Terry Bogard (KoF '98 UM)

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Terry is all about combos that you can just not care about if they’re blocked. Pick an opening, and attack it.

In this game, his Power Charge has been weakened, but Crack Shoot and others have been strengthened.

Move list

At a glance

Normal throws
Grasping Upper (throw) f/b + C
Buster Throw (throw) f/b + D
Command moves
Back Knuckle f + A
Rising Upper df + C
Special moves
Burn Knuckle qcb + P
Power Wave qcf + P
Rising Tackle dpf + P
Crack Shoot qcb + K
Power Dunk dpf + K
Power Charge hcf + K
Super special moves
Power Geyser qcb db f + P
High-Angle Geyser qcf qcf + K

Normal Moves

Close Standing Normals

  • Close A
cl.A – Quick jab with the elbow. It's one way of establishing pressure from close up without much committal. The main issue is that it only hits crouching character of medium height and taller. Close B does a better job of pressuring crouching characters so the only purpose of this move is having a slightly higher hit box as an anti-air, if rarely used.

  • Close B
cl.B – Fast knee to the gut or face. This move chains into itself and other light attacks. Close B also cancels into command normals and specials, so it's a solid light attack overall to pressure and confirm with.

  • Close C
cl.C – Quick double hit to the gut. Each hit is cancelable into command normals, specials, and Desperation Moves. It's one of Terry's fastest attacks and should be used for punishing the opponent and for combos. The two hits give the player a good amount of time to hit-confirm.

  • Close D:
cl.D – Punt to the pigskin. This move has about the same activation range as Close C, which is unlike other iterations of Terry. Close D is a bit slower than Close C and also does about the same amount of damage as Close C, but the damage is distributed within a single hit rather amongst two hits. What this move is mainly used for is for up close meaties and for frame traps. The active frames of this move is a bit deceiving when used as a meaty upon wake-up, and when one combines that with the fact that Close D can cancel into other moves upon whiff, Close D becomes a tricky move that adds variety to Terry's offensive game. Close D also has a very wide cancel window that even allows it to delay cancel into Hammer Punch allowing Terry to add even more mix-ups and damage potential to his arsenal.

Far Standing Normals

  • Far A
Straight Jab. It's a great anti-hop check tool. Has decent range for a standing light attack to stop opponents from hopping at Terry. It whiffs upon most crouching characters but actually touches larger characters such as Daimon and Chang upon crouch. Within that context, it could also function as a great pressure tool within those match ups. Far A is also cancelable.

  • Far B
Quick side kick. One of Terry's best poke in terms of hitbox, speed, range, and space covered. It also may have a tendency to anti-air hops on their start up or badly placed hops as they land on it. This is a good move to check opponents from freely moving within Terry's inside space and force them out and take another approach or use a different option.

  • Far C
A straight. Terry throws a strong punch that acts like a higher committal but higher damaging Far A. It's not cancelable though, but it has its time and purposes. It can hit small-height and above crouching characters so it does cover a bit more space than Far A as an anti-hop check, but try not to be overzealous with this move.

  • Far D
Step kick. This move is a tad slow and isn't really used, but it does have some purposes. It covers the forward space in front of Terry from the ground up to the hop space. One could use this move from a distance as the opponent's character gets up from knockdown. Usually putting distance between the player's character and the opponent's character gives an illusion to the opponent that he/she could immediately move and take action upon get up. So Far D can be used last minute, from a distance, to tag a getting up opponent. Other than that, Back Knuckle does a better job of that and is cancelable on the second hit so using Far D has its limited purposes.

Standing Blowback

st.CD – Spinning sobat kick. It has lower body invulnerability so it can crush some low attacks, but it is a bit slow to use on reaction. This is more of a move to use while setting the momentum rather than using it as a response or reactionary. Other than that, it's a standard st.CD move, and one that Terry doesn't often use.

Crouching Normals

  • Crouch(ing) A
cr.A – Small, crouching jab. It's a standard, crouching light punch that one could find in most fighting games. Low committal, doesn't hit low but is a pressure tool. It can be chained into from other light attacks but can't chain out. It's cancelable and combos into Rising Upper (df.C) and Rising Tackle.. The biggest plus to use this move over Crouch B is that some characters can reversal super jump or hop out from certain ranges when Crouch B is used, but Crouch A in those cases would stop those characters.

  • Crouch(ing) B
cr.B – Crouching kick. A standard low-hitting, quick attack use in hit-confirms and mix-ups. It is not cancelable, but it chains into Crouch(ing) A, Stand(ing) B, and etc. which are cancelable.

  • Crouch(ing) C
cr.C – Crouching straight. It's somewhat similar to a "Crouching Strong/Medium Punch" from Ryu in the Street Fighter series, but it doesn't have as good of frame advantage on block. It is cancelable and can cancel into command normals, but it doesn't get as much action as an attack as other normals.

  • Crouch(ing) D
cr.D – Sweep. It's a standard sweep but isn't as fast as other sweeps in the game. Still, it is very usable and can cancel into other attacks upon whiff to cover for its vulnerability to varying degrees of effectiveness. Terry can whiff cancel sweep into Rising Upper (df.C) and anti-air characters that try to hop or jump over the sweep.

Jumping Normals

  • Jump(ing) A
j.A – Jumping chop. It's an infrequently used air-to-air attack. What makes it unique is that it's about as fast as Jump(ing) B as an air-to-air but has more of a downward hitbox to tag opponents below. It does a bit of being an air-to-air and air-to-ground at the expense of being dominant in each category. So it's used in funky situations when the player can't weight the need for either air-to-ground or air-to-air and this option fits both situations just in case. Still, it has limited range and active frames to cover both spaces well.

