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===Serious Disadvantage Match-ups===
===Serious Disadvantage Match-ups===
{{Smash Melee}}
{{Smash Melee}}
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Marth is the fourth best character in the game under Shiek, Falco and Fox. Marth has a slight disadvantage to Sheik at higher levels of play(3-5) but get raped by her at the scrub-mid level. Marth has an even matchup with Falco and has a slight advantage over Fox with (6-4) matchup.

"B" Moves List

B-This is used to break down a shield, edgeguard or when a Fair or Dair is inapplicable. Use carefully though because of the lag after the move.

6B-Known as the Dancing Blades. Holding the control stick down while performing it will lead to different effects.

2B-A counter attack move while Marth shines. If the opponent attacks during this duration, a counterattack starts. Don't spam this move as it is highly punishable.

Move Analysis


Frame Data




Character Specific

Additional Note


Serious Advantage Match-ups

Advantage Match-ups

Fair Match-ups

Disadvantage Match-ups

Serious Disadvantage Match-ups