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In a nutshell

Snake currently ranks 3rd on the tier list (the highest ranked unlockable character) thanks to his quick and powerful neutral and tilt attacks, great range and the large, disjointed hitboxes of his attacks, and being surprisingly the third heaviest character, therefore he is extremely hard to KO if the player has good DI. He is also one of the fastest heavyweights movement wise due to his DACUS. Almost all of his moves have high KO power, and he can set up amazing tech-chases with his down throw. All of this, along with his large variety of projectiles, excellent matchups, and great stage control with his projectiles, makes Snake a deadly adversary. Snake is not without his flaws, however; his air game, due to his fast falling speed, high lag aerials, and slow jumping speed, is among the worst in the game, and exploits with his Cypher can allow opponents to gimp him. Regardless of these flaws, Snake has placed very well in tournaments, and he has many advantageous matchups against other characters.

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