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Pichu is currently ranked 25th/26th (tied with Kirby) in the G tier due to the fact that it has poor range, most characters can easily chain throw it despite it being small and being the lightest character in the game, which is another huge flaw, and it takes damage from its own attacks. Pichu, however, is not completely worthless; it has a surprisingly good grab game, as well as a decent air game and a slew of powerful attacks. Regardless, Pichu suffers from abysmal matchups, and it has the highest amount of unwinnable matchups of any character in any Smash game, having a total of eleven. By comparison, Kirby has seven, Ganondorf (who is the lowest on the tier list for Brawl) has six, and Bowser, the second lowest on Melee's tier list, has five. Furthermore, Pichu has no advantageous matchups, with only one being even (against Yoshi).

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