  • Jump(ing) B
j.B – Jumping high kick. Terry's best air-to-air normal. It's fast and has good range but doesn't have a good downwards hitbox to check opponents on the way down. It should strictly be used as an air-to-air, but it can hit medium-height crouching characters and above by tipping Terry's shoe. Jump(ing) B would have to be delayed until last minute for it to hit in this circumstance, but this give the opponent more time to anti-air Terry.

  • Jump(ing) C
j.C – Jumping punch. This move isn't that deep as an air-to-ground attack as other jump-ins are, but the key factor of this move is how ambiguous as a cross-up. It helps that there's a spacing in which Jump(ing) D would hit from the opponent's front, Jump(ing) C would hit as a cross-up. So the main purpose of this move is for mix-ups from hard knockdown situations, although it does have some uses as a normal jump-in.

  • Jump(ing) D
j.D – Jumping kick. An air-to-air, instant overhead, air-to-ground, and cross-up attack all in one. This is Terry's deepest hitting jump-in aside from Jump(ing) Blowback. This is the main move to use as a jump-in; although compared to other jump-ins in the game, it isn't as deep/downward hitting as something such as Iori's Jump(ing) C. As a cross-up, this move is effective but it isn't as easy to land as a cross-up compared to games such as KOF XIII. So, it requires a bit more finesse to use it as such. Jump(ing) D works well as an instant overhead only on characters that are medium-height crouching or larger. So that means it doesn't work on characters such as Iori or Kim. As an air-to-air, this move works well but doesn't have the upwards control and speed that Jump(ing) B does. Overall, this attack does a bit of everything but has a select few strengths.
  • Jump(ing) Blowback
j.CD – Another jumping kick. This is Terry's deepest hitting attack. Like other j.CD attacks, it doesn't hit as an overhead and is mainly used for pressuring the opponents. Terry players use this move, sacrificing the high-hitting jump-in, to cause large block stun in order for Terry to continue pressure or set up for a low/instant overhead mix-up situation after putting the opponent into block stun.

Command moves

  • Back Knuckle - f. + A
Spinning back knuckle. It hits twice and the second hit is cancelable. The move isn't quite as fast as Guile's from the Street Fighter series, but what makes it fun is that it hits most crouching characters on hit and block. So Terry players can check spaces that opponents won't necessarily expect and still continue pressure by canceling into Power Wave. This move is pretty unsafe on whiff and on Guard Cancel Roll and can be punished by combos if Back Knuckle is used unsafely too much.

  • Rising Upper – df. + C
An uppercut. Terry's "cl.C" type of uppercut that he could do on command. So it functions effectively as an anti-air against full jumps. Other than that, it is used to help convert Terry's combos from cr.B > cr.A into combos that use Burn Knuckle or Power Charge. Rising Upper serves well as an anti-air and combo filler.

Special moves

  • Burn Knuckle
  • qcb + P
  • Rushing move; weak version travels about a third of the screen, strong version goes the whole way. If the very tip touches, you aren’t left open. The hitbox is high-priority, so you can use it for zoning, too.

  • Power Wave
  • qcf + P
  • An SNK-style non-traveling projectile. Roughly follows the ground, and has a tall hitbox at its outer limits; it is very difficult to get it stuffed if you use it properly.

  • Crack Shoot
  • qcb + K
  • A heel drop from low altitude. Less vulnerable than in OG, has a higher-priority hitbox now, too. The weak version has quick startup, so it can smash the startup of zoners and jumps. The strong version won’t even touch crouchers, but it has a hitbox in the back (during startup), so it’s a good anti-air against crossups.

  • Rising Tackle
  • dp + P
  • A multi-hit rising move that does multiple hits. It has autoblock during startup. It is mainly used for anti-air and combos. The weak version travels straight up; the strong version advances slightly forward.

  • Power Dunk
  • dp + K
  • A two step move; the first is an upward strike, the second is downwards. The second step does an unrollable knockdown if it is a midair hit (easily accomplished if the first hits). The first step puts out a very good attacking hitbox. The second part has a wider hitbox than in OG, making it safer.

  • Power Charge
  • hcf + K
  • When it hits, it launches the opponent. It can be cancelled into Rising Tackle for a juggle. The recovery takes longer than it did in OG, but you can use it to zone without worrying about that.

Super special moves

  • Power Geyser
  • qcb f + P
  • Sets up a pillar of energy like a buff Power Wave. He has full-body invincibility during startup. The hitbox is set down right in front.
  • The MAX version sets up three pillars. If the MAX version does a midair hit, the opponent may land and counterattack, so keep anti-airs with this to the normal version. The inner hitboxes are now wider, and the MAX version will now do all the hits, even in the corner.

  • High-Angle Geyser
  • qcf qcf + K
  • Rushing move with no invincibility frames. It has quick startup and combos from weak moves, but other than that, there isn’t much advantage to using it.


  • j.D > cl.C (1 hit) >> Back Knuckle (2 hit) >> Power Geyser (or strong Power Charge >> strong Rising Tackle)
  • There are various other moves that will also combo, but this is probably the best.
  • cr.B >> cr.A >> strong Rising Tackle or High-Angle Geyser
  • One combo from weak moves.
  • cr.B >> cr.A >> Rising Upper >> various special moves
  • Another combo from weak moves.

The Basics

Power Charge

Advanced Strategy