completely before activating c.HP. C.HP must also be performed quickly enough after c.LP finishes such that c.HP makes contact with Ryu's opponent before the frame advantage Ryu receives from his c.LP's high hitstun wears off.

Linked attacks, unlike rapid-fire chained attacks, can be special or super cancelled as normal.

Rapid Fire Attacks/Chains

Rapid Fire Attacks are attacks cancel repeatedly into each other. rapid fire Chains are possible from multiple rapid fire attacks. For example, c.LP xx c.LP xx c.LP is a common 3 hit rapid fire chain combo with Ryu, as well as any cahracter whose c.LP is a rapid fire attack.

It is important to note, that rapid fire chained attacks in Street Fighter 4 LOSE the ability be special or super cancelled. Hence, with Balrog, c.LP xx c.LP xx Headbutt is impossible, as the 2nd c.LP was rapid fire cancelled and therefore not special cancellable. However, c.LP, c.LP xx Headbutt, works everytime if Balrog WAITS for the initial c.LP to finish rather than cancelling it.

In SF4 (and all other games to this point?), all rapid-fire attacks are LP and LK grounded normal attacks.

Chain Combo/Target Combo

A Target or Chain combo, is a non-rapid-fire series of normal* attacks that specifically cancel from one to the next.

In a chain combo, an attack is performed by cancelling from a prior attack into a subsequent attack that would otherwise be impossible until the first attack had been performed to completion.

A common example of a target is Ken's close MP xx FP.

Chain combos do not necessarily have to "combo" on the combo meter. An example is El Fuerte's MK->MK target combo.

Target and Chain combo are interchangeable terms.

  • In general terms, a target combo does not include a special move. It is not impossible, but no such target combo exists in SF4 as of this writing. A special note is Chun Li's finisher to her MK->MK->d,u+MK combo. That one is hard to classify because d,u+MK is unperformable outside of this chain sequence. It is however, considered a normal chain.

Special Moves

EX Specials

Completing a Special motion by pressing two punch or kick buttons instead of one changes the properties of the move. This uses up one stock (25%) of your super meter.

All special moves that do not require a 3 button input, have an ex version.

EX Focus, and EX Tanden Drive are the only EX moves in the game that require two EX stocks.

Shortcut input

  • DP - can be performed as DF,D,DF; in other words tap the stick into the lower corner twice. Also DF,D,DB,D,DF,D,DB; in other words wiggle the stick from one lower corner to the other and back. Useful when you are guarding low, or when you are being crossed up.
  • 360 - can be performed as F,DF,D,DB,B,UB or B,DB,D,DF,F,UF. In other words, a 225 degree rotation ending in up and back or up and forward. Reduces the chance of jumping.

Focus Attack

Focus Attack,(FA), saving attack, is a ground-based normal attack with special properties. Charging a Focus Attack grants "Hyper Armor" which allows a hit to be absorbed and countered. It can also be Dash Cancelled, cancelled into a Forward or Backward Dash, to extend combos or escape to safety. Most importantly, successful Focus Attacks can leave the opponent in a "crumple" state, granting the opportunity for a free combo follow-up!

A Focus Attack can be charged to 3 different levels, explained in detail below.

While charging a Focus Attack, it can be dash cancelled at nearly any point before a Full charged (Level 3) FA is released, or upon contact. A dash cancel, as the name implies cancels the Focus Attack itself, or the subsequent recovery after execution, respectively.

Hyper Armor is activated immediately upon pressing MP+MK, and lasts until those buttons are released (exception - Level 3 Focus see below) grants a character the ability to absorb one hit without placing him into any stun reel.

Dashing or releasing a level 1 or level 2 Focus Attack immediately forfeits Hyper Armor.

Note Focus Attack is known as Saving Attack (SA) in certain regiosn. The terms Focus Attack (FA)/ Saving Attack (SA), FACD/SACD, etc, are interchangeable. Also note because of this, SA does NOT refer to Super Art in the context of Street Fighter 4.

Basic Operation

A Focus Attack can be performed at one of three levels. Higher level focus attacks are more damaging, and give better advantage on hit/block(if blockable).

Press MP + MK from a neutral state to perform a Level 1 Focus Attack.

Hold MP + MK for a brief duration ( ~ half a second) and release the buttons unleash level 2 Focus.

Hold MP + MK for a long duration (~ 1 second ) to perform a Level 3 Focus Attack. Note no button release - it releases automatically.

While charging a Focus, tap FF or BB to dash forward or backward respectively, canceling the Focus Attack altogether.

