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"You can't be ready to throw in the towel yet, are you? This wolf's still pumped!" By: Terry Bogard, the Lonenly Wolf



This guy with the cool hat is Terry Bogard, the main character from the Fatal Fury series, and that game made him popular. He is known as one of the "Lonely Wolves"(Or hungry), with the other two being Joe Higashi, his friend, and Andy Bogard, his brother(Sadly, those two aren't in this game, but Mai is looking for Andy here). Here, he isn't that hard to play, mainly because he is like his KoF 2002 version, but better. Now for his pros and cons.

The Lonely Wolf's Good and Bad things:

Good Things:

  • Very easy to learn(And one of the best characters in the game);
  • Has a fast projectile;
  • Has varied Specials/Supers for many situations;
  • Has easy and effective combos, no matter the mode(He is very combo friendly here, I'm serious);
  • Can combo after the Exceed;
  • Can juggle after his Crack Shoot(If it hits the opponent in the air);
  • Can MAX cancel his Supers/Exceed(Which is very unique for him).

Bad Things:

  • It's hard to combo after the Exceed(Unlike Geese), but don't worry, he still can;
  • His Maximum Mode combos are mainly to use on the corner;
  • Exceed can be hard to do(It has a very different input);
  • Crack Shoot can whiff on small hitbox characters;
  • On his Triple Geyser Super, if you miss the timing for the followups, they won't combo.

Moves List

Normal Moves

s.LP - (Far) A fast punch that can be normal canceled, and can chain into any Light Attack(But it's hard to combo with the Lights after it). If you want to combo with it, cancel it into his Command Move, and then do a special move. (Close) Has good reach, can link(And combo) into any Light Attack, and can be normal canceled. Can whiff on some small hitbox(Or some crouching) characters.
s.LK - (Far) Just a kick for poking. Can't be normal canceled, and can't chain into the Lights. (Close) Just a knee. It has the same properties as the cl.LP, but can't whiff on small hitbox chars.
s.HP - (Far) A very fast punch that cannot be normal canceled. You won't need it that much. (Close) For combo purposes. It does 2 hits, and you can cancel(And combo) any of them into nearly any Command/Special/Super/Exceed move.
s.HK - (Far) A kick with good angle for anti-airing the opponent. Can't be normal canceled, but Terry will move a little forward during the move. (Close) A simple cancelable kick. Use it like the cl.HP. (Note: This one does more damage, and the cl.HP is the easier for doing combos)

j.LP - The Diagonal and the Neutral versions are the same. Looks like a fast chop, but won't stay for a long time. You can use it as an air-to-air attack, but... You'll need timing to do that.
j.LK - The Diagonal and the Neutral versions are the same. Kick with nice reach, and stays for a decent time. You can use it as a jump-in attack, or even on air-to-air situations. On the corner, it can whiff the opponent.
j.HP - The Diagonal and the Neutral versions are the same. Good punch for comboing, and you can even crossup with it! But you can do the same thing with the below, so...
j.HK - (Diagonal) Kick with great reach, and can crossup the opponent. Generally, it is used as that attack to begin combos. (Neutral) Kick aiming up. Use it if your opponent is higher(In the air, I mean) than you. You can use it as a neutral jump-in attack too, but that would be a little risky.

cr.LP - Very good punch for comboing. Generally used after a cr.LK, and canceled into his Command Move to begin his combos. Can chain into other Light Attacks too.
cr.LK - Terry's Light Attack chain starter, mainly because it hits low. Chain it into a cr.LP, and you'll be fine. Can be normal canceled too.
cr.HP - Just for doing combos while preparing to cancel it into something.
cr.HK - Cancelable sweep move. Simple to use. Cancel it into a Special Move when you need meter. You can use it as a low-hitting poke too.

Command Moves

Rising Upper

  • DF+HP - For comboing purposes. It has great startup, so it will connect after any cancelable normal(And you can cancel it, to make things better).

Special Moves

Power Wave

  • QCF+LP - Terry's classic ground projectile. It's very fast here, and can be used on basic combos, or as a meaty attack on the opponent's wakeup. Terry can't MAX cancel moves into it(But why he would?).

