The King of Fighters '98/Andy

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Gameplay Overview


In-depth Analysis

Normal Throws

b or f+C -

b or f+D -

Normal Moves

Command Normals

Special Moves

Hishou Ken (qcb + P) -

Zan'ei Ken (db,f + P, can follow up with qcf + P) -

Shouryuu Dan (dp + P) -

Kuuha Dan (hcf + K) -

Gekiheki Haisui Shou (When close, hcf + P) -

Gen'ei Shiranui (In air, qcf + K, can follow up with P or K) -

Desperation Moves

Chou Reppa Dan (qcb,db,f + K) -

Hishou Ryuusei Ken (qcf x 2 + P) -

Attack Info and Frame Data