Level 1

Level 1 Focus Attack is unleashed after charging Focus Attack 0-17 Frames (needs verification), and releasing.

Level 1 Focus Attack crumples ONLY on counter hit, and is blockable.

Hyper Armor lasts only until buttons are released.

Since Level 1 Focus crumples only on counter-hit, and there is only one hit of armor abosorption available, attempts at level 1 Focus through low-recovery attacks often results in no crumple or a quick 2nd hit after armor has been destroyed.

Level 2

Charging a Focus 17-53 frames (needs verification), and releasing the buttons performs a level 3 Focus Attack.

Visual cues of achieiving a level 2 charge are a brief white flash effect on the character, and a circular "shockwave" effect on ground around his feet.

Level 2 Focus Attack crumples on any succesful hit, and is blockable.

Level 3

Charging a Focus Attack for 53 frames (needs verification), without dash-cancelling, releasing, or armor deterioration will result in the automatic performance of a Level 3 Focus Attack.

A level 3 Focus Attack can be confirmed by an "ink splatter" effect appearing on-screen.

A Level 3 Focus always crumples the opponent, and is unblockable.

Note, a Level 3 Focus is the only Focus Attack that retains Hyper Armor after the start-up of the Focus Attack.

More specifically, this means the only Focus Attack that actually has armor during the execution of the Attack portion of the move is level 3. Hence, it is only possible to to absorb a move AFTER the Focus ATTACK portion is a level 3.

Crumpled state

An opponent is placed into a special "crumpled" state after a successful Counter Hit Level 1 Focus Only, or after any Level 2 or Level 3 Focus that hits clean. Similar to a very short-term dizzy, in this state, the opponent is helplessly dazed as he falls to ground.

There are two distinct stages of vulnerability before the crumpled opponent is fully downed. A short initial stage, which leaves the opponent open to virtually any full combo follow-up, and a longer secondary stage in which case generally only a single follow-up is possible.

During the first stage, the crumpled opponent takes hits as if standing. Most, if not all normal ground combos can be performed with no alteration. Normal throws, special throws and throw-type attacks (Spinning Pile Driver, Raging Demon) also work.

It is ONLY possible to follow-up in first stage after a Dash Canceled Focus Attack induces crumple.

The second stage of the crumple lasts from when the crumpled party is almost to his knees until full knocked down. Only one attack is possible once the opponent reaches this state. After one attack, the opponent is either downed or flies a short range backwards in a mini-airborne state where no guaranteed follow-ups are possible. While a single, multiple-hit special move will generally connect for all hits, e.g. Ken's Fierce Shoryuken, multiple hit normal attacks generally whiff in this state, e.g. Seth's c.HP. Exceptions are likely in this regard however.

Thus, it is recommended to dash after seeing a Focus Attack connect successfully. Your window of opportunity to combo shrinks dramatically if you do not dash forward... not only because of timing but because of distance.

Because of low damage scaling, or lack of other combo options, an Ultra combo (when available) is many cases a suitable follow-up for a successful crumple because it is a simple, highly confirmable method for guaranteed damage. However it's important to weigh options in these situations - in many cases a full charged super will do more damage than a low-damage (Low Revenge Meter) Ultra, or perhaps even a simple EX combo may be more worthwhile.

EX Focus / Focus Cancel

At the cost of 50% super meter, an EX Focus can be performed in the middle of any special/super cancelable normal/special attack. Because of necessary cancel into an EX Focus, EX Focus is commonly referred to as "Focus Cancelling".

EX Focus can be confirmed by a the quick yellow flash (identical to other EX Special Attacks), and the cost of 2 EX stocks.

EX Focus is performed identically to a regular focus, MP+MK, at the point of contact of the move to be canceled.

EX Focus can be charged identically as any normal Focus.

EX Focus can be performed after any(?) special/super cancellable move, upon hit or block.

EX Focus can be dash cancelled just as a Normal Focus with NO EXTRA METER COST.

Hyper Armor

Some EX Special Attacks grant "Hyper Armor" to a character. Hyper Armor can absorb one non "armor-breaking" hit. For example during Zangief's EX Running Bear Grab, Zangief will absorb a Fierce Punch, totally bypass hitstun, and continue to grab Sagat if in range. Not all EX Specials grant Hyper Armor.

While charging a Focus Attack, a character gains "Focus Armor".

With the exception of El Fuerte's H. Dashes, Hyper Armor absorbs one single non-Armor Breaking hit.

