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Abbreviation Meaning
General legend
(N) Multi-hit move hits only X times. Omitted if all hits are used.
xN Normal that chains into itself pressed N times
[X] Hold down X
]X[ Release X
 !X X triggers a burst
OTG Following move hits off the ground, after a red bounce
sj Super jump
dj Double jump
ADC Airdash cancel
IAD Instant airdash
236 Qcf.png
214 Qcb.png
623 Dp.png
421 Rdp.png
[4]6 B.png (hold for 35 frames), F.png
[2]8 D.png (hold for 35 frames), U.png
360 360.png
7 8 9
4 5 6
1 2 3