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* cr.B, cr.B, cr.B, cr.A > d u + C
* cr.C / cl.C (1 hit) > f + A > (S)DM air qcb db f + K
Kim's low hitconfirm. Omit excess cr.B as needed based on spacing.
* cr.C / cl.C (1 hit) > f + A > (S)DM qcb db f + K
With DM deals about 50% and sets up a mixup afterward (see DM section).
With DM deals about 50% and sets up a mixup afterward (see DM section).
Line 535: Line 531:
* cr.C / cl.C (1 hit) > d d + B > (S)DM qcb db f + K
* cr.C / cl.C (1 hit) > d d + B > (S)DM qcb db f + K
A fancier version of the above combo that takes off slightly more damage, and involves the stomp cancel glitch timing (more on that later).
A fancier version of the above combo that takes off slightly more damage, and involves the stomp cancel glitch timing (more on that later).
* cr.B, cr.B, cr.B, cr.A > d u + C
Kim's low hitconfirm. Omit excess cr.B as needed based on spacing.
Line 541: Line 541:
* (cl.C (1 hit) > d d + B > qcb db f + K) x N
* (cl.C (1 hit) > d d + B > qcb db f + K, run) x N, any combo
Kim's stomp cancel loop. Can be finshed with a stomp canceled into a (S)DM if you built enough meter doing the loop, or finished with cl.C (1 hit) > qcb + A x 3.
Kim's stomp cancel loop. Only work without meter  Can be finshed with a stomp canceled into a (S)DM if you built enough meter doing the loop, or finished with cl.C (1 hit) > qcb + A x 3.
* MAX: cl.C (1 hit) > qcb + A x 3
deals ??? than
* cl.C (1 hit) > f + A > air qcb db f + K
Keep this in mind, when you need to decide whether to trigger MAX or keep meter for a DM.
{{Template:The King of Fighters '98: The Slugfest}}
{{Template:The King of Fighters '98: The Slugfest}}
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[[Category:The King of Fighters '98: The Slugfest]]

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Kim was the strongest Tae Kwon Do master in the world. But then he got old, and even lost to this scrub called Freeman (who is literally quite a free man) so his sons started fighting in his name. However, Chang and Choi keep convincing him to join KOF tournaments so he keeps on truckin'.


Snka.gif Snkb.gif Snkc.gif Snkd.gif
Kim98 colorA.png Kim98 colorB.png Kim98 colorC.png Kim98 colorD.png

Gameplay Overview

Kim is an in-your-face character who wants to keep hitting the opponent with moves until they make a mistake. Most of his specials are safe on block, and he can annoy with long pokes and divekicks. Adding to this is his good jump arc which allows him to crossup standing opponents with just a hop. While he has tools to deal with anti-air, his reversal options are not entirely threatening, and he can be forced into mixups on oki. With some meter, Kim is able to up his bnb damage to make him more threatening, so playing him second or last is a good option.

However, if Kim is put in the first position so that he has no meter, or rather played in EX Mode, he can utilize the stomp cancel glitch without worry of having a DM come out. His offensive prowess sharply increases, and the opponent will not have time to have built meter for a GC Roll, CD counter, or DM reversal which lets Kim really go for a guardbreak.

In-depth Analysis

Kim has a lot of ways to break down defenses. The first is simply by keeping an opponent trapped and unable to act long enough that they take a risky action, which you capitalize on. All of his good specials (aka all but the charge moves) are safe on block, or can be spaced to decrease the likelihood of being punished. Divekicks are deceptively good for throwing people off, especially considering you can do one off a backwards jump. f.A's range, combined with its startup will fool opponents into trying to take an initiative, only to be hit by kim's foot. Even if you don't cancel Kim's stomp, you have a bit of frame advantage in which you could sweep, toss out a far A, hop, or reach to the opponent.

