Super Meter (TRF2)

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The meter is split up into two sections, Offense and Defense(OFF and DEF). Those sections are split up into three levels of meter each(six bars total). When both the OFF and DEF meter are full, they make the Critical meter. OFF meter is red DEF meter is blue Critical meter is green Each character has one of each type of super.

  • OFF Meter

The OFF meter only builds when you attack. Each OFF super uses one level of OFF meter.

    • Jolt Attack (LP + LK)

The Jolt Attack is an unblockable launcher that allows you to do two combo series in the air. Each Jolt uses one level OFF meter

    • Advance Attack (SP + SK)

The advance attack allows you to re-combo an opponent at the end of another combo. Example: LP, LK, SP, SK, Advance, LP, LK, SP, super

    • Impact Blow (Launcher special attack + Dodge)

An Impact Blow is a launcher that gives the opponent the inability to tech out of the air. Each Impact Blow uses one level of OFF meter.

  • DEF Meter

The DEF meter only builds when you are blocking. Each DEF super uses one level of DEF meter. (Note: You can only use DEF super when you are in block animation/stun, or in a reversal.)

    • Impact Break (While Guarding - Back + Dodge)

An Impact Break allows you to "break" the opponents combo, and do a counter hit combo of your own. It is similar to a parry in Street Fighter 3:3rd Strike, but a bit different. If you do an Impact Break during the wrong part of a combo, you could get hit right out of it.

The trick is to do the Impact Break during a laggy part of the opponents combo. This in turn makes the execution of the Impact Break very character specific. Impact Break only works during: Hazama's SK Arans 2nd Rekka hit. There are others. Each Impact Break uses one level of DEF meter.