Round Wave

  • QCF+HP - A stronger version of the projectile. It can't combo from the normals/Command Move, sadly, but you can normal cancel it, which is strange. When it hits, your opponent will go to the air, and you can juggle after it(Just cancel it). Generally, the players cancel it into a LK Crack Shoot, because on the corner, you can juggle after the Crack Shoot hits, which is good(See his combos section for more details). On MAXIMUM Mode, you can cancel this move into his Supers/Exceed. Note that Terry will move forward during the move.

Burn Knuckle

  • QCB+P - Another classic move. Terry will rush forward while doing a punch. Use it on combo purposes only(Or by hitting with the final attack frames).

Crack Shoot

  • QCB+K - The classic Crack Shoot. Use the LK version only, because it's the only version that can actually combo. The button pressed will determine the distance Terry will move. If it hits the opponent in the air, and you're on the corner, you'll have the opportunity to juggle your opponent with something.

Power Dunk

  • DP+K - Can be used to anti-air. The second hit will do a hard knockdown on the opponent. On combos, you can normal cancel any move into it(Assuming the move is cancelable, obviously).

Rising Tackle

  • Charge d, u+P - Another anti-air. You can use it like Guile's Flash/Somersault Kick(Just sit there and wait for a jump). The first hit of it can be MAX canceled too(Leading for a corner loop).

Super Moves

Buster Wolf

  • QCF(2x)+P - Clearly Terry's best Super. Why? It's 100% safe on block(If it whiffs, it's not 100% safe, but it still can be. I think it's still safe if the opponents GCFs it), and many players love to abuse of it, due to this feature. You can use this if you need to punish from a certain distance(Like if the opponent used a teleport, or even if he/she does a random move from far away), because it's a very fast move. On MAXIMUM Mode, you can cancel the first hit(Only), which is interesting.

High Angle Geyser

  • QCF(2x)+K - Just a combo for punishing. It's unsafe, but Terry can MAX cancel the first two hits(It's said that he can cancel the 3rd hit, but I couldn't get it).

Power Geyser

  • QCB, db, f+P - Super projectile, safe anti-air move, and Terry's most damaging Super(Considering the followups). It won't be good if you don't know how to do the followups below(Learn them just if you want). If you think that this move has a strange input, just do QCB, HCF+P.
    • Follow ups:
      • Double Geyser
        • QCF+P - This is the most important follow up. To do this one, do the input right after the flash animation. On the corner, you can juggle after it hits(With any Super), which is a lead for damaging combos in, and outside of MAXIMUM Mode(Terry can MAX cancel his Supers, so...).
      • Triple Geyser
        • QCF+P - This is just a finisher. To do it, just wait a split time after the second Geyser. You can't do things after it, but it will add more damage to the Super(Making it Terry's most damaging one, and one of the most damaging in the game).


Rising Beat

  • QCB, f+LK+HP - Terry will rush, but it won't do so much damage. It will only be good if you follow it up.
    • Rising Beat Finish
      • LP, LP, LK, LK, HP, HP, HK, HK, QCB+HP+HK - The possible followup for the Exceed above, and it's where it does damage. On the 5th hit(Considering the first hit of the "Rising Beat above, that means the second LK), you can do any combo, unlike Geese's(On his Exceed, he can do any combo from any hit), and won't pass over projectiles, again, unlike Geese. But it has a good thing, Terry can MAX cancel any hit(Not the first/last hits), meaning that on the last upper of this Exceed, you can begin doing your stuff in MAXIMUM Mode(Terry's MAXIMUM Mode options are incredible). You won't need the finisher that much, no matter the mode(It's a little hard to do it after the last upper too).

The Basics

Terry's gameplan

Terry is one of those great rushdown characters, with many damaging options. What you should do with him? Keep on the offensive, jump a lot(With LK/HK), you'll probably get a crossup many times. Combos and damage aren't a problem for Terry, which makes him one of the easiest, but effective characters in the game. His main defensive options are his charging kick, his Power Geyser(Those two can be used as anti-airs), his Crack Shoot(Can be used to probably defeat your opponent in the air). For his Supers, you won't have problems if you need to use them on combos, because they are fast enough to help you(Especially the Buster Wolf). His Exceed is mostly used for punishing combos, and it should be really better if you stop on the second LK(To continue your combos). That's it, just be offensive(But never show off, please), but play on the defensive when you think you need to. Good Luck in your future matches.

