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In a nutshell

Wario currently ranks 6th on the tier list (the second highest ranked sub-series Mario character) due to his unique attributes as a fighter, as he has a small frame, high weight, and great air speed. Additionally, he has a great recovery when all recovery options are present, good approach game, amazing aerial game/mobility combined with an amazing air dodge, unpredictability, great matchups, and his effective Wario Waft KO move. However he suffers from major grab release problems, as well as a relatively weak approach due to his mediocre range; his range makes him especially vulnerable to disjointed hitboxes, such as those from the likes of Marth and Meta Knight. Additionally, Wario's recovery is among the worst in the game if multiple elements are absent from it, most notably his Wario Bike. Regardless, Wario has very good matchups against most of the cast.

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