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Captain Falcon, from the F-Zero series, currently ranks 7th place (A tier) on the tier list. He ranks high due to a superb punishing game and combo ability, in addition to the powerful Knee Smash. However, he is a fast faller and one of the heavier characters of Melee, making him vulnerable to various combos and chaingrabs.

"A" Moves Analysis

"B" Moves List

  • "up B" Falcon Dive- Captain Falcon boost upwards and forwards, grabs his opponent, and explodes them.
  • "B neutral" Falcon Punch- Most famous move, does a powerful punch.
  • "down B" Falcon Kick- Falcon boost forward for a flame kick.
  • " forward B" Raptor Boost- Falcon dashes forward for a flame upper-cut.

Move Analysis

  • Up B

Captain Falcon is given a quick boost upwards and forwards, and anything within his target area is pulled to him, given a blast of fiery energy, and launched away. If it connects, it sends Falcon backwards, but also removes the helplessness state, allowing him to perform the move again. This move acts as a grab, so it can hit enemies that are shielding. The range at which the enemy is latched on to Captain Falcon is much greater in SSB than in Melee or Brawl. Very useful end of combo move in smash 64 (such as after up airs) and moderately useful Oos move.

  • Down B


Frame Data




Character Specific

Additional Note


Serious Advantage Match-ups

Mewtwo, Yoshi, G&W, Ness, Bowser, Kirby, Pichu

Advantage Match-ups

Peach, Doc, Ganondorf, Samus, Pikachu, Mario, Luigi, DK, Link, Y.Link, Zelda, Roy

Fair Match-ups

Marth, Ice Climbers

Disadvantage Match-ups

Fox, Falco, Puff, Sheik

Serious Disadvantage Match-ups