Some combos (Without MAXIMUM Mode)
Terry's options are huge. You can add if you know more combos.

Power Wave(QCF+LK) combos:

1- [Jump Attack] cl.HP(2 hits)/HK,(Cancel it into) df+HP(Optional), QCF+LP - 3/4 hits; 4/5 with a Jump Attack

Just an easy combo to begin. Terry's projectile combos are mainly to push your opponent while being safe(On blockstrings).

2- [Jump Attack] cr.LK, cr.LP, (Cancel it into) df+HP(You'll need it this time), QCF+LP - 4 hits; 5 with a Jump Attack

Combo with a low starter. Sometimes the timing to cancel the cr.LP can be hard to do, but you can use cr.LK instead if you want.

Round Wave(QCF+HP) combos:

1- QCF+HP, QCB+P - 2 hits

Not that used, but it can be a midscreen option.

2- QCF+HP, DP+HK - 3 hits

Just another midscreen option. The HK version needs to be used here because the second hit of the LK version will whiff on this combo.

3- QCF+HP, QCB+LK - 3 hits

The most used one, because if you're near from/on the corner, you can add a Buster Wolf after it.

4- (Corner only) QCF+HP, QCB+LK(Charge d here), (After the charge) u+HP - 9/10 hits(Depends of the timing)

The option with more hits, but it's corner only, sadly. Use this if you don't have meter. You can use the LK version of the charge move too, but it will do less damage, obviously.

5- (Corner/Near corner only) QCF+HP, QCB+LK, QCF(2x)+P - 8 hits

The most damaging followup(It does great damage, I'll say). Learn this one, you can need for MAXIMUM Mode combos.

Burn Knuckle(QCB+P) combos:

1- [Jump Attack] cl.HP(2 hits)/HK, df+HP(Optional), QCB+LP - 3/4 hits; 4/5 with a Jump Attack

It's used as a BnB. You can use it too, but it can be easier without the Command Move in there. You can't combo the HP version from the Normal/Command Moves, remember that.

2- [Jump Attack] cr.LK, df+HP, QCB+LP - Just a combo with a low starter. The above has more damage, but if you like to begin with a low, go ahead.

Crack Shoot(QCB+K) combos:

1- [Jump Attack] cl.HP(2 hits)/HK, df+HP(Optional), QCB+LK - 3/4 hits; 4/5 with a Jump Attack

For punishing. The HK version can't combo with anything, sadly.

2- [Jump Attack] cr.LK, df+HP, QCB+LK - 3 hits; 4 with a Jump Attack

This is a combo with a low starter. If you try a cr.LP after the cr.LK, the QCB+LK will whiff.

Power Dunk(DP+K) combos:

1- [Jump Attack] cl.HK, DP+HK - 3 hits; 4 with a Jump Attack

Strange thing to do. The Power Dunk isn't that useful for comboing, sadly. If you want to use the cl.HP, cancel the first hit(The HK is in there because it does more damage than the first hit of the cl.HP). The LK version won't be so used on combos.

2- [Jump Attack] cr.LK, cr.LP, DP+HK - 4 hits; 5 with a Jump Attack

Just a combo with a low starter. Terry has better options, really.

Rising Tackle(Charge d, u+P) combos:

1- [Jump Attack] (While charging d) cr.LK, cr.LP, (After the charge) u+HP - 9 hits; 10 with a Jump Attack

Simple combo. Combos with charging are generally easy, which is the case of this one.

2- [Jump Attack] (While charging d) cr.LK, df+HP, (After the charge) u+HP - 9 hits; 10 with a Jump Attack

More damaging than the above, and still has the low starter.

3- [Jump Attack] (While charging d) cr.HP, (After the charge) u+HP - 8 hits; 8/9 with a Jump Attack

The most damaging option. Use this mainly for punishing.

Buster Wolf(QCF(2x)+P) combos:

1- [Jump Attack] cl.HP(2 hits)/HK, df+HP(Optional), QCF(2x)+P - 7/8 hits; 8/9 with a Jump Attack

One of the most used combos with Terry, because it's simple, it's damaging, and it's safe, thanks to the Super.

