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Peach (Mario bros.) is a character with a very distinct playstyle; if one plans on using her well, one must thus prepare to practice often with her character-specific techniques, most notably the Float cancel and her Vegetable (Turnip) attack. Both make her formidable and unique and both are also necessary for high-level play. Currently, Peach is 6th in the A tier. Her float cancel gives her a fantastic aerial game, and she can play mindgames by using Toad. Peach also is a good chaingrabber, which is particularly useful for higher tiered characters. She is also owner of one of the best projectiles in the game. Additionally, Peach's recovery is among the best in the game, with many options available to her, allowing her to recover at almost any angle. Peach's primary flaw is her light weight and floatiness, which makes her more susceptible to KOs, especially on the upper blast lines. Additionally, her slow dash and weak ground attacks, save for her down smash, impairs her approach while on the ground.

"A" Moves Analysis

Ground attacks


  • Neutral attack- Slaps the opponent twice, though the first hit is usually used to start combos. 1-3% first hit, 1-2% second hit.
  • Dash attack- Lunges forward and splits her hands apart. Good for juggling opponents at low damage percentages. 3-12%
  • Forward tilt- Does an 180 degree kick. Capable of seriously juggling heavies at low percentages if they lose their second jump. Can KO opponents above 120%. 3-13%
  • Up tilt- Bashes her crown upwards. 6-12%
  • Down tilt- Sweeps the ground with her arm and hand. It meteor smashes if the opponent hits her forearm and not her hand. Use the meteor smash over the ledge against aerial or recovering opponents. The meteor can KO grounded opponents above 130%. 6-12%

Smash attacks

  • Forward smash: "Peach Swing", swings the following. Damage and knockback vary with each weapon, though all three possess very low knockback
    • Frying pan 17-23% - Strongest of three hits, KOing at about 120%
    • Tennis racket 12-16% - Weakest of three hits, uncharged hit not KOing until ridiculously high percentages
    • Golf club 13-17% - Sweetspot at tip is somewhat powerful, KOing at 130% if fully charged. Sourspot, however, will not KO until over 200% regardless of charge.
  • Up smash- Quick upwards slap. If sweetspotted (located her palm and her hand), the attack send opponent upward with high vertical knockback. If sourspotted (located her shoulders and her finger), the move has weak vertical knockback. When sweetspotted, this move can KO opponents at around 73% when fully charged. 8-25%
  • Down smash- Spins around to the ground, multiple hits. This move has extremely high horizontal knockback if it is fully charged and multiple hits land. If the opponent is above 100% it has moderate horizontal knockback scailing since, it deals only one hit on opponent, but it can KO at high percentage if first hit landed. Deals more damage, if the opponent attempts to crouch cancel or two metal opponents is very close to Peach. Multiple hits has a semi-spike. Most damaging move in Melee. Can be use to shield stab opponents. When fully charged and multiple hits land, this move can KO opponents at low percentage under 20% due to very powerful semi-spike. Multiple hits cannot hit opponents above 100%. 6-95%

Aerial attacks

  • Neutral aerial- Twirls in the air. Can KO at high percentage. 4-14%
  • Forward aerial- Bashes her crown in front of her for huge knockback. Can KO opponents at high percentage. 8-15%
  • Back aerial- Bashes her hip backwards for good knockback. Has passable power for it to be a finisher. 5-14%
  • Up aerial- A quick kick at an upwards angle. Can KO opponents at above 110%. 7-14%
  • Down aerial- Kicks downward four times. Good combo starter but deals low damage and produces barely any knockback. 1-11%

Other attacks

  • Ledge attack- Launches herself off the ledge to a short distance on the stage, rear first. 6% damage
  • 100% ledge attack- Somewhat slowly gets up and swirls her foot in a 360° motion in front of herself, similar to Mario's down smash, only much weaker and less range. 10% damage
  • Floor attack- Swirls herself around in a similar fashion to Mario's down smash. 6% damage

Grab and throws

  • Pummel- Stomps opponent with foot. 1-3%
  • Forward throw- Throws her foe in front of her for big knockback. Strongest forward throw in the game. 1-10%
  • Back throw- Puts opponent behind her and hits them with her hip. The back throw can KO opponent above 170% if used near the edge very close to the side blast line. 6-11%
  • Up throw- Punches foe in the gut, forcing them up. Can chain grab any characters except fast fallers at 0%. Fast faller must be around 40% damage in order to chain grab this way. She can finish with sweetspotted up smash, or up aerial on everyone at above 100%. 4-9%
  • Down throw- Puts opponent down and sits on them. Can chain grab floaty characters, heavyweights and fast fallers at high percentage. 3-7%


  • Normal 6%
  • Circle Eyes 6%
  • Line Eyes 6%
  • Carrot Eyes 6%
  • Eyebrow Eyes 6%
  • Wink 10%
  • Dot Eyes 16%
  • Stitch Face ("Gaddish") 34%
  • Peach can also pull out a Bob-omb, Beam Sword or Mr. Saturn, although the odds of doing so are 1:300.

"B" Moves List

Move Analysis


Frame Data




Character Specific

Additional Note


Serious Advantage Match-ups

IC, Roy, Mew2, Yoshi, Bowser, Pichu

Advantage Match-ups

Doc, Pikachu, Mario, Luigi, DK, Zelda, G&W, Ness, Kirby

Fair Match-ups

Falco, Ganon, Samus, Link, Y.Link

Disadvantage Match-ups

Fox, Puff, Sheik, Marth, C.Falcon

Serious Disadvantage Match-ups