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[[Category:Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3]]
[[Category:Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3]]

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Stryker is a mid tier character, between 13th and 15th, with seriously powerful combos. He is a major zoning character and has a lot of different and useful specials moves. He can be a major force in the right hands, but like all other skill-to-use characters, he is ultimately defeated by top tier characters. He has a larger than average juggle zone, so he is massively vulnerable to punisher combos off his Baton Throw, not many characters can relaunch him, and he has huge juggling potential with the riot gun. His ducking blocking collision box is really small. He can't be run jabbed by many character, but likewise, for whatever reason he can't run jab many of them either. Try to stay on the ground with him, he doesn't really need to leave the ground to win much like Kabal and Reptile, unless you are juggling.

Basic moves:

Nice range HK, solid uppercut that can hit Shang and Kano while they are just ducking, a trait shared by some other characters, good range sweep, good range HP jabs, slow, deceptive hit area roundhouse which can be used as anti air but only in extremely circumstantial situations, if you can hit the Roundhouse as anti, you're better off doing an aaHP,HP to riot gun, dashin, HP,HP and try another riot gun, etc, average range, but quick ducking LK, excellent range JP good for wide cross ups if they are available, nice JK very similar to Jax.

The high and low grenades are essential to his zoning. Make sure you mix them up and try to guess when they are going to jump to knock them back down with the high grenade and keep them second guessing themselves but try to never throw out a grenade that will totally miss or you'll get punished. They are great anti air and anti counter turtling since they can hit very high and very depending on distance. Only use them in combos if you plan on terminating a combo for whatever reason.

The Riot Gun is very fast, and not always easy to punish depending on how close the opponent is when he blocks so often times it's safe to throw out randomly but make sure they are going to run into the tail end of the contact so Stryker's recovery time is shorter incase it is blocked. This sets up the chance to counter a rush down on their way in. Simply put, don't use it in close range if it's going to be blockable. It's good for wake up or after a knock down and the person is suspect to jump away out of sweep range. It is fast enough to counter virtually any close range attack for a simple psychological punish. It is a juggle machine because it counts as containment in air, similar to Cyrax's net but inside they wobble away from you so you need to utilize the baton dash sometimes to get close after it, setting up juggles.

The Baton Trip is virtually worthless unless it used as a surprised last resort hit to win a match because Stryker recovers at almost the exact same time as the person does when they get up and hold down, and he can be uppercut for chip by everyone for free after it at the very least, and Kabal for example, can connect an uppercut on him for free or spin him for free if it connects.

The Baton Throw is a very interesting move. It for some reason, like Sonya's leg grab, has it's own self damage protection properties. It's normal damage is about 19%, if you connect more than 3 juggled hits before it, it will do 5%, if in a pop up combo, it does 3%, .5% on contact and 2.5% on the landing. Weird. Anyway, it's great for early anticipated cross ups, so if someone goes to jump over you, if you buffer the F,F you can snag them as soon as they leave the ground, uppercuts in general can be used the exact same way, but there is a zoning advantage for Stryker by using the baton throw. It is MASSIVELY punishable since it's kind of slow and can be blocked from such far range at start up, it's better to stick to using it as long distance anti air or anti cross ups.

Stryker has two infinites. One is semi, the other is true. The semi infinite is his cross screen aaHP,HP riot gun, which cannot be done to every character, for example: Shang Tsung. His true infinite is in the corner, any variation of jump attack, aajab, riot gun, so, for example: 4 hit pop up, JK, aaLP, riot gun, probably the easiest and most effective incarnation of it, occasionally there might be times where Stryker is too close and a straight up JK can be useful. Make sure you allow enough push back off the jab to create distance when the riot gun hits, preferably on the way down towards the end, reducing recovery time, allowing Stryker to JK later, landing sooner, jabbing sooner, repeating the infinite ideally. The infinite can be starter off his regular pop up in the corner, or if his other infinite is forced to terminate you can attempt to continue infing with the true inf off it. For doing his cross screen infinite against some characters, it is a good idea to do aaHP, run cancel, step in, aaHP, instead of aaHPHP. On the male ninjas for example, do his pop up combo, labor B,F so he actually takes a full step in but do it soon enough after the pop up so they land on the riot gun instead of being hit by it at all too late, baton dash-miss, and repeat, this way the character is low enough to ground to get hit by the gun in a good position but still be close enough to continue cross screen juggles. If you do the HPHP they will be too high for the riot gun to connect right. You'll notice the best way to get this is to have the gun connect well after it's been fired, essentially landing right on top of the gun's collision area. This way you have started elapsing the time it takes inbetween uses of the gun, which is very brief, but it's crucial in this combo.

He can relaunch the Robot Ninjas, Sheeva, and Kung Lao.

Basic juggles:

1. aaHP,HP, baton throw, 3 hits 32% 2. aaHP,HP, riot gun, baton dash (misses), uppercut 4 hits 36% 3. jump punch, HK, HP, HP, LP, riot gun, run in, aaHP, JK 8 hits 50%

Advanced juggles:

1. jump punch, HK, HP, HP, LP, riot gun, baton dash, (misses) aaHP,HP, riot gun, repeat til corner, up to 80% depending on the opponent on how far from the wall you can begin, and for example 90%-100% on Jax as well because you can get 3 aaHPs on him. 2. in corner (HK, HP, HP, LP, JK, aaLP, riot gun, repeat til satisfied or capable, and terminate with any variety of attacks) 3. aaHP,HP riot gun, baton dash, repeat for inf.