His solid set of normals lets him do a good part of the typical high/low mixup. cr.B pressure can be used to soften the opponent up for a hop-in, keep them blocking, allow you to go for a frametrap, or you can use the initiative for a crossup j.A. Crossup setups include:

  • After landing qcb + A x3, jump forward j.A
  • After cr.D, run forward into hyperhop j.A or crossup "B" version divekick.
  • cr.B, hyper/short hop j.A can crossup

If they crouch, a short jump is the better option. The setup can even cross up standing opponents, but sometimes a hyperhop is needed depending on their standing hitbox/spacing. A hop is usually safe though since if you don't cross up you can continue your pressure, and you can be ambiguous on whether or not you do cross them up.

  • C Throw, run forward, Hyper Hop j.A. Can utilize the Player 1 crossup glitch in the corner by doing a normal jump which will have to be blocked as a crossup.
  • D Throw, run forward, Hyper Hop j.A

On defense, he can combat offenses by sticking out the correct normals, or by relying on aerial tricks to frustrate/confuse the opponent. cr.C, along with j.CD, j.B, st.B and st.D will shut down jump attempts if you utilize the correct move for the correct jump, which is a matter of knowing hitboxes and spacing. Far A works here as a defensive tool to stop opponents from running in on you, as well as forming the start of your offense.

Finally, on stomp cancels: EX Mode makes for easier consistency and increases Kim's walk speed so you have to worry less about running forward each time or accidentally triggering his ranbu. However, this forces your entire team to play EX mode, and it's possible to do the loop in Advanced mode if you can grind the execution of running forward and canceling close C on the first hit. Either method will take practice to perform the loop.


Frames Advantage Cancel Block Hitbox Notes
Standing Close
Snka.gif 4/4/5 +3/+1 C HL
Kim98 clA.png
This can AA hops like a traditional A move, but you risk having Kim's far A activate in this case which would go under their hop and cause you to eat their jump-in. Avoid using.
Snkb.gif 5/5/7 0/-2 C HL
Kim98 clB.png
Kim kicks at waist height. The notable feature of this move is that you can cancel it.
Snkc.gif 2/3(3)8/19 -7/-9 C/- HL/HL
Kim98 clC1.png
Kim98 clC2.png
Kim's party starter which hits twice, but is only cancelable on the first hit. If not canceled and the opponent used a CD counter against the first hit, the second hit will still hit the opponent. However, you almost always want to be canceling this into a command normal or special move.
Snkd.gif 3/9/15 -4/-6 - HL
Kim98 clD.png
Hits the same general area that Standing D does. Whiffs on crouchers.
Standing Far
Snka.gif 4/5/7 0/-2 - HL
Kim98 stA.png
A wonderful poke. Kim extends his fist a long ways which will hit crouchers. The startup is slow for an "A" move, but is speedier than most "C" or "D" pokes. Works well at the end of a blockstring as a frametrap, or for just hitting the opponent. The flaw to this move is that it does not AA hops as a traditional st.A does since Kim aims low.
Snkb.gif 5/7/7 -2/-4 - HL
Kim98 stB.png
Here's the solution to his far A's weakness. Kim's st.B is quick, covers a larger vertical range in front of Kim, and to top it off it will hit all crouching opponents.
Snkc.gif 13/13/15 -8/-10 - HL
Kim98 stC.png
Kim kicks out in front of him. While it has a minor range advantage over his far A, it is much much slower to come out.
Snkd.gif 7/5/18 -3/-5 - HL
Kim98 stD.png
Kim kicks at a high angle above his head, which makes the move good as an AA, but risky to whiff or use in pressure situations. It still has its uses.
Snkc.gif+Snkd.gif 10/10/15 KD/-3 S HL
Kim98 stCD.png
Here we go, this kick starts up faster than Kim's far C, and is also cancelable. While the range is a little shorter, it will knock down on hit, and the added ability to cancel it on hit makes it viable for meaties or keeping the pressure on.
Snka.gif 4/4/5 +3/+1 C HL
Kim98 crA.png
Standard cr.A. You can try canceling into different specials or command normals, such as cr.A xx f.A as a frametrap, or cr.A xx d,d + K.
Snkb.gif 4/4/5 +3/+1 - L
Kim98 crB.png
A long ranged cr.B that works well for running forward and pressuring into itself, setting up crossups, frametraps, or creating a solid blockstring.
Snkc.gif 10/7/15 -2/-4 C HL
Kim98 crC.png
Kim's "mexican upper". Use to AA taller jump arcs, or when the opponent is above and close to Kim. Can also be canceled, so can be substituted for cl.C if you worry about the spacing giving you a far C.
Snkd.gif 7/7/20 KD/-9 - L
Kim98 crD.png
A sweep with a pretty generous length. However, you cannot cancel it so it carries more risk than other sweeps.
Snka.gif 4/7 -/- - H
Kim98 jA.png
A swiss army knife of the air. Kim's best crossup tool that also works as a great jump-in, and can be used to air to air to an extent off a superjump.
Snkb.gif 3/8 -/- - H
Kim98 jB.png
Kim's fastest air-to-air, able to take on even Iori aerial moves due to it's speed and horizontal length.
Snkc.gif 8/5 -/- - H
Kim98 jC.png
A slow-starting flip kick that gives you more blockstun than j.D. Because of this, it makes for a better move to jump in with if you have enough time to get it out.
Snkd.gif 6/9 -/- - H
Kim98 jD.png
A mix of j.A and j.C. Starts up faster than j.C, can cross up with stricter spacing, but hits harder than j.A. An alright move to jump in with.
Snkc.gif+Snkd.gif 13/6 KD/- S HL
Kim98 jCD.png
A power air-to-air. Good horizontal hitbox, slow startup. If there's an aerial situation, it's either j.CD or j.B that should be used (or qcf,hcb + K DM).
Neutral Jump
Snkc.gif 3/10 -/- - H
Kim98 njC.png
Notable as it gives Kim an instant overhead. You are committing to a full jump when close to the opponent so be prepared to face a big punish if the overhead does not kill.
Snkd.gif 8/8 -/- - H
Kim98 njD.png
Not used at all, an upward hitting air to air attack.
Command Normals
f+Snka.gif 12/8/8+13 -9/-11 S (air moves) HL
Kim98 fA.png
Dora Yup Chagi - f+A

