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Hailing from the very popular Legend of Zelda series, Link is a low tier character that is very popular among newer players of the game, and non-tournament players. While low tier, Link can be used very well in tournaments, providing a threat to the top tier players

Popular Link players are The Germ and Aniki (who has given up Link for Samus)

"B" Moves List

  • Up B - Link does a spinning attack, where his sword takes up a huge area around him
  • Forward/Back B - Link tosses his boomerang in the direction selected
  • Down B - Link pulls a bomb out of his backpack
  • Neutral B - Link shoots an arrow out of his bow, B can be held to charge the shot, making it head in a much straighter angle

Move Analysis

  • Up B

- This move has a great amount of knock back

- If you are shielding an attack, you can preform an Up B right out of the shield to punish

- If a recovering opponent hits the bottom or tip of the Up B, they will be knocked back farther, and sent downward, most of this time they will not be able to recover from this, especially if after you edgehog (grab onto the edge of the map so your opponent cannot)

- If missed, you will create a huge amount of lag that will be easily punished

- If your opponent shields once at any time against any hit in the attack, it will no longer damage them for the rest of the attack

- Best used when comboed into, to punish, from shield or to finish a recovering opponent


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