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Naming Convention

I have a suggestion regarding naming conventions on the wiki. A lot of the common terms are going to overlap, and currently the convention seems to be <term>(<game>), which seems both ugly and nonstandard. Why not use the given convention in MediaWiki (which is <game>:<term>), or another convention (like how MoinMoin does it, as <game>/<term>, which parses cleaner in non-wiki use.)


I'm a little confused as to what you're referring to. The only pages I see in the form <term>(<game>) are the character pages. In which case, I'm sure it doesn't really matter if you change it to: <game>:<term>.

--James McCloud 19:20, 18 December 2006 (UTC)

I'd like to propose something for the Movelists - instead of using "qcf,d,df + P / f,d,df + S ", we could use the unicode characters for arrows which were implemented even in the first revision of Unicode like ↓↘→,↓,↘ + P or halfcircles like ↷. Such simple symbols may be graphics which can be created easily and we can use our own custom made. Movelists will look much nicer in my opinion. --morbeo 04:00, 7 March 2007 (UTC)

Very good idea. Thanks. --James McCloud 18:21, 13 March 2007 (UTC)

Unable to upload .PNG graphics: Although a quick look at upload history shows that people have uploaded .png graphics here as early as a year ago, I seem unable to upload .png graphic files to mediawiki at all, always getting the "...file corrupt..." error. I've tried resaving the .png in many different graphics programs, so they don't seem to be the culprit. A quick Google search shows that others have had the problem too with mediawiki, although the technical details are beyond my understanding.

Cape (on forums) says: "It's a relatively common problem with the Wiki software. If the people at mediawiki are to be trusted, then we require someone with the power, to [add] this:
# PNG images
0 string \211PNG image/png /etc/httpd/conf/magic. Might need to restart httpd."

If anyone here is able to help with this problem or knows someone who can, it'd be very much appreciated. I'm working on these .png files for several wikis and really hate to use .gif or .jpg instead.

Edit: This issue seems to have been fixed now. Thanks! --Raisin (April 1, 2007)

The bots have arrived, ideas?

--FMJaguar 07:05, 13 June 2007 (UTC)

Main Page design

I'll be going through the motions of making our main page nice and shiny. Just a heads up so that people aren't like: Whoa what the FUCK?