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Mario appears on rank 13 in the D tier on the current tier list, placing him in the center, along with his brother Luigi and two places below his clone of Dr. Mario. Mario acts as a well-rounded character, with average weight, falling speed and other such attributes. Mario has some good comboing ability, and he has a very versatile grab game, with a powerful back throw that can lead to gimps and an up and down throw that can chaingrab. Mario also is a decent edgeguarder, with Fireball (a solid projectile), and his cape which can easily and efficiently gimp almost every other character's recovery. However, Mario lacks a reliable finisher, and his recovery is decidedly average, though he can extend it with his cape and wall jumps. Despite this, Mario is still easily gimped and can't recover if he is knocked too far away from the stage.

"A" Moves Analysis

Ground attacks

  • Neutral attack- Mario does a weak punch forward, followed by a second weak punch before a stronger kick forward. This entire combo was in Super Mario 64. 2-3%, 1-2%, 4-5% damage respectively
  • Dash attack- Mario slides on the ground feet first. Knocks foes diagonally behind him. 9% when it first comes out, 6% after.
  • Forward tilt- A fast kick forward. Often throw into Mario's combos. 9%
  • Up tilt- Mario punches upwards. Good juggling move, as well as a rather good combo starter. Looks similar to the second hit of Mario's Mega Glove combo in Super Mario RPG. 8% damage.
  • Down tilt- Mario kneels down and sweeps his leg low to the ground. Low knockback. At damages below 100%, this move is very weak and barely stuns the foe. Above 100%, however, this move can be easily followed with a forward for a quick kill. 8% damage
Smash attacks
  • Forward smash- Mario launches a blast of fire from his palm. The move is relatively quick and has good knockback. Note that if the opponent is very close to Mario, the attack will land on a sourspot on his arm. Sweetspot does 18% damage uncharged, 23% fully. Sourspot does 11% damage uncharged, 15% fully.
  • Up smash- Mario headbutts upward. A fast move with more range at the back of his head than in the front. 15% uncharged, 18% full.
  • Down smash- Mario does a breakdancing kick. Extremely fast, one of Mario's stronger moves. From Super Mario 64. 16% front, 10% back uncharged, 21% front 12% back full.
Other attacks
  • Ledge attack - Does a somersault and then kicks upward. 8% damage
  • 100% Ledge Attack - Gets up then does an attack similar to his down-angled forward tilt. 10% damage
  • Floor attack -Gets up then punches behind him, then in front of him. 6% damage

Aerial attacks

  • Neutral aerial- A sex kick. Mario sticks his foot out in front of him. Like a few of his other moves, this was in Super Mario 64. Peak damage is 12%, gets weaker thereafter.
  • Forward aerial- Mario punches in front of him with an enlarged fist. Slow, predictable and has high ending lag, but acts as powerful meteor smash, with no sourspot. 15% damage
  • Back aerial- Mario kicks backward. Fast, good for edgeguarding. 10% damage
  • Up aerial-Mario flip kicks upward. Good move for juggling and comboing. 11% damage
  • Down aerial- Drill Kick: Mario spins. Resembles the Spin Jump from Super Mario World. Does multiple hits instead of one powerful one. Total 10%


  • Pummel- A Clutch Headbutt: Mario headbutts his grabbed opponent. 2-3%
  • Forward throw- Mario spins around once, and throws his opponent forward, with decent knockback. 9% damage
  • Back throw- Mario spins around three times and throws his opponent backward. Surprisingly high knockback, can hit enemies mid swing. 12% damage
  • Up throw- Mario Launch- Mario throws his opponent upward. Good for an up-tilt following, or starting combos at higher percentages. 8% damage.
  • Down throw- Mario throws his opponent on the ground. Can be a good chainthrow on certain characters. 6% damage

"B" Moves List

Move Analysis


Frame Data




Character Specific

Additional Note


Serious Advantage Match-ups

Bowser, Pichu

Advantage Match-ups

Pikachu, DK, Link, Y.Link, Zelda, Roy, Mew2, Yoshi, G&W, Ness, Kirby

Fair Match-ups

Doc, Luigi

Disadvantage Match-ups

Everyone else

Serious Disadvantage Match-ups