Kim executes a forward flying kick that covers a long range. It can go under lows after it starts up and can be canceled into his Hishou Kyaku (aerial qcf + K) to make Kim recover fast which makes the move safe on block, or can be canceled into his Hou'ou Kyaku DM (qcb, db, f + K) on hit to score large damage. Either way, the move has a lot of recovery if you do nothing, so if unsure on whether or not the move will be blocked go into the divekick for safety.


21/3+3/16 -2/-4 -/- HL/H
Kim98 fB1.png
Kim98 fB2.png
Neri Chagi - f+B

Kim's signature overhead kick. Can hit twice if spaced correctly, although from max distance only one hit will register. If done too close it's possible for an opponent to not get hit by any of the overhead as there's a large gap with no hitbox in front of Kim. Use when you want to go for a grounded high-hitting option. If canceled into, it loses its overhead property, but can be canceled into a special or DM, although the f.B will not combo. What this means is that you can cancel a cl.C into f.B for pressure or a frametrap, but don't do it on hit.

21/3+3/16 -2/-4 -/S HL/HL Special Moves

qcb+Snka.gif (1)

8/6/9+15 -10/-12 HL
Kim02 qcbA1.png
Kim02 qcbA2.png
Kim02 qcbA3.png
Kim02 qcbA4.png
Sanren Geki - qcb+Ax3
  • Kim does two kicks, the first angled upwards, while the second one is horizontal, then finishes with a two hit Neri Chagi
  • each input can be delayed
  • the last hit of the third qcb+A is an overhead and supercancellable
  • free cancellable into
  • free cancellable out of on all hits

qcb+Snka.gif (2)

8/9/16 -13/-15 HL
qcb+Snka.gif (3) 18/3*3/15 +2/0 Su H

qcb+Snkc.gif (1)

