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Sheik used to be 1st on the tier list, to the point where some smashers considered her to be "broken". On July of 2006, however, she slipped to rank 3, ousted by Fox and Falco. In the current Melee tier list, she slipped to fourth, ousted this time by Jigglypuff.

Sheik stands in the high tier primarily due to her chain throw, excellent combos, a great finisher in her fair, a very good approach due to fast aerials and good air speed, and one of the best edgeguarding games in Melee. Sheik, however, suffers from a relatively short and predictable recovery, as well as a rather short wavedash.

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Serious Advantage Match-ups

Everyone else

Advantage Match-ups

Marth, Peach, C.Falcon, Doc, Ganon, Samus, Mario, Luigi, Y.Link, Mew2

Fair Match-ups


Disadvantage Match-ups

Fox, Puff, IC

Serious Disadvantage Match-ups