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  • Don't worry if you get something wrong. Somebody is likely to fix it later.
  • Try to sign your comments on talk pages when it's important to know who is speaking (use ~~~~ to add a dated signature)
  • Links:
  • Titles: Start with
    == Level 2 titles ==
    then use
    === Level 3 titles ===
    and so on. Maximum is level 6.
  • Bullet lists: start each line with a * for a bullet, with a # for a number. Use two symbols (**) to add an indentation level.
    1. You can mix both symbols
      1. And go down as many levels as you want
      2. Numbers are given automatically. Don't add them yourself.
  • Upload a picture: use the "Upload file" link on the right of the page.
    • You can give your file a more meaningful name when uploading. Image:random dp.jpg is easier to undersand than Image:112456247863.jpg.
    • PNG files may not be resized properly, and resized GIF files are not animated.
  • Picture usage
    • [[Image:everyonegetsshot.jpg]] for the full picture
    • [[Image:everyonegetsshot.jpg|100px]] for a scaled picture without a frame
    • [[Image:everyonegetsshot.jpg|frame|caption]] for a captioned frame without scaling the picture
    • [[Image:everyonegetsshot.jpg|thumb|caption]] for a captioned frame with a scaled thumbnail
  • Use the preview button.
  • When you leave a message to an user's talk page, they will be notified.