El Fuerte's Habanero Dash has Hyper Armor that sustains 2 non-Armor Breaking hits.

Hyper Armor is full-body, meaning it absorbs 1 single hit of any non Armor-breaking High/Low/Mid attacks, no exceptions. It can be thrown however, at any point.

After any single hit,Hyper Armor is destroyed, so the formerly Armored individual is open to follow-up attacks. As such, multiple rapid attacks effective against Armor.

Similarly since Hyper Armor absorbs only one hit, it is not useful during multi-hitting special attacks. For example, Ken performed his 3-hit Fierce Shoryuken as Ryu charged Focus, Ryu would absorb the first hit, but quickly take the next two hits and eat extra damage in the process.

Since Hyper Armor offers no protection against throws, it is vulnerable to all special, super, and ultra considered "grabs" (E.G., Zangief super/ultra, El Fuerte ultra).

Damage received through Armor absorption can be considered "real" damage with the caveat that it regenerates over time. However, getting or thrown while damage regenerates forfeits all energy that has yet to be remained, while also taking full damage for the hit. Note taking chip damage does not forfeit energy regeneration, but chip damage is detracted energy that is to be regained.

The damage recovers naturally over time after a brief start-up period, however, the whole process halts while a character is in block stun.

Since damage incurred through armor absorption considered actual damage, it also builds Revenge Meter. Therefore, absorbing hits then recovering damage is a viable secondary measure to building an Ultra attack. For instance, utilizing Focus Armor to absorb a projectile and backdash to safety is a common tactic to build Revenge meter.

Any attack landed a formerly Armored individual who has not yet entered neutral state (verify), will land as a Counter Hit.

It's unknown as to how exactly stun accumulates/regains with Hyper Armor.

Armor Break

Certain special attacks in the game have an natural "Armor-Breaking" property. Armor-Breaking attacks bypass absorption effect of an Armored opponent and hit directly. For example, Blanka's Horizontal Rolling Attack is a 1 Hit Attack, but it cannot be Absorbed. Any attempt will result in an Armor Break, and the Armored individual will get hit.

In addition to natural armor-breaks, most non-throw/non-fireball special attacks are granted armor-break when performed as reversal only. For instance, reversal Ryu's Fierce Shoryuken or either of Zangief's lariat armor-break ONLY when performed as reversal.

Armor breaking is confirmed by a glass-shattering effect on-screen, as if a window was broken over the formerly Armored individual.

All characters have at least one natural Armor Breaking attack, with the exception of Zangief, who has none.

Successful Armor Breaks land as Counter Hit.

Super Combo

Super moves usually require doing the motion for a special move twice, e.g. QCF, QCF + P. This uses up four stocks (100%) of your super meter.

Super meter is filled by doing special moves (whiffed or connected), or by connecting (hit or block) with a normal move.

Whiffed normal moves do not fill super meter.

Character Frame Data shows how many points a move adds to the super meter. There are 1,000 points in a full meter.

Ultra Combo

As your character receives damage, his or her Revenge gauge will rise. Once it gets beyond the white line on the circular gauge, you are able to perform your character’s Ultra Combo (usually performed by performing the super motion using all three punches or kicks).

Even after your Ultra meter rises past the white line, it will still charge. This affects how much damage an Ultra Combo does. If your Ultra is at max, and you land it, it will do huge damage.


Arcade originals

Console exclusives

Console exclusive content

Unlockable content

Console versions of the game start with the 16 original arcade characters, two colors, and one personal action. Everything else must be unlocked by satisfying various conditions.


All of the console exclusive characters must be unlocked. Only Seth needs to be beaten with a given character to satisfy the requirement. The matches before Seth can be completed using any character. (unconfirmed)

To unlock... Requirements
Cammy Beat Arcade Mode with C. Viper.
Fei Long Beat Arcade Mode with Abel.
Gen Beat Arcade Mode with Chun-Li.
Rose Beat Arcade Mode with M. Bison.
Sakura Beat Arcade Mode with Ryu.
Dan Beat Arcade Mode with Sakura.
Akuma Defeat Akuma.
  1. Beat Arcade Mode with Akuma.
  2. Defeat Gouken.
Seth Beat Arcade Mode with everyone.

To unlock Akuma as a playable character:

1. Unlock Cammy, Fei Long, Dan, Sakura, Rose, and Gen.

2. Pick a character you have already used to beat Arcade Mode.

3. Win all your matches without continuing and without losing any rounds before fighting with Seth.

4. You need to get at least one "perfect" win in a round, and more than one depending on how many rounds per match you are playing.