2- [Jump Attack] cr.LK, cr.LP, df+HP, QCF(2x)+P - 8 hits; 9 with a Jump Attack

I love to use this combo, really. It has a low starter, and a Command Move to confirm the very fast Super. Learn this one, you'll need.

High Angle Geyser(QCF(2x)+K) combos:

1- [Jump Attack] cl.HP(2 hits)/HK, df+HP(Optional), QCF(2x)+K - 7/8 hits; 8/9 with a Jump Attack

Just a simple combo to use. If you're used to the first Buster Wolf combos, you won't have problems with this one.

2- [Jump Attack] cr.LK, cr.LP, df+HP, QCF(2x)+K - 8 hits; 9 with a Jump Attack

I think I can say the same as the above here.

Power Geyser(QCB, db, f+P; QCF+P; QCF+P) combos:

1- [Jump Attack] cl.HP(2 hits)/(cr.LK, cr.LP), df+HP, QCB, db, f+P, QCF+P, QCF+P - 6 hits; 7 with a Jump Attack

A little hard to perform, due to the input(Canceling the Command Move into the Super can be hard, but with practice you can get it). The Power Geyser(With the followups) is the most damaging of Terry's Supers, so this combo has some uses.

2- (Corner only) cl.HP(2 hits), df+HP, QCB, db, f+P, QCF+P, wait a moment, QCF(2x)+P - Not sure now

Will be used in the future, but I couldn't confirm it yet.

Exceed(QCB, f+LK+HP) combos:

1- Exceed, stop on the last LK, any combo - 5+n hits(Where n is the combo)

To use Terry's Exceed, first you need to know how to use it. Just try to do any combo after the second LK input, it's not that hard to do.

2- [Jump Attack] cl.HP(2 hits)/(cr.LK, cr.LP), df+HP, Exceed, do all of the inputs/(stop on the second LK, any combo) - 13/8+n hits; 14/9+n with a Jump Attack

The best this you can do with the Exceed. You can combo after it, so this could be a better(And easier) option.

3- (Training Mode and/or console only; Go for the options and put the Exceed into "Infinity", or something like that) Any combo ending with the Exceed, stop on the last LK, and repeat the process - 8n hits(n is the number of loops)

This is Terry's "infinite". It can't be used in a real match(You can use only one Exceed in a match, which is fair), but it's cool to see it.

Advanced Strategy

Some combos (With MAXIMUM Mode)
You know, if you know some more combos/options, you can add here without problems.

Round Wave combos:

1- QCF+HP, any Super - 2(QCF(2x)+P)/4(QCB, df, f+P, QCF+P, QCF+P)/4(QCF(2x)+LK); Those numbers can change on the corner

Yeah, you can MAX cancel the Round Wave into a Super, which is cool. "Which Supers are better to use?" What I can say is... Don't use the Buster Wolf(Not on this combo, you have a better hit-confirm for it, and many hits will whiff on it). The QCB, df, f+P is the most damaging one, and you can confirm the 3 Geysers on this combo. For the QCF(2x)+LK, never use the HK version, unless if you're on the corner(On midscreen, the Super will hit only one time).

2- QCF+HP, Exceed, (Stop on the 5th hit, and do a ground combo)/Continue the inputs until the end/MAX cancel the last HK into something - 6+n(If you stopped on the 5th hit)/14(If you continue doing the inputs normally)/10+n(If you MAX cancel the last hit into something)

Yeah, you can hit-confirm the Exceed using the Round Wave. Interestingly enough, the opponent won't be launched if you do this combo, which is cool. For the follow up used, don't worry about it, do the coolest.

Burn Knuckle combos:

1- [Jump Attack] cl.HP(2 hits)/(cr.LK, cr.LP), df+HP, QCF(2x)+P, (MAX cancel the first hit into) QCB+LP - 5 hits; 5/6 with a Jump Attack

The Burn Knuckle options aren't very good. You won't use it that much, but it's still a possible combo.