8/6/9+15 -10/-12 HL
Kim02 qcbA1.png
Kim02 qcbA2.png
Kim02 qcbC3.png
Kim02 qcbC4.png
Sanren Geki - qcb+Cx3
  • Kim does two kicks, the same as his qcb+Ax2. On the third qcb+C, he will do two kicks in the air
  • very punishable if the last qcb+C is performed
  • each input can be delayed
  • supercancellable into qcb hcf+BD SDM on the last hit of the third qcb+C
  • free cancellable into
  • free cancellable out of the first two hits
  • first hit of qcb+C does more damage than first hit of qcb+A, even though they have the same startup speed, hitbox and recovery

qcb+Snkc.gif (2)

8/9/16 -13/-15 HL
qcb+Snkc.gif (3) 14/1(5)2/14+17 KD/-15 HL


8/6/9+15 -10/-12 HL
Kim02 qcbA1.png
Kim02 qcbCufD.png
Kim02 qcbCufDdD.png
Sankuu Kyaku - qcb+P uf+K d+K
  • Kim does an upwards angled kick, then jumps and kicks high when uf+K is input, then does an overhead smash as he comes down with d+K
  • each input can be delayed. This chain is generally hard to punish
  • qcb+C does almost double the damage of qcb+A
  • supercancellable into the qcb hcf+BD SDM on impact of uf+K
  • the d+K is an overhead hard knockdown

> uf+Kick.gif

13/4/12+20 KD/-18 HL
>> d+Kick.gif 12/2+3/1+17 KD/-5 H
d,d+Snkb.gif 9/5/20 -5/-7 L
Kim02 ddB.png
Haki Kyaku - d d+K
  • Kim stomps the ground, creating a yellow aura around him
  • d+D is a hard knockdown while d+B does not knock over the opponent
  • hits low
  • can negate ground projectiles, including Mature's qcf hcb+P
  • invincible to low attacks and therefore great if you are expecting the opponent to go low
  • supercancellable
  • there exists a bug that allows him to cancel this move into a neutral stance when he has less than two stocks and not in maxmode, by doing qcb hcf+BD when it hits. He will flash as if doing a maxmode cancel, yet this cancel does not require being in maxmode. In addition, if done Kim has two stocks or more, he will simply supercancel the move into the DM, which is probably not desirable
d,d+Snkd.gif 15/5/29 KD/-16 L
Kim02 ddD.png
j.qcf+Snkb.gif 2/-/13 KD/- HL
Kim02 jqcfB.png
Hishou Kyaku - qcf+K(air)
  • Kim flies angled downwards at his opponent. qcf+B is angled 30 degrees while qcf+D is angled 45 degrees
  • if this move is blocked, Kim rebounds from the opponent and can followup with D
  • if the opponent is hit with this move, Kim does a series of kicks and bounces off, knocking the opponent back
  • cannot be executed during a hop, only a normal or super jump
  • if you switch sides and execute this move, Kim will not switch his direction. He will continue to do the move diagonally based on the direction he was facing in his jump
j.qcf+Snkd.gif 2/-/15 KD/- HL
Kim02 jqcfD.png

> d+Kick.gif

7/7/13 -/- HL
Kim02 jD.png
Tsuika Kougeki - d+K (after Hishou Kyaku qcf+K(air))
  • Kim does a kick that looks the same as his jump D
  • this move does no damage even if it hits

> d+Kick.gif

7/7/15 -/- HL
_d u+Snkb.gif 6/1[3]2+3/22+14 KD/-27 HL
Kim02 duB1.png
Kim02 duB2.png
Kim02 duB3.png
Hien Zan - _d u+K
  • Kim does a backflip kick into the air
  • _d u+B comes out very fast, hits behind Kim and can do two hits on counterhit, while _d u+D does multiple hits but lacks priority like _d u+B has
  • _d u+D not a good idea when the opponent is not in the air, since even if the first hit makes contact with opponent, the rest of the hits can still whiff
  • D version is supercancellable on the first hit. There is a bug that results in it being supercancellable in the air, but only if one of the hits connects with the opponent behind Kim
  • _d u+D can be followed up by d+D on the last hit
  • free cancellable into
  • _d u+D is free cancellable out of on the first hit on the ground
_d u+Snkd.gif 5/4(2)4+2/4+21+16 KD/-29 HL
Kim02 duD1.png
Kim02 duD2.png
Kim02 duD3.png
> d+Snkd.gif 13/1+2+3/19 KD/-7 H
Kim02 duDdD1.png
Kim02 duDdD2.png
Tenshou Zan - d+D after Hien Zan _d u+D
  • Kim does an overhead kick as he's coming down, doing some good damage
  • hard knockdown
  • overhead