- 1 round match: 1 perfect round or more

- 3 round match: 2 perfect rounds or more

- 5 round match: 3 perfect rounds or more

- 7 round match: 4 perfect rounds or more

(including the last battle against Seth)

5. If you meet these conditions, Akuma will appear. Defeat him to unlock Akuma as a selectable character.


To unlock Gouken as a playable character:

1. Complete Arcade Mode playing as Akuma and watch (not necessary to watch everything) an ending.

2. Then, unlock Gouken as an opponent, and defeat him.

Necessary conditions to unlock Gouken as an opponent:

  • Play with any characters with which you watched the ending once (so play using a character you have already beaten the game with)
  • Do not continue at all.
  • Do not lose at all. Not even one round (easier if you only play 1-round matches)
  • Achieve certain number (or more) of "Perfect" rounds. The number of Perfect Win you need to achieve are:
    • If you play on
      • 1 round match: 1 time or more
      • 3 round match: 2 times or more
      • 5 round match: 3 times or more
      • 7 round match: 4 times or more
  • Achieve a certain number (or more) of Super Combo -OR- Ultra Combo Finishes. Super and Ultra finishes both count toward this number. The number of super/ultra finishes you need to achieve are:
    • If you play on
      • 1 round match: 3 times or more
      • 3 round match: 5 times or more
      • 5 round match: 7 times or more
      • 7 round match: 9 times or more
  • Achieve certain number (or more) of First Attack (this means you must score the first strike in a match--the screen gives you the "First Attack" message, and you can mostly do this without even noticing):
    • If you play on
      • 1 round match: 5 first attacks or more
      • 3 round match: 10 first attacks or more
      • 5 round match: 15 first attacks or more
      • 7 round match: 20 first attacks or more
  • Then Gouken will appear. Kick his butt to unlock him!


Each character has 8 additional colors for their default costume besides the first 2. Additional colors are unlocked by completing certain Time Attack/Survival Trials, listed as follows:

Color 3 - Time Attack Normal 1

Color 4 - Survival Normal 1

Color 5 - Time Attack Normal 6

Color 6 - Survival Normal 6

Color 7 - Time Attack Normal 11

Color 8 - Survival Normal 11

Color 9 - Time Attack Normal 16

Color 10- Survival Normal 16

Personal Actions

Personal Action 2 - Time Attack Normal 2

Personal Action 3 - Survival Normal 2

Personal Action 4 - Time Attack Normal 7

Personal Action 5 - Survival Normal 7

Personal Action 6 - Time Attack Normal 12

Personal Action 7 - Survival Normal 12

Personal Action 8 - Time Attack Normal 17

Personal Action 9 - Survival Normal 17


Icons & Trophies (SFIV)

Challenge Mode

Time Attack Mode
Survival Mode
Trial Mode

Downloadable content

On the PlayStation 3, the game's version number is 1.01 as of February 17, 2009.

Alternative costumes

Release date
Name American European
Brawler Pack February 17, 2009 February 20, 2009
Femme Fatale Pack February 24, 2009 February 27, 2009
Shoryuken Pack March 3, 2009 March 6, 2009
Shadoloo Pack March 10, 2009 March 13, 2009
Classic Pack March 17, 2009 March 20, 2009
Pack Character Description
Brawler Abel Singlet
Brawler El Fuerte Chef
Brawler E. Honda Tsuna
Brawler Rufus Bubble jacket and pigtails
Brawler Zangief Hagger outfit
Femme Fatale Cammy Shadoloo assassin
Femme Fatale Chun-Li Dress
Femme Fatale C. Viper Uniform with exposed midriff
Femme Fatale Rose Gypsy
Femme Fatale Sakura Gi*
Shoryuken Akuma Tsuna
Shoryuken Dan Sparring gear
Shoryuken Gouken Tsuna
Shoryuken Ken Lined gi and sneakers
Shoryuken Ryu Shirtless
Shadoloo Balrog Apollo Creed
Shadoloo M. Bison Torn uniform without hat
Shadoloo Seth Pants
Shadoloo Sagat Leggings
Shadoloo Vega Colonial
Classic Blanka Explorer
Classic Dhalsim Wrap
Classic Fei-Long Bruce Lee from Enter the Dragon
Classic Guile Nash
Classic Gen Mask

* Selecting Color 10 will change the gi into a t-shirt.

Championship Mode

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