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In a nutshell

Meta Knight is famed for being at the top of the Brawl tier list (S Tier) due to the very quick speed of his attacks, having many attacks with transcending priority, four recovery moves that enable him to have a long, safe, and unpredictable recovery, effective walls of pain, KO moves that are both agile and reliable, and incredible matchups; Meta Knight has no overall disadvantageous matchups (only Pikachu, Fox and Falco have shared this trait), and only three characters (Falco, Pikachu, and Diddy Kong) have even matchups with him.

This does not mean he has no disadvantages, however. Meta Knight is still rather light, which can impair his ability to survive at high percentages, especially against characters such as Snake. In additions, he can fall victim to some chaingrabs, due to his poor airspeed; notably, Marth's grab release combos can cause an inescapable grab release to dair death combo.

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