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Dear DoctrineDark,
I love your decidation and your desire to fill in the various non-game-specific info throughout the wiki, but I strongly recommend not going this far.  By using this very detailed movelist-template, we will be forced to make a huge number of changes every time a new game is released.  It is not easily maintainable.  This information is also redundant with what is expected from the character's game-specific strategy guides.  Also, controller movements should belong in the game's character page, not here.
For these non-game-specific character pages, I would say that a brief character biography, a list of games in our wiki the character has appeared in, and short summaries of the character's signature moves would be enough.  There is no need to go into too much detail for the bio, since wikipedia can handle that.  I hope you might take this into consideration.
--[[User:Leviathean|Leviathean]] 16:33, 26 February 2007 (UTC)
== Modified Article ==
What you are saying makes sense.  I will endeavor to color within the lines.  I thinned out the article quite a bit and removed the move list.  I got rid of all of the normal moves that don't have names.  I alphabetized the moves in order to more easily look them up.  I cut down on the details of the moves and removed the motion descriptions.  You suggested that I only list their signature moves.  I decided to list all the moves that had names though.  I am thinking that giving text descriptions of these moves in different FAQs would be very redundant.  The boilerplate [[Alex (3S)]] doesn't have any descriptions for the moves at all.  I think that it would be an easy thing to cause a hash-reference link in a game-faq next to the line that describes how to perform the move.  Take a look at the links I added to [[Akuma (3S)]] and tell me if you think these are appropriate.  Let me know what you think about the current version of the [[Akuma]] page and [[Akuma (3S)]] page.  I will then update the generic [[Ryu]], [[Ken]], [[Dan]], and [[Sakura]] pages.

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