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Luigi ranks at 14th on the tier list, in the D tier, placing him in the dead centre, along with his older brother, Mario. Luigi is notable for having possibly one of the best air games in all of Melee, with very fast, very powerful and very low lag aerials and very high raw jumping power. With a projectile in tow and a very long wavedash due to his poor traction, Luigi also has some very good approach options; Luigi's wavedash alone is the longest in the game, easily taking him half the distance of Final Destination and traversing the area in a speed only slightly slower than Captain Falcon's dash. Luigi also has some very efficient killers, including a fast and powerful forward smash and a decently powered sex kick for his neutral air. Luigi's traction, however, acts as a double-edged sword; while it gives him an excellent wavedash, it also limits some of his approaches on the ground if he's not wavedashing. Aditionally, Luigi's recovery is short and predictable, with very few options available to him.

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