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Mewtwo is ranked 20th on the current tier list, in the F tier. While initially deemed the worst character in the game, the changing metagame of Melee caused Mewtwo to experience a rise of six places. Mewtwo's good attributes include a long, safe, and difficult to counter recovery, a rather good chaingrabbing ability, an ability to perform mindgames, a decent combo ability, and among the best throws in the game. However, Mewtwo suffers from an unusual combination of being a large target and a lightweight; this, combined with its floatiness and long periods of hitstun cause it to be easy to KO. Additionally, its up throw, which happens to be Mewtwo's primary finisher, changes in effectiveness depending on the falling speed of its opponent.

"A" Moves Analysis

Ground attacks

  • Neutral attack: 6%, then 2% or 1% randomly. Mewtwo reaches its arm out, blasting out a bit of shadow energy. Mewtwo will then blast out a stream of shadow energy. The blasts are somewhat awkward to combo with.
  • Dash attack: Mewtwo holds its arms out while sliding, inflicting damage with shadow energy. Rather long ending lag. 9% when it comes out, 6% during the rest of the attack.
  • Forward tilt: Tail Slap - 10%. Mewtwo flicks its tail forward. Quick, decent range, with a disjointed hitbox.
  • Up tilt: Tail Flip - 5%-10%, depending on where it hits. Mewtwo flips upward, hitting with its tail.
  • Down tilt: Tail Sweep - 9%. Mewtwo spins around, sweeping its tail low. Has a disjointed hitbox.
  • Forward smash: Shadow Blast - Mewtwo shoves forward, releasing a pulse of shadow. Similar to Mario's Forward Smash in that it is most powerful the farther away the enemy is. Fairly good range and damage, but rather low knockback. The close-up non-sweet spotted hit does 12% uncharged, 16% full. Sweet spot does a stronger 20% uncharged, 27% fully.
  • Up smash: Galaxy Blast - Mewtwo holds its palm up, releasing a storm of shadow energy that hits multiple times. Can easily be SDI'd out of, and deals rather low knockback. 15% uncharged, 20% full. (If all strikes connect.)
  • Down smash: Shadow Bomb - Mewtwo hits downward with shadow energy. Good knockback and speed, with moderate range; however, it has the unusual property of being unable to hit both sides of it. 15% uncharged, 20% full.
  • Ledge attack - Mewtwo flips onto the stage, using its tail to attack. 8%.
  • 100% ledge attack - Mewtwo telekinetically walks on the side of the stage, then suddenly jumps on the stage and swipes with a claw. 10%.
  • Floor attack - Mewtwo telekinetically gets himself up and spins around with its tail extended. 5%-7%, depending on how close the enemy is.

Aerial attacks

  • Neutral aerial: Body Spark: 3-20% damage. (Depends on the number of hits.) Mewtwo releases a long lasting shock out of its body. Good damage if the entire attack hits, as well as good combo continuer. Also slows down Mewtwo's fallings speed slightly, making it useful for recovery.
  • Forward aerial: Shadow Claw: 14% damage. Mewtwo slashes forward with shadow energy. High vertical knockback, useful for combos, juggling, and KOs, but mediocre range.
  • Up aerial: High Tail Flip: 14% damage. (When Sweet Spotted.) Mewtwo flips upward, hitting with its tail. Good juggling move.
  • Back aerial: Tail Flail: 13% damage. (When Sweet Spotted.) Mewtwo hits behind itself with its tail.
  • Down aerial: Flip Stomp: 16% damage. (When Sweet Spotted.) Mewtwo flips backward and hits with its foot downward. Acts as a meteor, albeit a very weak one; however, due to its low ending lag and Mewtwo's stellar recovery, it is of low-risk to use.


  • Pummel: Hand Zap: 3% damage. Mewtwo electrocutes the opponent in its grasp.
  • Forward throw: Multi Shadow Shot: 9% damage. (Do near a wall or overhang for double damage.) Mewtwo throws its foe diagonally forward and shoots with multiple small Shadow Balls. Shadow Balls can be SDI'd.
  • Back throw: Reverse Throw: 11% damage. Mewtwo uses Psychic to throw its enemy backward powerfully. One of the strongest back throws in the game, among his best KO moves.
  • Down throw: Tail Smash: 11% damage. (Can hit a nearby foe as well.) Mewtwo throws its enemy down and hits with its tail. Can be used to chaingrab.
  • Up throw: Psychic Whirlwind: 12% damage. Mewtwo uses Psychic to throw its foe upward, spinning. Strongest up throw in the game, one of Mewtwo's best kill moves, KOing at 105%. At low percentages, it can chaingrab fast fallers.

"B" Moves List

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Serious Advantage Match-ups


Advantage Match-ups

DK, Zelda, Roy, Ness, Bowser, Kirby, Pichu

Fair Match-ups


Disadvantage Match-ups

Puff, Sheik, IC, Doc, Samus, Pikachu, Mario, Luigi, Link, Y.Link, G&W

Serious Disadvantage Match-ups

Fox, Falco, Marth, Peach, C.Falcon, Ganon