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Why Super Art 3?

Perhaps some explanations should be included for "Pick Super Art 3"

SA1 deals the most damage in one go. Can combo easily off and mp->hp. Great of punishing pokes and footsies. Invincible startup. Sometimes catches jumpers for piddly damage, but better than nothing.

SA2 can deal a good chunk of damage too depending on how many hits. Invincible startup. Primarily used to catch jumpers and impossible to parry all hits since hit timing is based on your button mashing. (and scoring a knock-down lets you play wakeup games.)

The above supers are decent. SA1 can be comboed, SA2 is an awesome anti-air, and both can reliably bow through most attacks. For the novice player, SA1 is excellent; a turtler will think SA2 is great. Unfortunately for SA1 & SA2 supers, SA3 is just too awesome that it puts SA1 and SA2 to complete and utter shame.
SA3 (Jinrai) is extremely fast and will beat almost everything. It is also so fast that it can punish moves that are normally safe when blocked (i.e. reversal Jinrai punishes a blocked Ken SA3 bars fills up fast and gives you plenty of opportunities to use EXs and/or Jinrai. Most importantly, Jinrai has several verifiable combos that can't be done with SA1 or SA2, which allows SA3 Kens to always land super on a hit. --vknightbd 07:54, 14 March 2007 (UTC)

Some setups on Jinrai

Note: Verifying (or hit confirming) is very important! The overview does not mention which are verifiable and which aren't... I've identified the verifiable ones below. Note: the overhead links only work if opponent is crouching

  •>Jinrai (this combo is not verifiable; a trick is to use mk just outside of range and do the super, if they dash in, it cancels into super; if they don't dash, you just whiff a instead of getting a blocked Jinrai)
  •>s.hp->Jinrai (verify during mp->hp)
  •,,>Jinrai (verify during lks)
  •, Jinrai (mp is linked, verify on mp)
  • b+mk, Jinrai (b+mk is linked, verify on overhead)
  •,,, (all lk are blocked) UOH, Jinrai (linked UOH, not verifiable)
  • after successful Jinrai, dash forwards, walk a bit back, UOH, Jinrai (linked UOH, not verifiable)

(the link can be seen at 00:57, and the two UOH links can be seen together at 1:40 in Hirai(Ken) VS Uraken(Gouki) 13). --vknightbd 07:54, 14 March 2007 (UTC)