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TvC says that Alex originated from Street Fighter 3 (which is true).

Moves List

Normal Moves

  • F+C - Upper-hand punch - Alex takes his arm and does an upper-hand punch, somewhat launching your enemy. You can add a special move at the end of this normal move: F+C -> DP+A/B/C.

Special Moves

  • QCF+A/B/C - Flash Hand - Alex takes his arm and smacks the enemy in the face, making your enemy turn around. The C version can be charged (takes about 2 to 3 seconds to completely charge) that results to 20 karate chops to the enemy's chest.
  • Charge back for a few seconds, then tap forward+A/B/C - Elbow Slash - Alex dashes at the enemy, smacking them in the face with his flashing elbow
  • --DP+C (From Elbow Slash) followup - This is Alex's Snapback followup. It might be difficult to do at first, but what you want to do is delay a second after he hits the enemy (to input DP+C). If you're successful, Alex will jump and do a hard kick (kicking the enemy out of the screen).
  • HCB+A/B/C (Can also be done in the air)- Throw - Alex grabs the enemy and jumps high in the air, then to slam the enemy into the ground. If you do Alex's C Flash Hand, you can do his alternate throw (because the enemy is turned around). What happens is he takes the enemy, and does a head slam. Air version can be used in a combo.
  • Charge down for a few seconds, then tap up+A/B/C - Jumping Stomp - Alex jumps in the air and does a stomp on the enemy's head. Can be used in a simple two hit combo: c.C -> Jumping Stomp.
  • DP+A/B/C (Can also be done in the air)- Air Grab - Alex leaps in the air and catches his enemy with his legs, then slamming the enemy into the ground. This can be used in a combo.

Super Moves

The Basics

Advanced Strategy