2- [Jump Attack] cl.HP/(cr.LK, cr.LP), df+HP, QCF(2x)+K, (MAX cancel the first/second hit into) QCB+LP - 6 hits; 7 with a Jump Attack

Another not-that good combo, but has more damage than the above.

Crack Shoot combos:

1- [Jump Attack] cl.HP(2 hits)/(cr.LK, cr.LP), df+HP, QCF(2x)+P, (MAX cancel the first hit into) QCB+LK - 5 hits; 6 with a Jump Attack

Not that good as a combo, but I think you should practice the MAX cancel part if you want to learn some MAXIMUM Mode loops.

2- (Corner/Near corner only) [Jump Attack] cl.HP(2 hits)/(cr.LK, cr.LP), df+HP, QCF(2x)+K, (MAX cancel the second - not the first - hit into) QCB+LK, QCF(2x)+P, (MAX cancel the first hit into) QCF+HP, (Cancel it) QCB+LK, QCF(2x)+P - (I got; I think you can get more than) 15 hits; 16 with a Jump Attack

This one is a interesting combo. His QCF(2x)+K is incredible on MAXIMUM Mode, because it can be used as a setup for Terry's loops(You'll see some of them below). On this combo, we use the Crack Shoot's juggle property(If it hits the opponent in the air, you can juggle him/her). He has many options involving the Crack Shoot, so I won't flood this section with them. If you don't like loops, you can stick with this combo.

Power Dunk combos:

1- [Jump Attack] cl.HP(2 hits)/(cr.LK, cr.LP), df+HP, QCF(2x)+P, (MAX cancel the first hit into) DP+HK, (MAX cancel the first hit into) QCB+LK(Generally the most used), followup if on the corner - 6+n hits; 7+n with a Jump Attack

A cool combo. The DP+K isn't that good(For combos) on the normal mode, but on MAXIMUM Mode you can cancel the first hit! You should explore it to see some other options(You can do some corner loops involving it too).

Rising Tackle combos:

1- [Jump Attack] (While charging d) cr.HP/(cr.LK, df+HP), (After the charge) u+P, (MAX cancel the first hit into) QCB+LK,(Corner/Near corner only) QCF(2x)+P - 8/9 hits; 9/10 with a Jump Attack

This is a cool and easy combo. If you want to MAX cancel the Super on the corner(To do loops), go ahead. If you're on the corner, you can use QCB+HK instead.

Some MAXIMUM Mode loops:
(Note: The "Supers" part isn't here because most loops involve them. I'll put here only some loops, not all of the possible ones.)

1- (Corner only; all of Terry's MAXIMUM Mode loops are corner only) Any combo ending with the Exceed, go for the last HK, (MAX cancel it into) QCF+HP, (Cancel it into) QCB+LK, QCF(2x)+P, (MAX cancel it into) QCF+HP, QCB+LK, QCF(2x)+P ... - (I think you can get up to) 12+3n(Doing math here; n is the number of loops)

Just a simple loop for you. Many loops use the QCB+LK's juggle property on the corner, and the fact that the Supers can be MAX canceled. I don't know if this is the easiest of them, but it will consume a lot of your meter(Due to the Supers). You don't need to begin with the Exceed, it is just in there to confirm the combos.

2- (Corner only) Any combo ending with the Exceed(Charge d during the Exceed), stop on the second LK, cr.HP/(cr.LK, df+HP),(After the charge) u+P, (MAX cancel it into) QCB+LK(Begin charging d faster as possible), (After the recovery) u+P, QCB+LK, ... (Maybe, up to) 10+2n(You know what this n means)

Another interesting combo, but it requires a lot of charging, which can be hard if you're not used to do it.

3- (Corner only) Any combo ending with the Exceed, stop on the last LK, cl.HP/(cr.LK, cr.LP), df+HP, QCF(2x)+K, (MAX cancel the second hit into) QCB+LK, do a loop of your choice - 14+n hits

A most damaging setup for the loops(And a really good one). Explore the loops, using them doesn't mean you're cheating. (Note: Generally, special moves that can be MAX canceled can begin his corner loops, like the DP+K. It can be canceled into the QCB+LK, which can begin another corner loop, assuming you use the DP+K again. Test this one, and begin searching for more ones!)