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Samus is currently ranked 11th in the tier list. Namely, her powerful and effective projectiles can aid her KOing power and her approach on the ground, and she also has a good air game, with a powerful sex kick. Samus' recovery is among the best in the game, due to her bomb jumps, ability to wall jump, and her grappling beam, all of which make her among the toughest characters to KO horizontally. Additionally, techniques exclusive to her, such as the Super Wavedash and Extended Grapple aid her approach, resulting in favorable matchups. However, she is floaty, allowing her to be KO'd vertically easily, and she has a below average combo ability, due to a relatively low air speed. Her primary combo starter, her grab, is also very laggy if it misses, though it can be extended.

"A" Moves Analysis

Ground attacks


  • Neutral attack- A jab followed by her bringing her cannon-arm down in an axe-like way. Jab does 2-3% damage, next hit does 7% damage.
  • Dash attack- Shoulder tackle. 13% damage.
  • Up tilt- Raises her leg and brings it down. Very similar to Captain Falcon's up tilt. It is a meteor smash according to the game, but it only works on grounded opponents. The meteor can KO grounded opponents at high percentage. 13% damage.
  • Down tilt- Brings her cannon arm down and fires an explosive weapon. Powerful, excellent option out of a crouch cancel. Can KO under 150%. 14% damage.
  • Forward tilt- Extremely fast kick forward. Excellent in stopping close-up foes. 10% damage.

Smash attacks

  • Up smash- Aims arm-cannon up and sets off many explosions. Below average knockback. 21% uncharged, 29% fully charged.
  • Down smash- A spin kick around her. Fast, good knockback. 16% uncharged, 22% fully charged.
  • Forward smash- Thrusts arm-cannon in front of herself. Somewhat fast, moderate knockback. 14% damage uncharged, 19% fully charged.

Other attacks

  • Ledge attack- Gets up and kicks. 10% damage.
  • 100% ledge attack- Gets up and punches with her arm-cannon. 10% damage.
  • Floor attack- Gets up and kicks on both sides. 6% damage.

Aerial attacks

  • Neutral aerial- A sex kick. 14% when first comes out, gets weaker afterwards. Good horizontal knockback, and good for edgeguarding.
  • Back aerial- A very fast kick behind her. 14% damage if sweetspotted, 10% damage if not sweetspotted. The sweetspot is at her foot, notably her toe. A good edgeguard to use.
  • Forward aerial- Fires several explosions in front of her with her arm-cannon. Up to 23%.
  • Down aerial- Brings her arm-cannon into a downwards arch swipe, a good meteor smash. The meteor can KO grounded opponents at 115%. 16% damage.
  • Up aerial- Brings her legs above her body and spins. Several hits, up to 10% damage.

Grabs & throws

  • Pummel- Slaps her foe with her hand. Somewhat fast. 2-3% damage per pummel.
  • Forward throw- Brings her foe up with her Grapple Beam and launches them forward. 9% damage.
  • Up throw- Launches her foe upwards. 7% damage.
  • Down throw- Violently picks foe up with her Grapple Beam and slams them to the ground. 6% damage. Almost 100% of the time can use Up tilt to punish nearly any opponent. This attack has a set knockback.
  • Back throw- Launches foe behind. 8% damage.

"B" Moves List

Move Analysis


Frame Data




Character Specific

Additional Note


Serious Advantage Match-ups

Roy, Yoshi, Bowser, Kirby, Pichu

Advantage Match-ups

G&W, Pikachu, Mario, Luigi, IC, Y.Link, Zelda, Mew2, Ness

Fair Match-ups

Fox, Falco, Peach, Doc, DK

Disadvantage Match-ups

Puff, Shiek, Marth, C.Falcon, Ganon, Link

Serious Disadvantage Match-ups