SvC Chaos: SNK Vs Capcom

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After SNK's "rebirth" following their massive pullout of the US market, they got together with Capcom to plan the fourth SNK and Capcom crossover. The fruits of their labor came in 2003 when "SvC Chaos: SNK Vs Cacpom" was released for the NeoGeo. Unlike the Capcom VS SNK games (where Capcom acted as the developer), SvC was developed by SNK-Playmore (SNK also developed the NeoGeo Pocket Color game "SNK VS Capcom: Match of the Millenium"; the first Capcom/SNK fighting game). That said, SvC sports a decidedly SNK tone. The game is faster than the average Capcom game and is based on a modified King of Fighters engine. SNK redrew all the Capcom characters in their own style and it shows. SvC sports a roster of over 35 characters and takes its characters from various sources in the Capcom and SNK stables. The game also features a very unique dialogue tree where every character in the game has specific comments for all of their opponents (who reply in a unique manner as well), a feature that should be included in more fighting games.

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Game Mechanics

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Advanced Strategy

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Final Bosses (Only playable on the home versions)