1+7/4/30 KD/+1 HL
Kim02 DM1.png
Hou'ou Hiten Kyaku - qcfx2+K
  • Kim does a fast vertical anti-air kick, which has some startup invincibility
  • qcfx2+B knocks the opponent back a bit, while qcfx2+D hits them straight up
  • opponent can be juggled while in the air
qcfx2+Snkd.gif 1+7/5/33 KD/-1 HL


1+7/13/43 KD/-26 HL
Kim02 DM2.png
Hou'ou Kyaku - qcb hcf+K
  • Kim dashes across the screen quickly. If he connects, he combos the opponent with a series of attacks. If this is blocked, he does nothing and can be punished easily
  • qcb hcf+B makes him go about 3/4 screen, while qcb hcf+D is full screen
  • hard knockdown on the last hit
qcb,hcf+Snkd.gif 1+7/26/47 KD/-30 HL
j.qcb,hcf+Snkb.gif+Snkd.gif 1+4/-/39 KD/-22 HL
Kim02 DM2.png
Kuuchuu Hou'ou Kyaku - qcb hcf+BD(air)
  • Kim flies across the screen. If he connects, he does a series of attacks. Otherwise, he will land in front of the opponent and be open to attack
  • hard knockdown on the last hit
  • if you switch sides with your opponent in midair and execute this move, it will turn around based on the position of the opponent
  • it is possible to supercancel into this move from the ground, but it's difficult. The bug involves inputting the motion as qcb hcf+ABCD, then D one frame after, as opposed to just qcb hcf+BD. If done correctly, ground supercancellable moves like qcb+B, qcb+Ax3 and _d u+D can be supercancelled on the ground, into this move

Normal Throws

b or f + C - Kim does a spinning slam with his feet. Breakable, unrollable, back turned.

b or f + D - Kim tosses the opponent backwards with his legs.

C throw preferable cause unrollable and back turned cross-up.

Special Moves

Sanren Geki (qcb + P x 3) - Kim's rekka in '98. Always use the "A" version as the knockdown is better, hits more consistently, is safer on block, and the finisher is an overhead. Unlike other rekkas in this game, Kim does not move forward at all throughout his series, meaning you can't combo into it as easily or pressure as well with it. However, it is safe on block (only a GC roll can somewhat punish it depending on if you stop your series as they roll it) and works as a great pressure tool in that sense. Works best off a cl.C or cr.C, but the first two kicks will connect off a cr.A/cl.B.

Hangetsu Zan (qcb + K) - Kim does his signature wheeling kick, which is not an overhead and does not knock down. It can function as a psychic anti-air, but is generally a bad idea. Punishable if Kim strikes deep into the opponent, but safer if he tips them. Due to this, the "D" version should not be used. The "B" version is only going to combo off of a C move, or from a canceled into f.B. Overall it can be applied as a pressure move to cancel into when outside of Kim's rekka range.

Haki Kyaku (d, d + K) - Ooh baybee. While this kick seems average at best, it's what can turn Kim into an offensive monster. First, the kick hits low and for a gimmick it will nullify grounded projectiles. The key to this move is that it is DM cancelable, but there is a programing glitch in that if Kim has no meter for a DM and inputs his (qcb,db,f + K) motion as it hits, he will cancel the Haki Kyaku, get pushed back only slightly, and have an enormous frame advantage. The frame advantage is large enough to allow Kim to run forward and do another cl.C into this move on block or hit. In fact, he can combo or blockstring three of these loops. If the opponent blocks this lockdown, they're forced to eat huge guardcrush potential, and if Kim lands a guardbreak he can continue his rep and guarantee damage from the situation.

