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TvC says that Alex originated from Street Fighter 3 (which is true).

Moves List

Normal Moves

  • F+C - Upper-hand punch - Alex takes his arm and does an upper-hand punch, somewhat launching your enemy. You can add a special move at the end of this normal move: F+C -> DP+A/B/C.
  • C - Overhead chop - Alex swings his arm in an arc, hits high. Cannot be comboed into but can chain into 2C.

Special Moves

  • QCF+A/B/C - Flash Hand - Alex takes his arm and smacks the enemy in the face, making your enemy turn around. The C version can be charged (takes about 2 to 3 seconds to completely charge) that results to 20 karate chops to the enemy's chest.
  • Charge back for a few seconds, then tap forward+A/B/C - Elbow Slash - Alex dashes at the enemy, smacking them in the face with his flashing elbow
  • --DP+C (From Elbow Slash) followup - This is Alex's Snapback followup. It might be difficult to do at first, but what you want to do is delay a second after he hits the enemy (to input DP+C). If you're successful, Alex will jump and do a drop kick (kicking the enemy out of the screen).
  • HCB+A/B/C (Can also be done in the air)- Throw - Alex grabs the enemy and jumps high in the air, then to slam the enemy into the ground. If you do Alex's C Flash Hand, you can do his alternate throw (because the enemy is turned around). What happens is he takes the enemy, and does a head slam. Air version can be used in a combo.
  • Charge down for a few seconds, then tap up+A/B/C - Jumping Stomp - Alex jumps in the air and does a stomp on the enemy's head. Can be used in a simple two hit combo: c.C -> Jumping Stomp.
  • DP+A/B/C (Can also be done in the air)- Air Grab - Alex leaps in the air and catches his enemy with his legs, then slamming the enemy into the ground. This can be used in a combo.

Super Moves

  • QCF+AB - Boomerang Raid - Alex does a super version of his Flash Hand special and ends it with his alternate throw special. This super does 5 hits.
  • RDP+AB/AC/BC - Stun Gun Headbutt - This super, believe it or not, has three different distances. The AB version barley moves Alex forward. The AC version moves him about a 1/3 of the screen. And the BC version moves him a little over half way to the screen. If Alex catches the enemy, he does 5 headbutts, making the enemy dizzy. This gives you the opportunity to do whatever you want to your enemy. However, if you do another Stun Gun Headbutt super, you will get your enemy out of dizzy state.
  • 360+AB (Level 3 Super) - Hyper Bomb Super - Alex grabs the enemy and does two alternate throw specials, followed by his normal throw special animation. If you do Alex's C Flash Chop Special, you get 5 alternate throw specials.

The Basics

  • All of Alex's supers requires the opponent to be touching the ground, which means you need to take advantage of Alex's resets to land them.
  • Snapbacks take off the opponent's redlife, be sure to make them regret tagging out
  • Alex's standing C cannot be chained from his other normals yet it makes a great overhead
  • j.B hits quick and leads to an easy powerbomb
  • Jumping stomp is your only crossup and OTG, with baroque it can become confusing for the opponent.
  • Hyper bomb has invincibility on startup, it can even punish PTX's arsenal barrage on wakeup.
  • Use his DP as an antiair or to give alex an extra jump when he truly needs it.
  • Flash chop stops most projectiles, it cannot stop a fully charged C shot from volnutt.

Advanced Strategy

  • When you knock out a character, as the new one jumps in, do a jab. On hit or on block Alex can do an unscaled hyperbomb assuming the opponent doesn't block.
  • If alex does two stungun headbutts in a row he can link a jab into a ground combo.
  • If jumping stomp gets blocked, BBQ into a j.C for an instant overhead.
  • If you hit someone with a j.B but forget to power bomb remember that Alex will touch the ground first, you can rejump and powerbomb before they land.
  • The higher Alex is the more damage his throws inflict, go for a reset if you can.