Street Fighter V/Advanced Techniques/Turns Chart

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Very Punishable (-7 or more) Punishable (-5 to -6) Barely Punishable (-3 to -4)

Crouch HK
Sledge Hammer
Slash Elbow HK
Slash Elbow EX
Heavy Hammer

Slash Elbow MK
Air Stampede LKM
Air Stampede MK
Air Stampede HK

Stand HP
Crouch MK
Flash Chop LP
Flash Chop MP
Flash Chop HP
Slash Elbow LK

Their Turn (-1 or -2) Neutral (0) My Turn (+1 or +2)

Stand MK
Stand HK
Crouch HP
Crouch LK
Big Boot
Flash Chop EX


Stand LP
Stand MP
Stand LK
Crouch LP
Crouch MP
Air Stampede EX

Advantaged (+3 to +6) Huge Advantage (+6 or more)