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Vegetto (Vegeta Platform)

Max Damage - 2040

Combo - <KK~, <P.>K*, >KKK>K-, >PKK', K>KP*, <P+K^, <E [Spirit Cannon]2040

Vegetto (Goku Platform)

Max Damage - 2054

Combo - >PKK-, >KKP*, KKKK-, <K*, <P+K^, <P+K^, >PPPP>P^, >PPPP>P^, >PPPP>P^, >PPPKE [Spirit Cannon]

Goku (SSJ4)

>PKK- <P+K^ <E@EEE- <EEEE- >E [10x Kamehameha] 2072

>KKP* >PKK- <P+K^ <E@EEE- <EEEE- <EEEE- <EEEE- <EEEE- >E [10x Kamehameha] 3696

Vegeta (SSJ4)

<KK~ >KKK>K- <EE* PPPPE [Final Shine] 1741

<KK~ >PKK* K>KP* >KKK>K- <EE* PPKKK^ >KPPPE [Final Shine] 2408

The numbers are right here. Vegito is weaker than SSJ4s. Change the page.

I still disagree with that, but because Super Vegetto has a higher attack percentage than either SSJ4s, so Vegetto is stronger. Super Vegetto has a baseline ki of 7, while the SSJ4s have a baseline of 6. Thanks for the numbers though. I'll change the page if it'll make you happy.

Pro - Con discrepancy

Vegetto has his reach listed as one of his pros and cons. It should probably just be a con.--James McCloud 21:29, 9 May 2007 (UTC)