Hishou Kyaku (In air, qcf + K) - Kim can perform his divekick any time in the air, although doing it instantly or "TK-ing" it is pointless since Kim hits multiple times on the way down and wont land any if you do immediately. This multi-hitter is the more offensive form of his divekick, and it works as a great move to annoy and pressure with. The "B version causes Kim to descend at a sharp angle downward, and the "D" version goes further forward on its descent. This move is safe on block, and gives a frame advantage on hit (enough to combo off a crossup divekick even). You can link a far A off the weak version of the divekick on hit, or at the very least it becomes a tight frametrap. Deals strong chip damage, but be careful to not whiff the divekick as the recovery can be punished.

Ryuusei Raku (Charge b, f + K) - A really silly move that you should not be using much. Kim does a low-hitting slide, then follows it up with a downward kick which isn't an overhead nor does it connect consistantly on hit often.

Kuu Sajin (Charge d, u + P) - You should only use this move off his low hitconfirm, and always use the "C" version for more damage.

Hien Zan (Charge d, u + K) - Kim's razorkick. The "B" version is better as a reversal, but will still lose to large/deep hitboxes that reach deep into Kim on wakeup. Because of this, it's not a really solid reversal. If the enemy jumps in or does a sloppy aerial meaty, fire this bad boy off. The "D" version is easier to stuff, but you can follow it up with d + K for a hard knockdown.

Desperation Moves

Hou'ou Kyaku (qcb, db, f + K) - Kim flies the full length of a screen and goes into a ranbu when he reaches the opponent. Adds on good damage as a combo ender, but is punishable on block. Also it's worth noting that it has a short amount of startup invulnerability up until the active hitbox comes out, so it can catch fast or poorly executed meaties to an extent as a reversal.

As soon as Kim touches the ground, run forward and you can cross under the opponent if they are not cornered. If they tech roll recover you force an ambiguous crossunder alone from the setup, or if not you have more time to set up your next mixup.

Note, can be activated if you omit the db motion; qcb, f + K will register the DM.

Hou'ou Tenbu Kyaku (In air, qcf,hcb + K) - Divekick DM. Works as a good air to air if you're above the opponent, but nowhere near as good as Leona's V-slasher. However, you can buffer the motion on the ground to activate the DM faster and lower on the ground, usually to catch a poke. Hard to punish on block, so if you want to throw out a DM and try to snag the enemy pressing a button, go for this instead of his ranbu. On whiff the recovery is fierce, so watch out.


  • cr.C / cl.C (1 hit) > qcb + A x 3

Meterless combo, which scores a hard knockdown, sets up an easy crossup situation, and is safe on block.

  • cr.C / cl.C (1 hit) > f + A > (S)DM air qcb db f + K

With DM deals about 50% and sets up a mixup afterward (see DM section).

  • cr.C / cl.C (1 hit) > d d + B > (S)DM qcb db f + K

A fancier version of the above combo that takes off slightly more damage, and involves the stomp cancel glitch timing (more on that later).

  • cr.B, cr.B, cr.B, cr.A > d u + C

Kim's low hitconfirm. Omit excess cr.B as needed based on spacing.

  • cr.B, cl.B / cr.A > (S)DM qcb db f + K

Requires close proximity.

  • (cl.C (1 hit) > d d + B > qcb db f + K, run) x N, any combo

Kim's stomp cancel loop. Only work without meter Can be finshed with a stomp canceled into a (S)DM if you built enough meter doing the loop, or finished with cl.C (1 hit) > qcb + A x 3.

Strategy Corner

  • MAX: cl.C (1 hit) > qcb + A x 3

deals ??? than

  • cl.C (1 hit) > f + A > air qcb db f + K

Keep this in mind, when you need to decide whether to trigger MAX or keep meter for a DM.